22 Special Fate Chapter

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[Two days before Jin left the world of "Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works".]

Walking into the living room, Jin was greeted by an absentminded Medea who was laughing creepily while watching a rom-com anime.

Seeing her 'enjoying' herself, the young Primordial decided to take a leap of faith and ask her what is wrong. He also decided to ignore the young Artoria who was almost hiding seeing Medea act like this.

"Yo, Medea-chan. What happened? You are absentminded and giggling like this."

"E-eh ah! Jin-sama! S-sorry, you had to see this!"

Answered a flustered Medea whose cheeks were red as ready to eat tomatoes. She wanted to find a hole and bury herself for making her beloved Master see her in that unladylike behavior.

Seeing her flustered appearance, Jin chuckled as he patted her head.

"It's ok, it was cute. So, what got you giggling like this?"

Although she and her Master had already crossed the line, but she still gets embarrassed when he pats her head or complements her.

[A/N: - Embarrassed from a head pat, but ok with using her avatars for mini orgies in bed….]

"N-Nothing, I was reminiscing about my past when I suddenly had this thought:

'What would that woman, who was the reason for all my suffering in life do when she finds out that the mortal princess she cursed because of some mortal she fell in love with, would find such a perfect lover that she herself as the Goddess of Beauty wouldn't have dreamed of finding?'

And imagining the look in her face when she sees your true form but can't become your lover was really great."

Medea spoke with a noticeable blush on her face as she averted her eyes, not looking directly at Jin.

Jin himself was a little bit embarrassed by Medea's compliment.

Shaking his head, he looked at the flustered Medea and spoke with a smile as he pulled her into a hug.

"Why imagine it? Come with me."

Medea who was melting into her beloved Master's embrace suddenly froze hearing him.

"J-Jin-sama, you're not thinking of…"


Jin said enthusiastically while looking at the frozen Medea.

Snapping his fingers, they were teleported to a comfortable sofa in the workshop of the mansion, right in front of them was a glowing summoning circle.

Jin was looking at Medea who was currently fidgeting on his lap with an interested smirk.

"What? Having a second thought? Too late, hehe."

Jin said with a smirk as he returned to his true form and snapped his fingers making the summoning circle glow.

A couple of seconds passed, and the glow died down revealing a figure.

She was an incredibly beautiful woman, she had long orange and blonde hair that reached below her waist. She was wearing a white ceremonial gown that looked like a baby doll that barely covered her snowy mountain peaks, it had billowing fabric hanging from where they are secured at the wrists. She wore a white micro mini skirt that hugged her perky bottom tightly.

She wore a pair of white sandals that had stripes reaching her milky white thighs.

She had two pairs of wings, one pair had most of the feathers in the same orange color as her hair with some dark-blue feathers, while the other pair of wings had the same color as the first pair but in a much darker color tone with a skull fixed on top of every wing.

[Image here.]

Overall, she looked like a woman that had her whole existence oozing sex appeal, any mortal human would've already gone and groveled on the ground in hopes of getting even a slight smile from her perfect face.

The woman in question had her face flushed so hard that it seemed like it will have blood flow from it, and her heavy breathing and the drool coming out from her mouth couldn't help but destroy the perfect image of the said woman even further.

[A/N: - I know that the Olympians in Fate are some kind of spaceships, but I won't really make her blush with petrol running through her veins… by my author authority aka the power of bullshit I make the Olympians have bodies functioning like normal hoomans like having red blood, not using the golden blood from Percy Jackson.]

This was one of the Twelve Olympians of Greek mythology, the Goddess of Love, Sex, and Beauty, Aphrodite, otherwise known as Venus in the Roman mythology.

Seeing the stunned woman in front of them, both Medea and Jin were amused by her current expression.


Muttered Aphrodite in daze while looking at Jin.

Hearing her muttering, Jin winced a little from being called beautiful, but shrugged it off.

After a couple of minutes of staring at Jin, Aphrodite finally noticed Medea who was sitting comfortably on his lap with her head on his shoulder.

Suddenly, she felt extreme fury looking at the woman setting on Jin's lap. She was so enraged that she didn't even recognize her.


She practically screamed towards Medea who was actually stunned as she didn't really expect such extreme reaction from the start. Finding the whole ordeal amusing, she smirked towards Aphrodite as she hugged Jin tighter and spoke.

"Heh, make me."

Aphrodite tried to calm herself down as she spoke with anger in her voice.

"Really? Do you really know the meaning of confronting Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty?"

She tried to use her authorities and divinity, but she couldn't get any response from them as if they never existed, however this can never be true as she can feel her divinity running berserk the moment she met this perfect person in front of her.

Looking around, she saw a phoenix like tattoo on the hand of the perfect being glowing red, as she recognized them as command spells.

She didn't get to question him about why he was sealing her powers as Medea stood up and came near her.

"How is it? How does it feel? Being a slave for your divinity doesn't feel that good now, right?"

