21 Chapter - 20

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Waking up from his sleep, Jin found Ralteria and Illya lying on his chest while sleeping soundly. He smiled warmly as he caressed their hair while making sure they are not woken up by his touch.

After he spent some time patting them, he then left the bed while making sure they are not awake as he went to take a shower.

"Should I wash your back, Master~"

"Fumu, let's join, Master."

From behind his back came out Scáthach and Medea who only comes out from the dungeon once in a while to go on dates or do some 'sport'.

Jin didn't respond to them, but he used time control over the bath since he knows that this won't end up as a normal morning bath.

After spending a couple of hours in the bath doing 'sports', he took his shower, then went to check on the young spirit and the lazy witch while leaving behind Medea and Scáthach who were twitching on the ground. He didn't forget to teleport them to their beds though.

He then went towards the library only to see the young spirit surrounded by a mountain of books while reading eagerly and the lazy witch sleeping like it's none of her business.

They were also surrounded by multiple TVs, radios, and computers, each conveying its own voice.

The young spirit remained silent while keeping her attention turning the pages of the book in her hand.

Then, in the blink of an eye, she instantaneously memorized the characters written on the text and turned to the next page a few seconds later.

The book currently in her possession was a scholarly tome, which roughly summarized the history that lead to formation of the present world (not including supernatural).

It seems that the commodity was originally complied together for studious purposes. Since the style of the writings were recorded in an approachable format, it was very easy to understand. However, due to its habit of abridging the characters with simpler phrases, it may take longer to explore the hidden meanings behind the text.

However, that was a mere subtlety brought about by a so-called human nature. The young spirit narrowed her gaze while sensing the vibrations pulsating within her eardrum.

Reports. Drama. Live commentary. Movies. Music. Sounds of various forms overlapped into the young spirit's brain.

She then noticed Jin who was looking at her silently from afar so as not to disturb her.


How many times has this been repeated? The young spirit snapped the book closed and let out a gentle sigh.

She then turned the power off the TVs, radios, and computers, which were dispersing background noise throughout the vicinity.

Lisa feeling the disturbance weakly opened her eyes while yawning.

She then took notice of her Master who was looking at her lazy appearance and went stiff.

"Um, ah! Master, what are you doing here early in the morning?"

She tried to evade his gave by speaking.

"Nothing, I came to check on her and to see if you were doing your job, but I think you took my word of her being a genius a bit too much and then dumped your work on her, I see."

Jin spoke with a small smile that sent a shiver down Liza's spine.

"Well, she looked like she was enjoying herself, so no harm is done I think."

Jin continued making Lisa sigh in relief.

"By the way, Medea would probably come and 'catch-up' with you later, she just came here this morning and will probably visit you before leaving for the dungeon again."

Jin said with a slight sadistic smirk as he saw Lisa's face turning pale as if she lost her soul.

"M-Master, you are joking, right?! That crazy woman is not coming here, right?!!"

Lisa totally lost her elder sister composure and was practically screaming here after knowing that Medea is here.

"I am not joking, she and Scáthach just joined me in the bath a while ago, you will meet her when we eat breakfast probably if they woke up by then, hehehe."

The young spirit watched the interaction between the two and didn't understand what is happening. She may have caught on the vocabulary and understood the literal meaning of words, but she can't understand the common sense of people for now.

"M-Master, I-I miss Medusa and Sakura, I want to go visit them right now, please!"

Lisa pleaded to leave this place and go to some safe haven away from that crazy woman, however her hoped were broken when Jin spoke.

"Sure, why not? I will send you there after breakfast."

Jin spoke with a small pure smile that could be mistaken for a saint's.

Lisa then dropped on all four and kept muttering something about bullying her and "Witches Lives Matter" or something like that.

Jin however ignored Lisa who was on her knees contemplating life after getting her PTSD triggered. When Jin summoned her at first and Medea saw her, Medea felt a sense of crisis seeing another witch being summoned by her Master, so she took it upon herself to 'teach' her junior here that she is her Master's #1 witch, and the result is a traumatized Lisa.

He then looked towards the sitting young spirit who was looking at the exchange with curiosity and innocence and spoke.

"How do you feel now?"

"…I don't know, I don't feel any problems with my body."

She replied after thinking for a while.

"Come to think of it, I still don't know your name yet. Do you know your name?"

Jin asked after remembering that he forgot to ask her name yesterday.


Name. A given name. A symbol that distinguishes something. To be said, it was something that she did not have for herself.

The young spirit remained silent.

Seeing her like this, Jin spoke.

"We can't always call you by 'you' all the time so how about I give you a name?"

Just as he finished speaking, the young spirit stared intently at him, Jin, who did not expect such a reaction, awkwardly scratched his cheek.

"How about, Rei?"

After he said the name, the young spirit stared at him with wide eyes.

"Ah, does it sound strange. I thought it was a good name... Since you are a spirit and all so Rei seemed good and it's written as lovely or beautiful, so it suits you really well. Since you will be staying here with me, I can call you a relative of mine , you'll be using the Japanese surname that I use. So then, your full name will be Oukami Rei."

Jin said with a smile looking at the young spirit in front of him.

"Oukami, Rei..."

As the girl spoke out──her own name, her lip subconsciously began to tremble.

With only three characters.

And pronounced with four syllables.

It was only just a string of characters tied together.

But why? When those words leaked out from her throat, the girl felt warmth coming from her heart slowly spreading out.

And at the same time──she felt something slowly descending down her cheek.

"Woah!" (Jin)

Jin let out a startled voice looking at her face.


As the girl titled her head, she soon discovered the reason.

From the corner of her eyes, there were drips of liquid flooding down to the ground.

If properly expressed through the language she had just learned, this liquid would be called tears.

"Eh...how strange. Why is it like, this...?"

The girl tried to use her hands to hold down her eyes in order to prevent any more tears from flowing out, but the tears could still not be stopped.

"U, ah, ahh."

Follow this, her body swayed forward after feeling a sensation of her heart being struck.

Then, while watching that scene unfold, Jin let out a faint smile as he sat down beside the girl and gently stroking her back.

With that comfortable feeling on her back, the girl──Oukami Rei, cried during that brief time.

____/Scene change\____

Jin was currently in the kitchen preparing breakfast with the help of Leysritt and Sella that he just summoned after consoling Rei.

