6 Rei's first outing after years

It was early in the morning. Rei woke up from her sleep. She couldn't open her eyes directly, her eye lids felt so heavy. She was speechless when she found out she was sleeping in Subaru's arm. She didn't really remember what happened last night, her memories were hazy. She tried to remember what happened then blushed after recalling it. she invited a guy to stay over without thinking twice, clinged to him because of thunder then slept while hugging each other. blood rushed to her head, causing her cheeks to turn red. she was red to her ears and she was still in Subaru's arms.

"Nnnhh.. "

Rei froze at her spot in that moment. Subaru woke up because she kept moving. Subaru opened his eyes slowly then blinked several times. He was still half asleep, then greeted Rei, "good morning" he said as he rubbed his left eye with one of his hand.

"G-good morning," Rei stuttered, still frozen in Subaru's arm.

Subaru stared at Rei. He noticed Rei was blushing, her face was bright red. Subaru was speechless at her reaction and thought she was cute. her reaction and her bright red face were just so cute. It made him want to kiss her.

"Umm.. Can you please stop staring at me? It's embarrassing" Rei said as she lowered her head to hide her embarrassment

"Oh! Sorry! I just thought you are cute" Subaru said as he smile.

Rei face became redder than before. Although she had lowered her face, Subaru still saw her ears getting redder. Rei then lifted her head. That made her look to Subaru eye to eye, their face were so close and their lips were only few centimeters apart. Burning with embarrassment dued to her own action she then looked away and said softly, " Could you please move your arm?"

Subaru looked at his hands and just noticed that he was still hugging Rei and their faces were so close. He could have kissed her if he wanted to but he didn't want to scare the girl off. Subaru slowly released Rei from his arms and Rei moved away and stood up, trying to run away but stopped her track because Subaru asked him a question.

"Rei, are you alright?" Subaru said with worry. Rei was silent for a moment before she answered " I don't know, but maybe yes."

Subaru felt more worried at Rei reply. He asked her with a warm smile  "Rei, if you have nothing to do today, do you want to hang out with me?" Rei was silent for a moment and thought about it before she said "yes" , not wanting to make another mistake like yesterday.

*ring* *ring*

Subaru phone was ringing. Subaru took his phone which was placed at a small table next to the bed and answered the call.

"Moshi Moshi, sora?"

*Moshi Moshi means hello. sorry for not translating it in the previous chapter.

"Subaru , are you free today?" Sora said on the phone

"Well, actually I'm planning to hang out with Rei."

"Oh, you mean Miura-San*? How about we hang out with Miura-San too? The more people, the more fun it will be!" Sora said cheerfully.

*Miura refer to Rei, Miura is Rei last name. Her full name is Miura Rei. San is honorific.

"Well... I don't really mind but is it fine with Ao? Won't he get mad if you don't tell him? " Subaru answered with a wry smile.

" It's fine, it's fine. Nii-chan is beside me so he already heard everything, right Nii-chan?"

Sora said towards Ao and he replied "whatever, I don't really mind. What about Miura? Does she agree with that?" Ao's voice was heard on the phone.

" You are as cool as usual Nii-chan" Sora said with teasing tone. "Shut up" Ao said with an annoyed tone. Sora laughed at his brother reaction. Subaru laughed by hearing their conversation and said " I'm gonna ask her."

*Nii-chan means older brother

"Rei, do you mind if we hang out together with Aozora?" Subaru said as he turned his head towards Rei.

"Aozora? You mean the Kazemi* twins? I don't really mind."

*Kazemi is Ao and Sora last name. Their full names are Kazemi Ao and Kazemi Sora

Subaru talked to Ao and Sora over his phone again "Rei has agreed... moshi moshi? Are you still there?" Subaru said while titling his head because  the silence on the phone then, Ao and Sora voices were heard "DON'T PUT OUR NAME TOGETHER" Both of them yelled from the other side of the phone.

*Aozora means blue sky.

Subaru laughed at their reaction and said sorry even though he didn't sound apologetic at all. The twins weren't actually mad either.

They agreed to meet in front of the station at 9 o'clock. Subaru had arrived at their meeting place, and waiting for the others. He didn't come with Rei because he went home first to take a shower and get changed because wearing uniform on weekend would be strange and Rei actually asked him to go first.

"Oh! You come early" Sora said calling out to Subaru and with Ao walking beside him.

Ao looked around and asked Subaru "Where's Miura?" as he looked around to find her.

"Rei had something to do earlier so she asked me to come first" Subaru said while looking at Ao.

The three of them waited for Rei. Ao was standing while leaning against the wall then, he suddenly noticed a girl walking towards them. The girl who walked towards them was Rei. When Rei walked close enough to them, Sora and Subaru just noticed her. All of them had gathered.

"Wow, you're cute Miura san" Sora gave Rei compliment. Rei blushed after hearing those words before Rei could reply to his compliment, Sora said again "That's right! May I call you with your first name? And please call us with our first names too. Since we are twins, it will be confusing if you call us with our last name"

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"Umm.. Ok" Rei replied to Sora. That's the only thing Rei could say because she didn't know how she should talk to the twins and she wasn't used to be around people.

