5 Chapter 4

"Rei, can you tell me more about yourself? "

" About myself...? " Rei repeated Subaru's words.

Subaru noticed that Rei did not want to talk about herself. He noticed it when Rei repeated his word with a soft and a bit sad voice. Subaru decided to change the topic rather than saw Rei sad.

" Rei, do you mind if I talk about myself? " Subaru said as he looked at Rei

" Sure, I don't mind" a faint smile appeared across her lips as he said that. Subaru noticed it and smiled back at her. Although Rei didn't seem to notice that she just smiled.

"Oh, that's right! Rei, when is your birthday? " Subaru looked at Rei with curious eyes and a big smile on his face.

"14 March. What about yours?"

"Mine is 14 February. This is great! My birthday is valentine day while yours is white day. It just feel like we are linked by fate." Subaru chuckled.

Rei eyes were wide open when she heard Subaru said "linked by fate."

"It's already late. Let me walk you home"

Subaru stood up then held out his hand to help Rei to get up. When they were on the way to her home it suddenly rained heavily. Neither of them brought umbrella so they decided to run since they were already wet. When they reached Rei's house, they were all wet, drenched to be exact. Rei asked Subaru to come in to dry himself otherwise he would catch a cold.

"Here a towel," she said as she handed the towel to Subaru and she dried herself before she spoke again "You can use the bathroom first. I have filled it with warm water"

"You can go first, Rei. I will use it after you've finished it."

"No, you must use it first. You're a vocalist in a band. You may not catch a cold. I'm sure you would be yelled if you were sick" Rei said as she laughed. But that laughter only last for a second... In the end, Subaru could not say anything and he just agreed on Rei order. After Rei also had finished her bath both of them looked at the weather forecast. There wasn't any sign of the rain stopping.

"It seems that I won't be able to go home. It rains heavily plus the wind is quite strong." Subaru said as he sighed frustratedly.

Rei looked at Subaru then said "why don't you stay over then?"

Subaru eyes were wide open at Rei's words.

"W-w-whaaat?! S-stay over?!" Subaru said stuttering "your parents are going to get mad for sure if they know plus I'm a guy."

"no one will get mad... "Rei muttered softly " I'm.. the only one.. who live in here. I don't mind if you stay over. Follow me, I'll show you your room"

Rei walked away and Subaru followed behind her, speechless, still surprised with the fact that that girl just invited him to stay over without thinking twice.

"you can use this room. make yourself at home," Rei said as she left Subaru and walked toward the kitchen. she made dinner for two and their meal continued in silence and without realizing it, each of them had gone to their room to sleep.


Rei couldn't sleep. She couldn't calm down after she left Subaru in the next room. She just realized that she invited a guy to stay over. she realized it way too late. Her throat felt dry so she decided to go downstairs to have a cup of water hoping it could help with her thirst and calm her. It was dark. it was hard to see everything clearly plus the rain still didn't give any sign of stopping. she could hear the windows rattling as she walked towards kitchen. When she reached kitchen and about to drink some water suddenly someone called out to her from behind.


Rei jumped when she heard that voice, the glass slipped from her hand and fell.


Subaru rushed next to Rei "are you okay?" Subaru asked with worry.

"I'm fine, but don't call me suddenly like that! Seriously, I thought I will have a heart attack because of you! " Rei complained.

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Subaru chuckled as he said" sorry, sorry.. But let's pick the the fragments of the glass first and you can yell at me later. It's dangerous if one of us stepped on it"

Rei agreed. they began to collect the fragments and when Rei wanted to collect the last fragment, Subaru's reached for it at the same time. Rei's hand was under Subaru hand. She could feel his warm hand holding hers. It felt really warm. At last, Rei realized and pulled her hand back. she became more self conscious.

After they had finished cleaning, they walked back to their own room together since their rooms were only next door. Suddenly a loud sound of lightning strike were heard.

Rei jumped and hugged Subaru when the sound of the thunder was heard. She clinged to him and wouldn't let go. she was trembling. Subaru realized Rei's trembling. He couldn't leave Rei alone although being hugged made him happy but he pushed his own desire aside . He decided to carry Rei to her room and lay her down on her bed . Rei wouldn't let go of Subaru. her hand was still shaking. just then another rumble of the thunder was heard and that made Rei jumped again and clinged to Subaru even harder.

Rei whispered "Don't.. leave me.." as her body trembled and tears welling in her eyes.

"Rei.. "Subaru called her softly

"Don't..leave me" Rei whispered as she grabbed Subaru's hand. Her body was still shaking.

Subaru couldn't leave Rei. he hugged Rei tightly and patted her back as he said, 'Don't be scared. I won't leave you, Rei"

Rei hugged him even tighter than before and muttered weakly," Please don't leave me."

"I am here. I won't leave you, Rei."

She felt safe and comfortable in his warm arms. She was no longer scared, her body also had stopped shaking thanks to Subaru. He stayed with her the whole night and kept on patting her back to calm her down. In the end Rei fell asleep in Subaru's arm.

Subaru realized that Rei had stopped shaking. He wondered if she was alright. It didn't seem like normal fear. Normal people wouldn't look that pale even if they were scared. Her face looked as white as sheet. It was as if there was something behind her reaction. It was

weird but he decided not to pry. Subaru loosen his hug, then he peered at Rei's sleeping face.

Suddenly Rei's voice was heard, she was delirious. She kept muttering the same words, "I'm sorry" and "Don't leave me".

When Subaru heard that, he felt more confused than before. As Rei muttered those words, she shed a single tear. Subaru wiped her tears with his long finger and kissed her forehead.

"it's fine, I'll be here. I'll stay by your side" Subaru said gently as he patted her head. Soon, Subaru also fell onto a deep sleep.

They slept while hugging each other till morning. They could feel each other warmth.

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