He then heard the sounds of footsteps and noticed the incoming Mio, Illya, Medea, Scáthach, Ralteria, and Irisviel.

They took their time as they got to know each other especially the newly added Mio. Scáthach didn't really care if her Master had one woman or billions, trying to use common sense to judge a being of his level is the epitome of stupidity itself.

She then looked at the ring on her finger as she let out a small smile feeling the connection between her and her Master. She not only get energy supply from this connection, but she can also feel the overwhelming love he held towards her flowing through their connection. Just the fact that she can feel this much of overwhelming emotions directed towards her is enough for her to die contently.

[A/N: - Sorry for the cringe, but it had to be done….]

Illya and Medea were grumbling and muttering something about the number increasing again. They also felt the same as Scáthach, but they still couldn't help but feel jealous whenever their 'sisters' increased.

After Jin finished cooking, they helped setting the plates. The newly added Rei was also copying what they are doing and helped with the plates as well.

After knowing her circumstances and that she was essentially a newborn, they all took turns in acting like her big sister, her cute and innocent looks helped fuel their desires to tease this cute girl causing her to be slightly frightened and hiding behind a laughing Jin, who in turn started patting her head to calm her down and explained to her that they like her, so they love to tease her like this.

All of them had fun during breakfast except a certain witch who didn't even get to finish her breakfast as her lifeless body was dragged by her 'senior', while Jin could only pray to himself for her safety.

Scáthach also returned to the dungeon to continue her grinding spree.

After eating, Jin took some food with him as he excused himself as he went to check on his sleeping junior.

Sensing that she was still asleep, he didn't bother knocking on the door as he opened the door and entered.

Seeing her sleeping face, Jin has to admit that she was indeed extremely beautiful, she could even rival Medea and Scáthach before their bodies got refined by their link with him.

He shook his head as he sat on a nearby chair as he took out the last volume of one of the alternative endings of DxD in his Akashic where Issei dies saving the universe without banging even a single girl. [A/N: - F.]

While he was immersed in his reading, Ruoxi's eyes twitched as her nose moved after being stimulated by the aroma of the food.

She opened her eyes slowly, still sleepy, but feeling comfortable after getting such deep sleep after long time. She didn't feel headache from having a hangover since the alcohol was removed from her body.

She looked at the ceiling and realized it's not the ceiling of her room, after noticing around her that this was not her own room she started panicking especially looking at her loose clothes and imagined the worst. During her panic she didn't take notice of Jin who was sitting on the chair away from the bed.

She had no memories of last night except for her having a fight with her father who hates her because he wants to marry her off to someone she doesn't like because her grandmother gave her most of the shares in the company, so she became the owner instead of him. She remembers taking her car and driving around till she found a random bar and entered there to drink unlike her normal self as she normally would never do something stupid like this, and her memories become fuzzy after drinking.

She imagined the worst-case scenario and was on the verge of crying but held it in.

However, a familiar voice snapped her out of despair.

"Oh, you woke up, sleepyhead?" [A/N: - It took all my willpower not to make a Skyrim joke.]

Jin spoke as he put the light novel into his pocket.


Ruoxi was shocked seeing a familiar otherworldly handsome young man sitting in the same room as her, she looked between him and her loose clothes as her imagination ran wild.



She was snapped out of her fantasy by the pain on her forehead as Jin flicked a crumbled piece of paper that hit her square on the forehead. She also realized that she doesn't feel the pain she is supposed to feel between her legs, and that her clothes are just loose.

"What the hell were you thinking about right now?!" (Jin)


Ruoxi averted her eyes and didn't answer.

"Now, care to tell me why the hell were you alone and dead drunk in a shady bar?!"

Ruoxi lowered her head and didn't answer.

"Do you know that if I were late by five more minutes you would have been the plaything of eight men?! What the hell were you thinking by doing this?!"

Ruoxi's body shivered when she heard him scolding her especially when she heard the part about the men.

Jin didn't pay her attention and continued to speak.

"I know it's been like 2 months since we last spoke, but if you don't want to ask me to accompany you, at least ask Qianni or Yanyan, aren't they your best friends? You really should thank your luck that you used the final bits of your consciousness to send me your location."

Jin finished speaking as he sighed. In all honesty, he forgot about Ruoxi's bar visit from the novel since he was 'occupied' with Rose at that moment. Although he knows that nothing would've happened to Ruoxi because of the defensive artifacts he gave to her in secret, but the whole thing just left a bad taste in his mouth.

"Sorry…. I was in a bad mood and didn't realize that I went to the bar until it was too late." (Ruoxi)

"*sigh* Well, it's ok, no harm is done, and it's good that you are fine. If you ever wanted to do the same thing make sure to call me first or at least take someone to accompany you." (Jin)

"….thank you."

Ruoxi said with a barely audible voice while still looking down, however there was a small trace of a smile on her pretty face.

"Senior, you won't ask me about the reason that made me go there?"

"Hm? Nope. If you felt like telling me then you would have mentioned it, but since you didn't say anything, I guess that's just being none of my business, so I won't pry unless you yourself feel comfortable enough to talk about it." (Jin)

"Ok, enough of the depressing talk, eat your food before it goes cold. After eating you can go take a bath, put your clothes in the washer inside, they will be cleaned and ready to be worn in 3 minutes so go take a bath with no problem."

After Jin said this, he left her as he walked towards the living hall.

____/Scene change\____

Sitting comfortably on the sofa, Jin suddenly remembered about his so-called company, so he decided to call an old friend.

"Sai, connect me to Sauron."


After waiting for around a minute, the screen showed the face of a western white guy which looked handsome and strong.

There was a tattoo on the guy's face which looked like a code. His pair of green pupils looked like leopards constantly looking for preys. On top of his red hair, he wore a western officer hat.

[A/N: - He was mentioned to have brown hair at the start of the book, but after that he was described to have red hair, even his title is "Red-Haired Demon", so I'll make his hair red here. So much time is wasted on a side character….]

"Sauron, reporting to his majesty, Pluto!"

the guy said energetically with ancient English from the Middle Ages, while his hand formed an accurate gesture of a noble. He looked at Jin with utmost respect, his eyes looked like they were filled with fire.

"Dude, I told you a lot of times that you're not my slave nor my servant. I treat you as a friend. Relax, okay?"

Jin said as he rubbed his forehead.

Sauron grinned, revealing teeth that had turned black as he spoke.

