3 Chapter 2

There was a transfer student in Rei class, the teacher would ask the transfer student to introduce himself.

"Please introduce yourself" the teacher said.

The transfer student started to introduce himself, " I'm Subaru, nice to meet you all. I hope we can get along well."

After the transfer student called Subaru finished introducing himself, the teacher said "you will sit there, next to Miura-san."

He walked to his table which is next to Rei. Then, he said "nice to meet you"  in a sweet and cheerful voice to her. His voice was so soft,  and as sweet as a candy but she just looked at the window and gave him a "yes" cold reply because she thought  he was just the same as the others. Everyone was the same,  he would just be kind to her in the beginning and talked behind her back. There's no one she could trust.

Finally, the class had ended. Most of the students had gone but some of them have club activities. Even if she did not have any club activities, she love to stay at school longer because if she went home,  there was nothing to do. she lived alone. she liked to go to the roof top and spent time there, no one came to the roof so it feltl nice to be there.

~5:00 p.m~

It was already late. "I should go to get my bag in the class and go home now," she thought. she walked down from the roof top and when I stood in front of her class, she heard some voices. The voice of people who were talking behind her all this time.

" Subaru,  it seem like you're unlucky to sit next beside Miura. " said one of the girl, named Nami

" Unlucky? Why? I think she's a kind and nice person. " Subaru  said

When Rei heard him said it, it really surprised her. It made her unable to open the door and froze up in front of the door.

" Are you serious?! She always gave us a cold reply and cold attitude when we talked to her. " said the other girl, Mika.

" Yes, that's right. You better stay away from her" Seira added.

"There's some rumors about her too. People said that she has snatched away her friend's boyfriend." Nami said

" Really?"  said Mika, "she's worse more than I think"

"I also heard some too. Some people said that she never have any friends so she talk to her imaginary friend that doesn't not even exist" Seira said.

When she heard them said it, it really pissed her off. "who create that rumors?! The only one that was true was she don't have any friends, but why did they say she talk to my imaginary friend? she never have imaginary friends even if she had nor did she know who that person was. This was really pissing her off. Just because she never fought back for what they said did not mean that all of what they said were true. she had reached her limit to be patient with their jokes." she said in her mind.

When she was going to open the door, she heard Subaru voice that talked to them.

"Who spread those rumors? Imaginary friends? That's a stupid rumor. I don't think the rumors that you just told me are true or are those rumors created by you?"

When they heard it from Subaru , they couldn't even say a single word. They tried to get out and when they opened the door, they were surprised to see Rei in front of the class  even Subaru himself.

Their faces become pale as they saw her and they ran away as fast as they could to flee. While they ran away, she just looked at the direction they went with a cold eyes.

she enteres her class, took her bag and when she was going to get out of the class, a warm hand grabbed her wrist. It was Subaru's hand. she stopped her steps then he asked ,"Did you hear the whole conversation?" While he was saying that, his voice seemed shaking in the air.

"Yes" was the only reply she gave to him then she tried to release his grip and run away. He shouted "wait" to her but she pretended  as if she didn't hear anything and kept running. she ran as fast as she could until she didn't even know that she had stopped in front of her house.

she entered her house, walked to her room and sat down behind the door. she hugged her knees and said to herself, "Why did he protect me? He don't need to be so kind towards me. Is he just trying to be kind  or is he going to toy with me?"

she didn't know what to do. she just hoped that he would stay away , not pretend to be kind with her. He was just the same as everyone , there was no one she could trust in this world. All of them were just liar.

Morning came...

When she woke up, she just realized that she had slept behind the door last night and remembered what had happened yesterday. she just hoped what happened yesterday was dream, but she guessed it wasn't. It would just pass like a normal day.

When she arrived at school , she walked to her shoes box directly and changed her shoes. When she was just about to get going to the class she saw Subaru stood beside her and tried to talk to her. It must be about yesterday!

"Good morning. About yest..."

she avoided him and walked away before he could finish his words. He couldn't catch up with her directly because he would be scolded if he walked around the school without the school's shoes that given to the whole students.

" I don't want to talk about yesterday, just leave me alone already" she said that in her mind.

-math class/ first period -

Subaru kept trying to talk to me.  But she kept pretending as if she didn't hear him and focus on the lesson. In the end,  he got scolded because he was so noisy by the teacher

-lunch break-

When she was just about to eat her lunch,  he approached me.  When he was about to say something,  she avoided him and went away. it seemed that this would not be a peaceful day for her. It would be a tiring and troublesome day. she sighed as she reached the roof top and then started to eat her lunch.

~on the other side~

"Subaru, seem like you're being avoided by Rei." asked one of his friends while tilting his head, Sora.

"I don't know whether she hate me or not" he answer him while having a lots of thing in her mind.

" You really look pathetic, Subaru" said Ao and he sighed after he had finished his sentence.

Sora and Ao were twins. their full name was Kazemi Ao and Kazemi Sora. Ao was the older one and Sora was the younger brother.

"Pathetic? Do I seem like that? " Subaru asked Aoi with a puzzle expression on his face.

" Yes, you're. If you don't believe it you can ask the others" say Ao as he look at my classmates. They were in different class.

"Okay,  okay. I believe you" he said it as he sighed.

" So, what happened between you and Rei? " Sora asked then looked at him with a grin on his face.

" We won't tell anyone about it. You can trust us," Ao said kindly .

~A week had passed. After school ~

Rei went to the rooftop for rest. She was really tired. she had never expected that he would chase after her through the whole week just to talk about that day.

Suddenly the door opened. When she lookes at the door, she was surprised to see who was standing there. she couldn't run anymore. He had caught her.

"Finally... I have caught you...I never expected to chase you for the whole week" he said it softly while he's sweating a lot.

"Did he really chase after me just to ask about that day? " she said in her mind.

"I have something to ask you" Subaru said as he tried to look at her in the eye.

"It is about that day right? " she said it while staring at the sunset to avoid his eyes.

"Before that,  you said that you heard the whole conversation but why did you not say anything to what they had said?" he asked her seriously.

she turned her head and looked at him in the eyes and yelled at him "Because it's no use. Everyone is the same they, they will only kind at first and betray me in the end! I don't need friends like that. They will just use me when they need me. You must be just the same as them!"

she tried to hold her tears that were welling in her eyes. she walked towards the door but he grabbed her hand and said, "I won't! I won't betray you. Please, trust me." his voice is serious yet so gentle. "Please, trust me. I really want to be your friend, Rei"

Tears that was welling in her eyes flowed down her cheeks.

" Let's be friend, Rei" he said it with a voice as sweet as honey and a smile that as bright as sun.

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