"Then, it's settled! So where will we go?" Subaru asked with a big smile on his face.


All of them went to karaoke, Rei was really shy when she was asked to sing so Sora asked Ao to sing with her but got turned down. Because Subaru also insisted and they kept persuading Ao. Not having any choice, So agreed to sing with Rei. Rei's singing was really good. That was unexpected to them. They twins were surprised by how good Rei singing is. Time passed so quick, it's already lunch time. They went to family restaurant.

The waiter came and asked their for their orders. Sora ordered tempura, Subaru ordered steak, Ao ordered Omurice and Rei ordered Soba noodles. The waiter left after taking the orders.

Sora started the conversation, he asked Subaru with eyes full of wonder

"hey, I have a question, why was Rei-chan with you when I called you? It was early in the morning so how can she be there? "

Subaru was speechless for a moment he didn't know what to say and finally answer Sora question "Well.., I actually stay over at her house yesterday" Subaru lowered his head a bit. Ao who was drinking water just choked after hearing it. He was coughing for a while, Sora helped Ao by patting his back.

Ao glared at Subaru fiercely and said "Staying at her house? You are staying at a girl house?! Are you serious?!" Ao voice sounded really mad as if hearing her daughter spent a night with an unknown guy. All of them were silent. Subaru and Sora knew that Ao was very scarry when he was mad that's why they never tried to make him mad but this turned out to be an unexpected event.

The three of them shuddered especially Subaru. Subaru gulped and answered Ao while trying to avoid meeting Ao's eyes

"I didn't do anything. I only stayed over her place because of yesterday's storm. I couldn't go home that's why she let me stay at her house. I swear I didn't do anything!" Subaru made a peace sign using his right hand. Ao still glared at Subaru for a moment and then back to his usual Self as if nothing happened. Subaru and Sora sighed of relief.

"Ao, you act as if you're his dad" , Subaru chuckled and immediately close his lips when Ao gave him a glare.

"Nii-chan, it seems like you have scared Rei-chan."

Ao gave Rei a glance and whispered one word, "Sorry"

Rei shook her head and said ," it's ok. I was just a little startled."

Hearing that Ao's face relaxed into a slight smile and not long after that their orders came, they ate their food.

What Rei know for sure now is,  never tried to make Ao mad except want to live long.

After they finished their lunch and left the restaurant.

"Rei, you don't need to be so formal with us. Just relax, we are friends after all" Sora flashed Rei a warm smile. Tears rolling down from the girl's cheeks. The three guys were   because the girl cried all of the sudden.

Ao asked Rei  "why are you crying??!"

Subaru said "What's wrong?! Does your stomach hurt?"

Sora said "Did I say something wrong?"

All of them spoke together at once. They had a really worry look on their faces. People around the street looked at them with suspicious glances.

Rei told them as her tears still rolling down her cheeks and sobbed "No.., nothing is wrong. It's..nothing" Rei couldn't stop her tears. Her tears kept flowing down continuously. she was touched because she hadn't had a friend in a long time.

After Rei stopped crying they went to arcade. They played many types of game. There of game there, dance dance revolution, air hockey, shooting games, etc. They walked pass crane game machines and a sticker photo machine. Rei stared at the sticker photo machine. Sora noticed Rei was staring and asked her, "Rei, you wanna take a picture? " Rei shook her head but you could tell what she want by looking at her face.

"that's not a bad idea! Let's take one to make a memory of today! "Subaru said with a smile.

Ao didn't like to take picture so he tried to escape the moment he heard it. he ended up being dragged by Sora and Subaru inside and since it was for Rei he couldn't refuse. after taking the picture Subaru and Sora edited the picture and didn't let Rei and Ao look at it till they were done. Not that Ao care. So both of them were asked to wait outside. They would take their sweet time editing it so Ao invited Rei to play the shooting game nearby. Rei was surprised when she hold the gun for the first time. she didn't expect it to be heavy but she eventually get used to it. They made a good team for the game.

"it's done!! " Sora and Subaru said cheerfully. Subaru handed out the photos to Rei who just lost the moment they were done.

In the photo,  there was a sentence written 'Friends" Ao looked more like wolf even though they added black cat ears to blend with the color of his hair and some whiskers. Under Rei's eyes were added red circles,  it made Rei looks like she was shy and they added witch like hat. Subaru's face was added a mustache and there was love drawn between him and Rei. it was obviously Subaru's doing. Sora's was added a hat and a glasses. It made Sora looks just like an old man. Out of many pictures there was one left unedited because they thought it was better to left an original picture.

Rei smiled looking at the result. That was the first sticker photo she had. The three of them had the same thought when they saw her smile, cute.

Time passed really quick,  it was already evening before they realize it. They decided to go home. Rei's house was in the opposite direction, Subaru needed o take the train to work, his live. It'll be dangerous for a girl to walk alone at this late.

"I'll walk her home"

Sora and Subaru were dumbfounded by Ao's words, "are yo.." Ao cut Subaru's sentence "since I'm going to mini market to buy something."

"Oh! Do walk her home ." Subaru said with a smile. 

Ao replied in instant "you don't need to tell me"