"Your Majesty Pluto, I'm already very relaxed. You must understand that I'm giving utmost respect to someone who has helped me significantly. I guess my brothers and your other friends all have the same thought. Please believe that all of us are happy to be friend with someone as strong as you. But… this process is rather difficult. You never gave us time to get used to it."

"*sigh* You guys never change. So, how's old man Ron and the others?"

Jin asked with a sigh, but a small smile was on his face.

Sauron replied while smiling.

"Ron is an interesting man, but he's way too stingy. When I came back from Italy last week, he only gave me two bottles of Margaret from 1980s. I clearly saw that he salvaged some champagne from the 19th century."

"Don't you know what Ron's life-long philosophy is?" (Jin)

"I know. Money comes from savings! Sigh, I hope that even Satan can forgive this stupid old man. I bet even the devils detest his stinginess!" (Sauron)

"He's a Catholic member. You don't need to worry that the person you have faith in would dislike him." (Jin)

Sauron shook his head and spoke.

"No, no, no. Please believe me, Your Majesty Pluto, the fellow Ron is definitely a fake Catholic member. He's very aware that he can't get into heaven. His clothing can only be used to trick women who only know how to dress themselves up. In my eyes, they are no different from broken cloths. He even wanted to earn the money from intercontinental missile. I'm very angry at this!" (Sauron)

"Ahahaha, it looks like you guys are having fun." (Jin)

"Yeah, Your Majesty Pluto, although we all think that these are serious matters, you see them as funny shows. By the way, why are you staying most of the time in China? I hate countries where I need to get permission from before I play with machine guns." (Sauron)

Jin had a deadpan expression as he replied.

"Sauron, I am sure as hell that there is no country that can satisfy your hobby…. As for China, well it is going to be getting really interesting here, plus it's not really that hard for me to go back and forth like I always do, I've been in England two weeks ago."

"Ah right, Your Majesty Pluto, speaking of England, Princess Jane has been throwing a tantrum wanting to go to China to visit you."

Sauron spoke with a small smile.

"Jane huh. I was just with her like two weeks ago… Well, never mind I'll talk to her later. Now tell me about the progress of the company." (Jin)

"Currently there are no problems at all. We have most of the market under our control. Your Majesty Pluto's plans on beginning your invasion using improved hardware and software at first instead of a new revolutionary product was a great one, the people are more open to accepting the products you wanted to sell from the beginning."

Sauron spoke with awe in his voice as he didn't expect that a top assassin and a God would be a genius and monster in business at the same time.

"Hmmm, I see. Well, I won't launch these products yet, I need the branches of Zhong Hai and Japan to be finished first before I start introducing these products." (Jin)

"Your Majesty Pluto, for Japan's branch, the building is almost finished and will take 2 months at maximum to be completely functional. The time was reduced greatly with the help of both Takamagahara and The Yamata Sect, which I still don't understand how you got them to work under you."

Sauron said with a sigh and his tone was filled with awe.

"Ahaha, well stuff happened and both of them pledged their loyalty to me, and since I found nothing to lose I accepted them." (Jin)

"As expected of Your Majesty Pluto! Back to the topic of the company, the Zhong Hai branch will be finished in at most a week. Ah right, Your Majesty Pluto, speaking of China, Yang's daughter has been running over the place crying and shouting that she wants to see the 'pretty big brother' again."

Sauron said while almost losing control and laughing.

Jin who heard him felt his eyebrows twitching and wanted to punch him across the screen.

"Sauron, do you think that if I unseal I can send a punch across a video call? I personally never tried it, but I think I might receive an answer soon enough."

Jin spoke with a creepy smile that sent shivers down Sauron's spine as his face went pale.

"*cough* Speaking of Yang, he said he will come work in the branch of China since he and Seventeen already retired from their job as assassins, he said that he would like to his home country for a change." (Sauron)

"Hmmm, yeah sure no problem. When they arrive make them give me a call, even I missed that annoying little brat."

Jin said while shaking his head with a small smile as he remembered that small gluttonous little girl.

"By the way, have Your Majesty finally found the person you said you have in mind to take care of your company? Edward is not a bad choice but considering his personality and the huge pressure he is facing from his clan to make you make your company go public, since your company is one huge cake that you monopolized and refused to share." (Sauron)

"Now that you mention it, I did find the person, but I totally forgot about the whole thing. I'll contact them in the next 2 days so don't worry. As for Edward, the Rothschild clan is not stupid enough to try and play the friendship card with me. I did say when I created the company that all the competitors are free to use any means to drag the company to the ground as long as they don't take human life, so they need to do their best. I'll leave the supervising of the two projects to you, contact me if there is any problems." (Jin)

"I will accomplish the mission in glory!"

Sauron greeted with a gesture used in the navy army.


Jin replied before cutting the connection off.

After getting this matter done. At this moment, Jin's phone vibrated.

He looked at the caller and smiled.

"Hello." (Jin)

"Ah, big brother Jin, how are you doing?"

Jin heard the sweet innocent voice of Jingjing from the other side of the call.

"I am fine, how is your internship going?" (Jin)

"Ah, I finished my internship and returned home yesterday." (Jingjing)

"Is that so? Well, that's good." (Jin)

"Mmm big brother Jin, are you free this evening?" (Jingjing)

"Tonight? Yeah, I don't have anything scheduled for this evening, why are you asking?" (Jin)

"We've just told dad, but me and mom want to invite you for dinner tomorrow to thank you for your kindness, it's the least we could do." (Jingjing)

"Haha, what kindness? In the future when I'm out of cash to eat you can just let me freeload on a few meals and that will do."

Jin jokingly said.

"Big brother Jin!" (Jingjing)

"*sigh* Fine fine, I accept. See you tonight then."

Jin said with a sigh.

"Un! See you tonight, goodbye big brother Jin!"

Jingjing said with enthusiasm, she was practically beaming.

"Ah goodbye, see you tonight."

Jin said as the call disconnected. He then felt multiple presences coming towards him.

He looked back and saw Illya and Iris coming near.

"Yo, Illya, Iris, where are the rest?"

Jin asked with a smile as he looked towards the mother and daughter.

Hearing his question, Iris was the one to answer.

"Medea-san went back to the dungeon, Mio-san is trying to learn how to cook under Sella and Leysritt's guidance in the kitchen, Rei went back to the library to continue reading, and Ralteria went to the gaming room."

