1 Transport

In a forest there was a narrow road and one can see a carriage going from that path while being protected by 50 knights. Inside the carriage there was a young man who was almost 16 years old, this young man is none other than 6th Prince of Phoenix kingdom also known as the useless Prince in the kingdom. He was just remove from the kingdom by his father the king and send to a deserted and to rule

While the carriage was moving it was attacked by a group of bandits. The leader of was a one star Martial Warrior, when the leader spread it's arua the guards protecting the carriage started to fear after all they were only ordinary solider with the strongest in there group means there captain being a 5 star Martial solider. The bandit's leader said"So it's a rich lamb this time we are going to earn a big time😈". When the gaurds heard this one of them immediately said"Do you known that this a royal carriage, How dare you attack it. Do you not known the consequences of attacking a member of the royal family". After hearing the gaurd speak the bandit's leader said with a snear" so what what it's a royal family member if I kill him now No one will know about it 🥴"after that The bandit leader sad 200 followers to attack the carriage

As the bandit's started attacking the gaurds leader shouted "protect the Prince". As the bandits and the gaurds started to fight the young Prince lips turn into a smile as he shouted from the carriage "It's seems you bandits don't want to live. Shadow take care of them for me"as the young stop to speak a shadow suddenly appear in front of the crowd and started killing all the bandits including the leader of the bandits, the guards protecting the carriage were shocked. After all the bandits vehicle where killed shadow revived a letter from the clothes of the bandits leader and started walking to the carriage. Seeing Shadow walking towards the gaurds put there courage together and said"STOP". ignoring dam Shadow continued walking, As the gaurds saw Shadow ignoring them they put there weapons together to protect the Prince they hear the prince voice "stop it she is with me drop all of your weapons" when the gaurds heard these they gave a heavy 'sigh' and thought that royalty are really powerful.

after seeing that the show was over the prince came out of his carriage. as Shadow show the prince she said "master this is the letter I found on the bandit leaders body". after taking the letter from Shadow and reading its contacts The Prince eyes started to turn red in anger, as the prince was getting angry hear a voice inside his head and started to clam down


'congarts host for completing the mission Finding The Mastermind (Part 1 of 2)

Mission content: The host is being attack find out who is behind the host life😊

Mission Reward:

1) One middle class summoning ticket

2) Rebuild the body for cultivation

3)One high class summoning ticket (After completing 2 part of mission)

4)One high class weapon summoning (After completing 2 part)