Medea said with a small smirk as she stopped in front of Aphrodite who couldn't do anything but glare at her. Suddenly Aphrodite recognized the one talking to her.

"Y-You, you are Medea!"

"Hehe, 'The Witch of Betrayal' at your service. So, how does it feel when your divinity turns into a curse? You will never be able to get his attention, much less his love or stay with him, doesn't it sound awfully familiar to you?"

Medea spoke with a mocking smile.

"However, I really want to thank you. If you never cursed me, I would have never met him, a small bit of suffering that led to a happy ending. I really hope you enjoyed that manslut, Jason, because I myself have found my happiness."

Medea said with a happy smile as she went back to Jin and sat on his lap as she hugged him and gave him a deep kiss.

[A/N: - The following part has lots of caps, heads up.]

"No way… This is impossible!!! No way, no way; Tell me it's a LIE!!! Versus a mere human, I have…! A Goddess like me has….!"

Aphrodite kept muttering like a broken record as she fell to her knees.

"It can't be happening!! Yes, a lie, this has to be a lie!!! The only one that deserves to be with him is me! Yes! ONLY ME! MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!! HE IS MINE!!!!"

She was screaming like a mad woman as her divinity continued to go berserk.

Ignoring the crazy Goddess, Jin looked warmly at Medea who was snuggling in his chest.

"So, what do you want to do with her? Want me to send her back or do you want to keep her as a slave or want me to erase her?"

"No, just seeing her suffering like this is enough for me, just send her back."

Medea muttered softly as she snuggled closer into Jin's chest, she practically looked like she wanted to melt into him.

Aphrodite who heard her had her bloodshot eyes snap open.


The young Primordial who heard her plea, nodded his head contently as he did what any sane male would do hearing such beautiful and passionate request from the Goddess of Beauty herself.

"Begone, Thot!"

He snapped his fingers as her figure started blurring and fading into orange mana particles.

Jin looked back towards Medea who looked at the place where Aphrodite was while being absentminded and smiled warmly as he heard her speak to him.

"Jin-sama, so, what will happen to her right now?"

"Hmmm, as far as I know, she will be going berserk as her divinity pretty much fuck her up from inside out, as for the outcome, I didn't really bother with it. Are you curious? Shall I check for you?" (Jin)

"No, it's ok I was just asking." (Medea)

Seeing her go into a dazed state once more, Jin clapped his hand as he spoke with a warm smile.

"Medea-chan, I got a surprise for you, I wanted to make it at a later time, but this seems a perfect timing."

Medea snapped out from her daze as she looked towards her beloved Master with a questioning gaze.

"I'll teleport you to a place, so just get ready."

Medea didn't ask further as she prepared herself.

"I can't really go with you there, but I wish you luck."

Jin said with a small smile as he teleported Medea.

Medea took notice of her surroundings; she was floating in a white landscape that she can't make the end of.

Suddenly, she was greeted by the sight of two people who were looking at her. She froze in her place as she felt her body shaking and could only mutter like a broken record.

"Absyrtus….Royal Father…."

[ A/N: - Absyrtus is the name of her brother that she was mind-controlled to kill and scatter his body parts across the sea to make Jason avoid the pursuit of her father. Now that I think about it, I think I let Aphrodite get away with minimum punishment…]

They both looked at Medea with warm and sad smiles contrasting what she was expecting.

"Hello daughter, long time no see." (King Aeëtes)

Spoke King Aeëtes with a sad smile looking at his daughter.


Muttered Absyrtus with a sigh as he looked at his sister.

Medea was still in a shocked state, she was muttering 'Sorry, sorry, sorry, please forgive me.' Over and over again like a broken record while crying.

Seeing his daughter like this, King Aeëtes pulled her into a hug as he patted her back.

"You have suffered, forgive me for being incompetent."

Medea didn't respond and can only cry in her father's arms.

[A/N: - Not gonna write the heartwarming crap, so yeah skip till after their sweet family reunion where they apologized to each other and Medea got their blessings to live happily with Jin.]

After waiting for an hour, Jin finally saw Medea teleporting out and jumping on him and hugging him tightly while wrapping around him like a koala bear, without saying anything she kissed him deeply as she teleported both of them to the bedroom.

Needless to say, Medea was too aggressive and wild that night more than usual.

____/Scene Change\___

Waking up in thew morning, Jin looked at Medea who was sleeping soundly on his chest and smiled fondly as he brushed her hair while making sure not to wake her up.

Choosing not to leave her side till she wakes up, making use of his Omnipresence, he made two selves and had one go make breakfast, and the other check on Medusa.

Seeing them all gone, he hugged Medea tighter and closed his eyes.

____/Scene Change\___

The young Primordial was currently walking towards the library to check on Medusa and the newly traumatized librarian that he summoned a while ago.

Walking inside the library, he was greeted by a sleeping Liza that he naturally ignored as he went to a certain corner in the library that became some kind of room to a certain snek waifu.

After settling in with Jin and the rest. Although Medusa had her own room, she was either in her self-proclaimed room in the library or sleeping with Sakura in Sakura's room.