"I see, thanks Iris."

Jin thanked Iris with a smile, while the person in question had a small blush on her face.

"Stop flirting with my mother!"

Shouted an irritated Illya as she threw a fist sized plushie rabbit that she got from who knows where towards Jin, who dodged it effortlessly.

"Pffffft, jealous?"

The horny Primordial was laughing his ass off, while Iris was a blushing mess after hearing her daughter.

"Ok jokes aside, did you go through the memories of your background here?" (Jin)

""Yes."" (Illya/Iris)

"Ok then, Illya." (Jin)

"Is something wrong, Jin?" (Illya)

"No, but I need to tell you something." (Jin)

"Why are you acting serious right now?"

Asked Illya who was puzzled by the serious expression on Jin's face.

Jin ignored her as he continued to speak.


"Y-Yes!" (Illya)

"Starting from next week…" (Jin)

"Starting from next week?" (Illya)

"You…" (Jin)

Illya was irritated with how the conversation was going, while Iris had an amused smile looking at their interactions.

"Will be going to school!"

Jin dropped the bomb with a straight face.


Illya was stupefied and felt her brain getting short-circuited.

"Yeah, starting from next week you will be going to school." (Jin)

"W-Why? I am fine here, and it's not like I need to learn what they teach in school anyways." (Illya)

"I know that you have no use of these things, but you have never had interactions with anyone from the same age group as yourself. I was going to send you to school with Sakura and Rin in the previous world, but you said you want to come here, so you will be going to school here." (Jin)

"But I don't want to." (Illya)

"Sorry, but you got no chance to reject. I already discussed it with Iris." (Jin)

Illya saw her mother nodding to Jin's words and felt betrayed as she was being forced to go to school.

"Senior Jin."

When Illya was getting depressed, they all heard a voice from behind them. There Illya and Iris saw an extremely beautiful woman that is on par with them. It was Ruoxi who finished taking a bath and was about to leave. Ruoxi as well was surprised seeing these two women that are on par with her on term of beauty.

"Hm? Another lover?"

Questioned Illya while looking at Jin, Iris also paid attention.

Jin's lip twitched since that was the first thought that comes to their mind! She wasn't even his lover….yet!

"Ouch!" (Illya)

"No, she is not, stop being rude, can't you see that she feels uncomfortable?"

Jin said as he hit Illya on her head as he pointed at the fidgeting Ruoxi.

"Let me introduce you. This is Lin Ruoxi, my junior when I was in Zhong Hai university. Although she looks like an iceberg at first, she is quite warm so don't mind her behavior."

Hearing the first part of the introduction, Ruoxi went back to her usual cold persona that she always use with strangers as she sent a polite nod towards the two, but after the second half, her cold expression cracked and there was a slight blush on her cheeks as she glared at Jin who totally ignored her.

Suddenly Jin had an idea to irritate Illya even more.

"Ruoxi, this 'kid' is Illyasviel von Einzbern, you can consider her as my 'little sister' of sorts. And this is her mother Irisviel von Einzbern, they are from Germany and lots of stuff happened and now they are basically a part of my family."

Jin spoke with a teasing smile while looking at Illya who pretty much had veins popping on her forehead.


She pretty much jumped on him, but he held her head away as she continued to flail with her arms.

Ruoxi looked at their exchange with a small smile that disappeared instantly and was replaced by her normal cold face again.

Iris however saw that and the only thing that came to her mind was 'tsundere?'.

After Illya stopped her 'attacks', Jin then turned towards Ruoxi and spoke.

"You are leaving now? Why don't you stay for lunch?"

"I am sorry, but I need to go now, it's already pretty late." (Ruoxi)

"Ok, let's go, I'll drive you. I had to leave your car there since I can't drive two cars at the same time." (Jin)

"It's ok, senior. I'll send someone to collect the car later." (Ruoxi)

"I see, well let's go then. Iris, Illya, do you guys need something from the outside?" (Jin)

Illya and Iris shook their heads as they said that there is nothing that they want.

"Ok then, see you later." (Jin)

""Take care."" (Illya/Iris)

____/Scene change\____

Standing in front of the mansion's door, Ruoxi was awed by the magical scenery in front of her. The garden of the mansion was so beautiful that it looked like it came out of fantasy scene, coupled with the view from on top of the mountain that the mansion is build one, it was simply marvelous.

Seeing her like this, Jin chuckled and spoke.

"Well, this is the first time you actually visited my house, what do you think? I personally picked the place; the land was relatively cheap since it's a mountain. It has a great view and the Xijiao villas are to the south, and there is a river to the east so it's perfect.

Speaking of the Xijiao villas, if I recall correctly, wasn't Yu Lei the one commissioned to do the interior design?" (Jin)

"Now that you mention it, it does sound familiar."

Ruoxi replied softly.

"Well, most of the villas are still empty because of the location and the price." (Jin)

They then walked towards Jin's car that made Ruoxi surprised once again from its design. She is one who owns tons of cars that she stopped counting after they reached twenty, from limited edition sports cars to luxurious SUVs, but this is the first time she saw a car with such progressive, stylish, and sleek design.

However, what caught her attention was the emblem on the car. It was the emblem of one of the most famous companies around the world, "Neo-Pluto". The company that rose from nowhere a couple of years back then and started a revolution in the world of technology, especially for phones and computer hardware. The owner of the company is mysterious and never went to light, and the current representative of the company is one of the Rothschild clan members. It was also known that that company is currently building a branch in Zhong Hai.

[Emblem here.]

She looked towards Jin with extreme surprise and questioning face.

Seeing her reaction, Jin chuckled and spoke.

"It's a custom-made gift. I did someone a favor and I got some 'gifts' in exchange and this babe here is one of them." (Jin)

Ruoxi nodded dumbly as she entered the car.

Sitting in the driver seat, Jin noticed that Ruoxi was silent and still absent minded about the day before, so he spoke as he started the car.

"So, Ruoxi, where do you want to go? To Yu Lei or home?"

"To Yu Lei. I am already pretty late and there are many things I need to finish at the office." (Ruoxi)

"Hmm ok, to Yu Lei then."

Jin then started driving towards the Xijiao Villas so he can go to the expressway. Passing an intersection, he passed by a black limited edition Land Rover. He didn't pay it any attention, but the same couldn't be said towards the driver of the Land Rover.

