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land of unknown


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Zamia gave her everything for the crown She excelled both in arts and science, too many from which she could chose but a childish dream was all to make her throw them away. Her beauty was extraordinary, her talents would take too many days to count for yet when she got the crown there was no deafening applauds, no confetti, no media nothing but only the smell of damp leaves, splash of water from stream, fungus on rotting tree stumps, rustle of roosting birds, twigs snapping, curious sounds, eerie noises, whispering trees, ferns like green fountains and a crunch of dried bracken underneath. Still in her black gown and a crown on her head, she was stupefied, what handsome prince what assassin if you want it - take it, she just want to enjoy the taste of her fruits, SHE WANT HER WORK PAID OFF! "Now that you have restored my stone heart my heart solely beats for yours the deed you've done must be paid as my employee the payment is -'i'm yours' " What payment what work she clearly is still unemployed yet how come this boss suddenly dropped from the sky giving her the payment, its good she is employed now but why is this payment like a punishment to her..... TOO AMBIGUOUS Aah!