[A/N: - Just normal innocent sleep you degenerated horny fucks!]

Noticing her Master's arrival, Medusa put down the book she was reading on the bed as she fixed her glasses, she was currently wearing a casual attire consisting of a black polo neck top, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of white socks. She had her long purple hair tied into a low ponytail.

[Image here]

Seeing him taking a seat in front of her, she started the conversation first.

"I see that you have already finished with Medea, Master."

She didn't know what happened between Jin and Medea yesterday, but she could feel through her connection with Jin that Medea was extremely elated yesterday for some reason. Although she doesn't show it, but she was slightly jealous of whatever happened to Medea yesterday to make her feel like this.

[A/N: - The connection mostly transmits the feelings between Jin and the other party, but in cases of extreme emotions, all the other people connected to Jin can feel the extreme emotion of the party in question like in this case.]

Hearing her question, Jin had a wry smile on his face.

"I see that you still don't get along well with Medea, huh."

Hearing her Master, she couldn't help but answer him.

"I'm not really at odds with her, but we don't really get along. Despite having the same dark roots as me, her strangely positive side messes with my perception..."

She spoke with a neutral tone, but she had a faraway look in her eyes.

Her daze was interrupted by a warm feeling on her head that she got used to lately. Looking up, she saw her Master smiling at her while patting her head as he spoke.

"Well, this is kind of the main reason I came here to get you and interrupt your precious reading time."

"…eh?" (Medusa)

"Come with me for a bit."

Jin said as he took hold of her hand as he dragged her towards the elevator. Pressing the button of the workshop, the elevator started to close, but before it fully closed, a small bolt of lightning left the Simp Primordial's hand and made its way towards the unsuspecting target.

Jin and Medusa ignored the seductive girly scream that was heard as the elevator arrived at the workshop.

Upon entering the workshop, Jin went forward quite a bit while Medusa stopped walking. Snapping his fingers, the space rippled and two silhouettes appeared out of thin air.

The two newly arrived guest looked around and when their eyes found Jin, they lit up as they jumped on him.

"Ehehe~ Master!"

Said with a cute voice, she was an extremely beautiful loli Goddess with purple hair and purple eyes.

"Master, it's been a while."

Said with an elegant tone that was betrayed by her act of sniffing her Master, she was a girl that had the same appearance as the legal loli from before.

[Images here]

They were Medusa's sisters, Euryale and Stheno also known as "The Snow-White Gothic Lolita Duo".

After replenishing their stock of Masterium, they finally took notice of Medusa who was frozen stiff looking at her sisters.

"Ara, if it isn't Medusa. You've gotten even bigger since I last saw you. What are you, some kind of weed? I suggest you stop sucking energy from Master!"

The first one to speak was Euryale who was irritated looking at the grown up and busty Medusa, while she can't grow up because of her eternal youth.

"Medusa, come over here. Don't make me say it again, Medusa."

It was Stheno who spoke with an elegant yet irritated tone for the same reason as her twin.

Seeing her still frozen, they looked at Jin and spoke at the same time.

""Master, are you going to send her to Chaldea to play with us there?"" (Euryale/ Stheno)

"Only if she wants to go, you guys can go have your heart-to-heart talk now, I'll give you some privacy. When you finish, you can think about your rooms in Chaldea, and you'll go back."

Jin said this as he took his leave and teleported away.

"Nee-sama-tachi…." [A/N: - Plural.]

That was all that Jin heard from Medusa as he teleported away.

[A/N: - Yeah, gonna skip all the heartwarming crap again hehe.]

____/Scene Change\____

Feeling the space disturbance from Euryale and Stheno, Jin made his way towards Medusa who he felt still there.

What he was met with was a sighing Medusa who was holding her head but had a slight smile on her face.

Upon seeing Jin staring at her with a smile, she hurried ad stood up and spoke quickly.

"...Ugh? Forgive me! I didn't mean for you to see me sigh. It's not because I'm displeased or anything, Master... I'm just exhausted from trying to handle my big sisters... Ugh."

Seeing her like this, Jin smiled as he patted her head, to which she just closed her eyes and silently enjoyed while resting her head on his shoulder.

A couple of minutes later, Medusa broke the silence and spoke.

"...thank you, Master."

Hearing her, Jinn just smiled as he spoke.

"Don't mind it. I wouldn't want my cute little 'Servant' being all gloomy, right?"

"…Hn." (Medusa)

"I am honestly a little surprised that you didn't leave with them though." (Jin)

"….I did promise Sakura to stay with her after all. Even without the memories of my parallel self, she has really grown on me…"

"Sorry to burst your bubble, but Sakura is mine…"

Teased Jin with a lewd grin, to which Medusa blushed.

"I-I didn't mean it like that!" (Medusa)

Seeing her acting cutely like this, Jin couldn't help but hug her.

After staying like this for a while, they stood up and left to the living room since the rest of the family woke up and breakfast was almost ready.

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