Being the owner of the most popular racing club in Zhong Hai, the sight of such unique supercar would set her business sense ablaze. However, by the time she wanted to stop the driver, the car has already reached the end of the road.

Jin inside the car noticed the still gloomy looking Ruoxi and had a rather 'smart' idea to break her gloomy mood.

"Ruoxi, how good are you at handling speed?" (Jin)

"Hn? Why are you asking?"

Asked Ruoxi confused by the sudden question.

"Well, I suggest you hold on tight!"

Jin said and without waiting for her to speak he slammed the gas pedal as the car shot out with incredible speed.

Ruoxi could only feel a burst of intense g-force, she couldn't help having her body pressed up against the seat. Although she wasn't one who drove slowly, she wouldn't drive over 140 km/h. For someone who only drives he Bentley around 50 km/h or 60 km/h in Zhong Hai, how could she possibly ever experience the true power of a sports car?!

Once the car got onto the expressway, it immediately sped up rapidly. The black and red streaks were like dragons on the road, fiercely weaving through the traffic!

Although the car had maximum speeds that could go over the frightful 335 km/h mark, and with some small modifications that was done to it, it can go over 500 km/h, this was after all an expressway. While madly stepping on the accelerator, the biggest test was to control the car. This was easy as breathing for Jin, but the same couldn't be said about Ruoxi.

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Ruoxi looked at the relaxed Jin who drove quickly. The speed of the car kept getting faster and faster. Ruoxi carefully glanced at the speedometer and saw that the number on the screen being 260 km/h. She nearly screamed seeing the number!

260!? This mad man is driving at 260 km/h on an expressway with a 90 km/h speed limit!?

The cars in the surroundings were constantly overtaken, and it was practically hard to look at other cars. Due to the disparity in speeds, many cars in front also had the awareness to make way.

Jin didn't seem to mind at all, only when the Intensa Emozione roared to 280 km/h did Jin stop accelerating. With one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the gear paddle, he constantly overtook the cars in front. He continuously shuttled through the cracks in traffic, like nimble lightning.

Ruoxi felt like her heart was going to leap out of her chest. The ridiculous speeds they were going at made her feel like her surroundings was the one that slowed down. Although she felt that it would be a great disappointment to herself, she still softly spoke with a requesting tone as she couldn't bear it anymore, "Senior... Drive slower..."

Seeing her flustered and scared look, Jin spoke happily.

"No can do, you said you were late for important stuff in the office, right? I can't let my cute junior suffer from being late, so hold on and enjoy the ride."

"Look forward! Don't look at me!"

Ruoxi noticed Jin turned his head and was immediately so frightened that she shouted.

Jin had never imagined that Ruoxi would have an insecure look like this and couldn't help but laugh. Although he remembers that she was afraid of high speed, he didn't think it would look that cute!

Ruoxi felt like she lost face, and rashly supplemented, "I... I'm not afraid, I'm just worried that you'll have your license revoked, you're speeding way too much!"

Hearing her, Jin had a smug on his face as he spoke.

"Hehe, don't underestimate me, Ruoxi! They can never revoke my license, since I never got myself a driving license from the moment I came to China till now!"


Ruoxi didn't say anything and only shut her eyes. She felt that she would go crazy if she continued this conversation.

Six minutes later, Ruoxi felt the car stop. She opened her eyes and saw that they were in front of a gas station at the end of the expressway and the entrance of the downtown.

"Stay here for a sec."

Jin said as he left the car and went inside. A couple of minutes later, he came back holding 2 soda cans.

After getting in the car, he handed one of them to Ruoxi as he opened his and started drinking.

Ruoxi looked silently at the can in her hand before she sighed and opened it and started drinking.

After she took her time and finished drinking. She felt lighter and mentally more comfortable. Courtesy of the holy spell that was enchanting the soda.

"Feel better now? That gloomy look doesn't suit you at all, Ruoxi. You should smile more, or at least show the same frightened expression from before pffft."

Ruoxi was surprised by the first half of the sentence as her cheeks reddened, however the second half made her feel like someone stepped on her tail.

"I-I was not frightened at all! I was just worried about you driving so fast on a busy road!"

"Yeah yeah, whatever helps you sleep at night."

Jin ignored the fuming Ruoxi and started the car as he drove her to the main Yu Lei building.

Before she left the car, Jin looked at her seriously as he spoke.

"Ruoxi, if you ever need any help you can always ask me."

Ruoxi just lowered her head as she bit her lower lip contemplating something as she spoke.

"….thank you, I'll take my leave now."

Seeing her leave like this, Jin only sighed as he drove away.

____/Scene Change\____

Making his way through the west region's most prosperous street, which was also the shabby west region's only respectable street, named "Bar Street", Jin finally arrived at Rose's bar.

Bar street is extraordinarily quiet during the day, with only a few cats and dogs prowling the streets, very few people and vehicles pass by, which is a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle at night. The place looks like a ghost town with how little people are there in the street.

Jin pushed open the main door to Rose Bar and greeted the napping bartender, Little Zhao. Then strolled directly to the passage at the back of the bar.

Several of the waiters, who noticed the arrival of Jin, did not obstruct him, and instead greeted him with respect. They clearly knew the relationship between Jin and Rose was not ordinary.

The passage behind the bar was strangely over fifty meters long. At the end of it, stood two tall men in suits, guarding the exquisite wooden door three meters behind them. When the two noticed it was Jin that came, they neatly bowed immediately, and followed with a welcome gesture.

Jin nodded, walked forward to the flower-carved wooden door, and opened it. A natural fragrance burst forth from the inside, bringing with it a slight scent of lavender.

It was a surprisingly humongous room, with smooth brown parquet flooring, black marble walls, and in the middle was a huge 7-foot-wide bed on a leather frame. The coffee-colored decorations gave the room some dark charm, revealing a somewhat low-profile elegance. On one side of the room, there is a full glass door, outside the glass door, is an open-air swimming pool and a small garden.

It's difficult to imagine, that at the back of a noisy bar, is actually a quiet sanctuary——here, is Rose's "home".

From the moment he entered the room, Jin subconsciously felt something that made him chuckle inwardly, and at the same time without hesitation, he stretched his right hand out to parry.


A sharp sound cut through the air, a white hand wielding a sharp and cold dagger suddenly appeared 3-inches away from Jin's face, but it was perfectly blocked!

