Lapu-Lapu Chronicles : a Mobile Legend story Book

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Lapu-Lapu Chronicles : a Mobile Legend story


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Lapu-Lapu has successfully defended Mactan against the Spanish colonizer Ferdinand Magellan and brought him to his demise. The land has obtained peace once more. Prosperity and fruitfulness reigned the land. But the bliss they are enjoying right now will soon be replaced by despair. Ferdinand's nephew Lancelot is very enraged with what his uncle's outcome was. Furious, he gathered the strongest crew and planned a revenge. Sailing back to the promised land of Mactan. This is where the journey of our hero takes place. Courage, love, sacrifice all for the sake of his tribe peopke. Also fighting for the one he truly loves, Magayon. The tale of the forgotten hero of the Land of Dawn. Witness as he tries to outpower every enemy, all evil and let us together reach prosperity in the Land of Dawn.