4 Chapter 3

Rei never knew that she would make friend. This was the first time she had one after such a long time. "how do friends usually talk to each other? Should I start with a greeting when I meet him? But how?" she debated in her mind.

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~30 minutes later~

"How should I greet him?  This is really confusing. I am frustrated. Oh, what time is it now?"

8.20 am

"It's already this late! I will be late! I have to hurry! " I said this while I'm running to school

~8 minutes later~

She was lucky enough to arrive on time. she had never expected to arrive at school this late.

"I'm so tired. I never expected that I would run to school in 8 minute" she said it as she tried to catch her breath.

"Ah, Rei, morning" Subaru said cheerfully with a smile

"M... mor...ning"

This was a really bad greetings. she couldn't even say it properly.

"let's walk to the class together" he said it as he looked at her. Rei just gave him a nod then followed after him.

When they entered the class, all of their classmates attentions turned to them. Rei hated this kind of situation. They must be talking about why Subaru are together with her.

Rei walked away from him and went to her seat without looking at him. He didn't have a clue why Rei suddenly behaved this way.

-class end-

As usual , Rei went to roof top then suddenly the door opened.

" Hmm? Rei? You are here again?"

"Yes, I'm always here after school. Why are you here?"

"I just want to have some fresh air. May I sit next to you?"

"do as you wish"

Subaru walked towards her and sat beside her. They just sat next to each other in silence and few minutes passed before Subaru fell asleep leaning against Rei.

* tuk*

"He is sleeping?"

Without realizing it by herself Rei stared at Subaru's sleeping face. "He had a handsome face," she thought. just then she realized that his head was leaning on her shoulder.

she blushed. shekept staring at his face while he was asleep. she couldn't calm down thinking about the position they were in.

~5:00 pm~

"Mmm? Rei?" Subaru muttered her name as he rubbed his sleepy eyes.

"You are waiting for me? What time is it?"

"Yeah, it is 5 o'clock now"

"It's already this late!? Sorry to make you wait. Let me walk you home." He said as he stood up and took her hand.

"Sorry to make you wait. You must have something to do" he said apologetically.

"it's fine. I usually go home this late alone"

" alone?! That's dangerous! " Subaru said with anxious. His face looks very worried. in the end Rei let Subaru walked her home because he insisted. That made her happy though.

" Thanks for walking me home" she said with a slight smile.

"Did she just smile a bit? She smiled?  It's the first time I saw her smile. It's cute..." he thought.

"Do you have a fever? Your face is red" Rei asked him while titling her head.

"No, I'm fine. It must be your imagination."

Subaru answered her awkwardly, still blushing.

*ring ring*

"Rei, sorry. It's my phone" Subaru apologized to her.

"it's okay. You better answer it" 

"moshi moshi"

"IT'S NOT MOSHI MOSHI! YOU BETTER HURRY UP OR YOU WILL BE LATE FOR CONCERT!!" Koudai-san, the bassist of Royz, yelled on the phone.

Subaru put his phone away from my ear until he finished yelling then suddenly ended the call.

"Seem like you get yelled." Rei said then she giggled.

"Yeah, I should go now." He then left hurriedly and the day he spent with her ended there.

~the next day~

When Rei arrived at class, she didn't see Subaru and the class have started. The girls  askes the teacher why Subaru didn't come to school today. Even the girls from other class came to see him. He was really popular. Subaru waa really a total opposite of Rei. That made her felt like they lived in different world.

After school Rei went to rooftop as usual. she feel like something was off today. it felt slightly different. She then realized that she felt lonely because Subaru wasn't here.


Why did she feel lonely?

she never felt this way before...

she was used to being alone...

This must be wrong...

"I better go home now. It just feels like I am weird today. Why can't I stop thinking about him? I can't even concentrate on the lesson this entire day."

Night come without be noticed by Rei. The next day when Rei came to school, Subaru waa absent from the class again. All the girls at school were depressed. They looked just like living corpses walking around because they usually flocked around Subaru. A week then passed.

The class was so gloomy. It gave off bad atmosphere, mostly was gave off by the girls. When suddenly a cheerful voice was heard

"Ohayou! "

The class became full of noise, it became alive and they could guess who it was. Subaru! All the girls were back to their usual selves and kept throwing questions to Subaru, such as

" Subaru, you have been absent from school for so long. Why were you absent?"

"You should have given me your phone number so I would know if you were sick"

"why should he give his phone number to you? Are you his girlfriend or something?!"

"it's none of your business! As long as he doesn't mind!"

Good grief. The fight between girls a.k.a cat fight had started. The class was very noisy. Until a cold voice was heard

"Why do girls this day always fight because of a guy? It's such a pain to watch. Annoying."

It was the twins, Ao and Sora. Ao was the one who said it.

The noisy class fell into a silence. The girls were speechless because of Ao's words, "annoying".

The teacher came into the classroom. It was time to start the class. Dunno why the classes passed by peacefully today.

As usual, Rei was at the rooftop but she was not alone this time. She was with Subaru or you should say Subaru followed her on his own will.

"It's been a while since the last time I came to school."

"Yeah" a short reply from Rei

Seem like their conversation has ended with the word "yeah."

"So, what do you want to talk about?" Rei askes Subaru as he looked at him in the eyes.

There was a short silence before Subaru began to talk.

"Actually, I want to see you. I want to talk to you. I felt lonely while I was away from school."

Rei was silent as if she were speechless of what Subaru said.

"I...I.. I feel.. lone.. ly too... " Rei said softly like a whisper. It was a whisper she didn't want Subaru to hear but Subaru heard it.

" Really?"

Rei looked away. Subaru noticed that Rei's cheeks were red. He didn't need an answer for his question, he already knew what the answer was.

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