With the sneak attack blocked, the dagger in that hand rotated in a flash, and with a movement as smooth as flowing water, it once again pierced towards Jin's ribs!

Jin leisurely stuck his hand to that smooth warm arm, gently gripped it, and pushed it outwards. The hand wielding the dagger was no longer able to move an inch closer to Jin's body.

The sneak attacker realized that she did not have enough strength and lifted her small foot to strike the back of Jin's waist. Unexpectedly, as if he had foreseen all these movements, Jin pushed down the arm with the dagger in one move!

The small foot wasn't completely raised yet, but the dagger had already turned into a weapon blocking the foot's path.....

"I'm not playing anymore!"

Rose unhappily pouted, and casually tossed the dagger on the floor.

"It's always the same, I really don't know how a monster like you trained, you're the same age as me, yet your skills are so sick!"

[A/N: - I don't know Rose's age nor Mo Qianni's and I spent a lot of time searching with no avail, so I made Rose the same age as Jin. I would be thankful if someone knows her real age though.]

Jin released Rose's soft arm, that delicate feeling made it difficult to part with, he then turned around with an expression of a smile yet not a smile and spoke.

"Not bad, much quicker than last month, this improvement rate is considered extremely fast."

"But in front of you, I still lose in one move..."

Rose rolled her eyes at Jin, and gracefully sat on the huge bed. As this was her room, Rose was dressed in an incomparably casual fashion, wearing a white lacy nightgown made of silk, that loosely covered her seductive figure.

The V neckline on her chest, is raised high by a plentiful twin peaks, from the cleavage a black chiffon bra is spotted, struggling to hold on to the two lumps of pink flesh. The lower half of the nightgown is surprisingly short, and only covered her round bottom, while the smooth white thighs hung outside like fruits, glowing with teeth-like luster.

Jin's gaze involuntarily moved towards the area between Rose's thighs, springtime sultriness rippled from there, it was actually also a pair of black chiffon panties. Vaguely, a few strands of black grass appeared before his eyes....

[A/N: - The translator of the novel triple checked that they are black grass, so Imma take his words for it…]

Rose's eyes revealed pride, due to certain reasons, this man who made her so devoted had been trying to keep distance, but presently it seemed like he does not have much resistance against her body. While secretly happy in her heart, she throws an even more flirtatious gaze, with limpid eyes that could hook souls away.

"Rose, are you trying to seduce me?"

Questioned Jin with a stoic face.

"So, what if I am?"

Answered Rose while smiling mischievously.

"Then good, it's working."


Rose blinked, with one hand she slowly pushed the strap off, revealing a white and tender chest, her pair of thighs also spread a little, allowing the hazy beauty at the base of her legs become a little clearer.

God must have made a mistake. This woman must have come from hell, there is no way she is not a succubus.

Well, unless Jin was either gay or a eunuch, then no way he would refuse such an offer.

Taking a deep breath, the Horny Primordial went near rose as he put a hand on her waist as he pulled her closer.

"Now that you are here, why don't you stay till night?"

Rose said seductively while drawing circles on Jin's chest.

Without further delay, Jin lowered his head and stole her lips.

Rose was surprised but melted in the feeling of the kiss.

A few seconds later, their lips separated because Rose was out of breathe, leaving a bridge of silk connecting their lips.

Jin looked towards her and spoke with a smile.

"I came here to stay till night. Sorry, I can't stay late because I have a dinner appointment."

Hearing him saying this, Rose couldn't hold her tears back as she cried from happiness that Jin had finally accepted her.

Jin just patted her back lovingly as he wiped away her tears.

"Let's sleep, you have been awake all night after all." (Jin)

"It's ok I don't really feel that tired." (Rose)

'Of course, you don't. If you could even get tired from pulling an all-nighter wearing the necklace I enchanted, then I would probably need to kill myself by hitting myself with a Meatball….'

[A/N: - Burn the lolicon and hang him on the stake!]

Jin thought to himself hearing Rose.

Without further delay, Jin carried Rose bridal style towards the bed which caused her to exclaim in surprise.


He gently lowered her to the bed while sleeping next to her.

Suddenly, Rose hugged him tightly as she spoke.

"Sorry, but I'm really happy right now."

She took a deep breathe then as she started speaking.

"Jin, do you remember the night we first met..... That night, I was ambushed, and my nearby subordinates were all wiped out, I was alone desperately trying to escape on the streets....."

[A/N: - Not gonna write the whole meeting thingy, long story short he saved her like the original plot….]

Jin quietly listens and nods slightly. In his mind, the scene of that night also gradually surface..…

Memories are like wine, no matter how much time passes, they both remain fragrant.

Rose and Jin's first meeting was both bloody, dramatic, and totally weird.

When Rose's feminine voice finished narrating those memories, Jin was a little speechless, half a year ago, these two people, through that coincidence became acquaintances. From that point on, the occasional casual exchange, developed into a delicate relationship, a little distant, a little ambiguous, a little exciting.

Playing with her long black hair, Rose hugged her knees, smiled intoxicatingly, and spoke.

"Jin, before you appeared, do you know what I was thinking of?"


"I recalled the fairy tales my mother used to tell me when I was a child. In those stories, whenever a weak princess was in danger from a fiendish villain, a knight in shining armor would always appear and rescue her from the depths of misery. In the end, the prince and princess lived happily ever after. I always thought that that line was senseless, but you made it all come true."

Rose said, with her happy eyes, tenderly looking at Jin.

Jin touches his nose.

"I did not expect you to have such a childish side."


Rose lightly laughed.

"How do I put it...… I know that I'm no princess, and you are no knight in shining armor... Yep, not even a knight in shitty armor, there isn't even a horse or armor. You just appeared out of nowhere and ended a damn gang fight with a freaking ladle...

However, at that time I felt that all these weren't important....

I just thought, if only there's someone like that beside me in the future. He doesn't need to protect me all day, or always make me happy….. as long as, at the time when I can't walk anymore, support me a little, when I'm hurt, provide me a chest to snuggle to, allowing me to not be so helpless, not be so lonely, that is all I want..."


Jin extends out his hand, stroking her moist and delicate cheek.

"Are you really sure about this? I told you before I have multiple wives/lovers. Think it over again, you deserve an honest reliable man who will wholeheartedly love you alone."

"That's no longer possible."

Rose's eyes turned a little mischievous.

"Jin, do you know the relationship between the monkeys and their king?"

