Last Light in the Universe
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Last Light in the Universe


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What is Last Light in the Universe

Last Light in the Universe is a popular web novel written by the author q00u, covering NON-HUMAN-MC, AI, SPACECRAFT, SCI-FI, ANDROID, COMPUTERS, SPACE STATION, LASTPERSONONEARTH, Sci-fi genres. It's viewed by 110.9K readers with an average rating of 4.77/5 and 14 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 23 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Juno Terminal had a job to do. Guard the frontier. Keep space safe for humanity. The fact that no humans had been in contact for thousands of years had no effect on Juno Terminal's programming whatsoever. Dispatch patrols. Maintain supplies. Prepare for guests. These are all tasks that do not require the presence of humans. So when a patrol returned with a living human, it should not have affected Juno Terminal in any way. And yet...


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Robot character with hardly any emotions. Now why the heck would you ever want to read a story with such a character? I'll tell you why! When you throw a little girl into the mix along with several other robots it somehow blends together into an intriguing and amusing novel to read. No seriously it does! And despite the simplicity of well everyone it all feels tangible. very tangible And that only adds to the positives of this story! So if you want an amusing story to read that's relatively simple then look no further! Don't leave. Stay here with the rest of us and continue reading this novel with us. You won't regret it if any of the things I mentioned your interested in.


Obligatory shameless-author 5-star review, as required. This is how I'm spending my vacation. _Should_ be a quick, short story. I have an ending in mind. Of course, most of this is by the seat of my pants, so who knows? But, I dislike stories that don't conclude, so reaching the final chapter is a priority for me. I hope someone enjoys reading it as much as I'm enjoying writing it.


Really like this story so far. You created some interesting interactions between the child and the machines. Please continue to write! 😀 Power stone for you!


Honest Review Have to admit this one surprises me! (In a good way) The Good: Having an AI character that follows a set of rules can lead to plenty of creativity with using said rules to perform tasks that normally would not be doable within the said rules. Very well written! The Bad: Using the 'In Emergencies Only' is fine to use, but maybe only once or twice. If you use it more than that, it will feel like a cop out. That's really not a bad thing, just more of a warning as I can't really find anything wrong with it! The Neutral: Need... more...


I did not expect a story about a lone space station to be this fun and can't wait to read more about it. There are so many ways for the story to develop and i am intressted in how june and ashley wil develop (if june is even possible to develop considering....) and ofcoure the other "characters?". I recommend this stoy for all who wanna have a break of the typical stories and read something diffrent, you won't regret it. Apologies for the crappy english as it is not my main language


I just found this about 3 hours ago I believe. I can’t fully recall the time I had started this or accurately say how long I’ve been reading this actually because I’ve been so into this book so far. It’s super great. I hope the author feels better soon to update... Until then, read on! Enjoy!


I really like this story and hope the author writes more of it. The premise is intresting and the author somehow manages to make the machines feel alive even if they speak in robotic tekst. Please continue author


Type your review here. Please write your review as detailed as you can. Your reviews would be very important to the story (at least 140 characters). I love the way the A.I. interact and designate information for storage. It is very similar to languages such as python where additional information can be combined with current information or separate lists can be added.


Did someone say they'd write extra chapters if there were reviews? Mwahahahaha~! More! Write more! I didn't say you could stop! For real though, I want to see where it goes.


Extremely impressed with this one! Not much content yet but it is already in my library and I hope it continues after the contest is over. I feel like I can hear CL4P-TP talking in the background in this one.


Very interesting and maintains possibilities that are intriguing! I really wonder how the story will develop, as it seems that anything from robot overlords like skynet and human pirates could jump out at any moment.


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The story is very promising, but also very short. Id like to see more of it. However, its been a while since the last update. I kinda wanna know how the story goes from here on out.


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