1 Lancelot and Guinever

One day there were a boy and a girl there were brother and sister .They were thaugth how to figth and to defend them self .Lancelot was a assasin and guinever was a figther mage in battle in the field they figth and then guinever won the figth guinever said "I always new that I would won " .Lancelot come sad and lancelot traind so hard that he could become a mythical glory and can figth into mpls and then one day lancelot become a mythic and one of the used heroes .While guiniver was Mythic already but guiniver was sad he can sometimes figth ha can be picked sometimes but lancelot was picked always .One day the mpls have been started guinever and lancelot was picked and they figth and figth until guiniver had lost to lancelot and lacnelot was so happy and his trainning paid off and thats the story of lancelot and guinever.