"Group of monkeys? Their king?"

Jin was puzzled and asked.

"What are you trying to say?"

"In a group of monkeys, the king is the strongest male. All the female monkeys in the group become that monkey's mating partner as the instinct of the female is to choose the strongest mate, this way, their offspring will have better genes.

Like monkeys, throughout history, people in human society have also behaved this way. Why do you think men with power have had numerous wives and concubines? Even those forced to become his mate, do you think they're actually unwilling? Since they can have the best, why should they settle for the mediocre?"

Jin was beyond speechless from her logic that he didn't even know how to respond.

"I was just using an analogy. I want you to know, from the moment we met, in this life there will never be another man in my eyes...… perhaps you aren't the world's strongest, but you are the strongest in my heart...."

Rose's gaze gradually became resolute, staring straight at Jin.

"I love you, Jin."

Staying silent for over a minute, the smile on Jin's face gradually turned wider, somewhat relieved, and somewhat playfully he spoke.

"You really are a stupid woman."

Rose's incomparably perturbed look, now showed the color of happiness, she shook her head and spoke.

"So, what if I'm a stupid woman, I don't regret anything!"

She said this as she hugged Jin tighter and buried her head in his chest and closed her eyes.

Jin continued to stroke her head and back till he heard her soft sleeping sound.

Looking at her sleeping face, Jin had an amused smile on his face as he thought.

'Well, at the very least strength-wise, you totally hit the jackpot, Rose.'

He then hugged her tightly as he also drifted to sleep.

____/Scene Change\____

A couple of hours later, Jin woke up and saw that Rose was still sleeping peacefully. He smiled warmly as he stroked her hair.

Feeling his touch, Rose slowly opened her eyes and saw Jin smiling lovingly at her.

"Slept well?"

Teased Jin while looking at Rose.

"Best sleep I ever had."

Rose said this as she snuggled closer to Jin.

"Sorry babe, but I have an appointment really soon and I have to leave." (Jin)

"No, we are gonna cuddle the rest of the day!"

Rose acted spoiled while speaking.

"Little Rose, you are not a kid anymore…" (Jin)

Suddenly, Rose straddled him as she licked her lips and spoke seductively.

"So what? Not like you'll punish me."

Jin, who was using all his willpower to restrict his little bro from standing up to greet the mass of softness on top of him, snapped as he raised his hand and brought it down on Rose's bubbly butt.


Rose moaned as she looked with glossy eyes towards Jin.

Knowing what she was thinking, Jin pulled her into a hug as he spoke.

"We just became lovers, so let's take it slowly, we have all the time in the world, and also our first time needs to be special."

Rose who heard him felt a surge of warmth in her chest and butterflies in her stomach.

[A/N: - I honestly dunno what is so special about having sex with your lover to make it like sacred ritual, but since girls from fictional worlds seem to like having their first time 'special' I added it.

Also, what the fuck is the whole butterfly in the stomach thingy? I saw it in a lot of books, so I just decided to add it, but how the hell is having butterflies in your stomach a good thing?]

Jin then gave her one last deep passionate kiss. After the two shared another hot kiss, the skies outside have darkened, and the lights of the city began lighting up.

Jin then left the bed and fixed his clothes before turning back to Rose.

"Take care of your health, and if you ever need help don't hesitate to call me."

Rose smiled warmly at him as she spoke.

"I will, thanks for your concern, Hubby."

Jin froze for a second before letting a smile appear on his face.

"See you later then."

After he said this, Jin walked out of the bar towards his car. It was almost time for him to visit Old Li and Jingjing.

He then started the car as he drove towards his destination.

[A/N: - I think I did really good here if I say so myself. Btw, I am reading the novel while I am writing so of course I'll plagiarize the content of the book and tweak it, I won't rewrite everything lmfao.]

____/Scene Change\____

Jin didn't drive much till he arrived to a residential in the West region.

He parked his car not far away from the house, but not too close either. He left his car as he made his way to the house. It was a normal looking house, not too old and not new either.

After reaching the house, he knocked on the door once and stopped as he heard the sound of someone running.

Soon enough, the door was opened quickly revealing a charming young lady with a youthful and refreshing face.

"Big brother Jin, you're finally here!"

Jingjing was beaming while looking towards Jin with a happy smile.

"Jingjing, long time no see."

Jin smiled as he spoke.

Li Jingjing's face was elegant and refined as usual, with curly eyelashes, a delicate little nose and pleasant little mouth, a typical southern type of girl. Wearing a white short-sleeved T-shirt, and a tight-fitting blue jean shorts on her bottom, a pair of beautiful white legs was revealed.

Seeing Jin's eyes sweep up and down with a naughty smile, Li Jingjing felt shy yet at the same time secretly delighted in her heart, she coquettishly spoke.

"Big brother Jin, stop staring and come in."

Seeing her shy appearance, Jin chuckled as he went inside.

Unlike the original where they lacked money, in this world, after Jin 'accidentally' bought two lottery tickets and one of them was given to Old Li.

They both were winning tickets and had considerable amount of money as the prize. The money was enough for Old Li to buy a new house and a small restaurant.

Old Li originally wanted to return the ticket to Jin but was rejected as he still bought the ticket from Jin, so it was his.

Inside Old Li's living room, Old Li happily welcomed him.

"Little Jin, my child Jingjing was helping her mother cook earlier, but the moment she heard you knock on the door she rushed out like a rabbit."

"Dad, don't speak nonsense!"

Li Jingjing again looked bashful, clinging onto Old Li, and not letting him speak more.

Jin laughed and sat with Old Li. Under the dim light, summer flies flew about in the house, the corridor had breeze blowing in, bringing about a peaceful atmosphere. Jin then drank the tea that Jingjing brought out as he chatted with Old Li while waiting for dinner.

Dinner was very luxurious; Old Li and his wife went all out in this meal.

"Oh, little Jin, eat more, although it is a little simple, it is still our family's token of gratitude."

Aunt Li with a face full of wrinkles, yet happy, affectionately looked at Jin as if she were looking at her own son.

[A/N: - I'm changing her personality in this ff. I was torn between making her die because of her illness or changing her personality, then I figured changing it will be less tiresome.]

Jin did not say much, and did not do anything differently, he continued to eat while praising the food, because he was very clear that only in this way would this couple truly be happy.

Li Jingjing from time to time also gave more food to Jin and would even secretly peek at him eating when her parents weren't paying attention. When she heard Jin say the dishes taste good, it was like she tasted honey in her heart, because most of the dishes were made by her.

After they finished the meal, Jin and Old Li continued to chat while playing Chinese chess and drinking tea. After a while, Jingjing's mother and Old Li excused themselves and went to rest, leaving Jin and Jingjing alone.

Jin was the first to speak.

"Big brother Jin, do you know that I have found a job recently?"

"Oh, congratulations. What kind of job?" (Jin)

"I've been accepted by Zhong Hai's Yi Zhong, to be an English teacher. Due to a form teacher being pregnant, I'm now a temporary form teacher."

Li Jingjing quietly smiled.

"Good for you. It was a matter of time till you found a good job with your abilities, but this came sooner than I expected. Little Jingjing grew up, your big bro is sad."

Jin smiled as he joked with the pouting Jingjing as he patted her head before standing up.

"It's getting late, so I better get going then." (Jin)

"Good night, big brother Jin. Also don't forget coming to visit me at school if you are not busy."

Jingjing said with a smile, but her eyes showed reluctance to part with Jin.

Jin smiled fondly as he patted her head and replied.

"Sure! Your big brother has so much free time, so he will make sure to visit you once in a while!" (Jin)

Jingjing smiled happily as she blushed from him patting her head.

"Well then, goodnight Jingjing, work hard!"

Jin said as he left the house.

Jingjing didn't close the door as she watched Jin walking away till he disappeared from her sight. She closed the door with accelerated heartbeat and bright red face as she smiled happily while putting a hand on her hair reminiscing about Jin's touch.

____/Scene Change\____

Jin was currently walking by the side of a river as he enjoyed the silence. He remembered how at that time that he himself on this riverside was the one that rescued Li Jingjing who nearly got raped by some asshole, then getting acquainted with Old Li's family. Perhaps every girl has a hero in their hearts, in that girl Li Jingjing's heart, he was special.

As he continued to walk as he reached the river's dock, which exposed a hazy sense of beauty under the thinly spread streetlight's illumination. The summer breeze blew past, bringing with it a whizzing coolness.

Jin looked at the river for a second and saw a yacht there and thought for a second. He never used any of the yachts or ships that he owns. He thought of gathering his lovers on a sea trip later might be a good change.

He then looked at the nice view in front of him as he had the urge to paint it, which he did.

He materialized his tools as he sat down on a bench and started painting an ink drawing of the scene in front of him.

"Sai, play Moonlight Sonata."

Sai obliged as the music started playing while Jin took his time painting.

Time passed as Jin continued to draw not paying attention to the newly arrived black limited edition Land Rover that he passed by this morning while accompanying Ruoxi.

The car stopped by the dock and the door opened as someone got out of the car. Walking to the docks, she finally noticed that someone was here, at first she didn't pay any attention to that person as she was in a really bad mood.

She was a tall woman wearing a black dress. The drifting waves rolled, the streetlamp's light dispersed streaks of rosy, red light on her charming white face. A watery pair of eyes stared at the far away indistinct yacht, expressing bits of sorrow. This well-developed figure demonstrated a mature type of charm, ample breasts, round plump butt, packed in a black cotton dress yet still draws people's eyes. Under the slender thighs wrapped with a pair of beige colored stockings, was a pair of crystal colored high-heel shoes, a noble and elegant smell diffused from her body.

Hearing the sound of heels behind him, Jin noticed that someone arrived behind him but didn't look back.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?"

The Creepy Primordial spoke normally as if what he did now was the most normal thing to do.

The woman was stunned for a bit before replying.

"Ah… yes, it is…"

They didn't speak again, but she came forward and leaned on the railings while staring at the faraway yacht with a sorrowful expression.

Suddenly the gears inside the idiotic Primordial started working as he remembered that according to the novel this was supposed to be Tang Wan!

He looked at the woman in front of him and had to admit that she was indeed very beautiful and had a really great mature charm.

Thinking about something, he then started changing a bit of the painting he was drawing.

After he finished his drawing, he mentally called his car back as he stood up.

Sensing the approaching car, he then spoke as he got ready to leave.

"I don't know why you look so sorrowful, but as Rumi once said, 'Sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently sweeps everything out of your house, so that new joy can find space to enter. It shakes the yellow leaves from the bough of your heart, so that fresh, green leaves can grow in their place. It pulls up the rotten roots, so that new roots hidden beneath have room to grow. Whatever sorrow shakes from your heart, far better things will take their place.'. Take this painting as a gift, hope your day becomes better, random stranger."

After he said this and not acting like a total creep at all, he didn't wait for her to respond as he got his tools into the car and drove away before she could register what happened.

Moments later, Tang Wan realized that this was the person driving the car from the morning, however he was gone right now.

Walking closer to the bench, she saw the finished ink painting. It had similar style to her favorite artist, Fan Kuan. The painting had the same scene in front of her, but it seemed to come alive. Looking closely, she saw someone standing in the painting looking extremely similar to her, and with small letters there was a quote, "We need never be ashamed of our tears.".

Putting the painting down, she had tears coming out of her eyes as she muttered absentmindedly.

"It really is beautiful…"

____/Scene Change\____

Jin arrived home and it was late at night. Thinking about the conversation between him and Sauron this morning, he decided to summon the person who he had in mind to take care of the company.

After going through some choices in his head, he finally settled on someone who would gladly take care of such huge ass company after getting baited for a bit.

Teleporting to his workshop underground, Jin started a summoning circle as it shone brightly revealing a figure.

She was a depraved and a peerlessly beautiful woman wrapped in a dress as dark as midnight who emanates a pleasing aroma. She had an extremely long black hair that she let free, and it was touching the ground. Her dress was cut from the front of her legs and connected by two black straps with golden tips revealing long leather boots underneath. The top of her dress was cut and revealed her navel and the top of her cleavage. Her golden eyes with slit pupils looked extremely enchanting.

[Image here.]

Overall, she looked like a woman that would make men either go crazy with lust, or cautious because of the aura of poison and death around her that screamed of danger.

The woman looked towards Jin with a bit of respect as she introduced herself with a smirk.

"Servant, Assassin. Semiramis. Normally, I would have asked you to prepare a throne for me, but I am not suicidal, and you look like a really interesting Master."

And that was how The Wise Queen of Assyria first set her foot into this new reality..

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