1 Chapter 01 -Prologue

In a room of pure white inside the void between worlds, floated a bluish fiery orb. Turns out this orb is a soul and it looks like this Orb just woke up.

God Malickii "Looks like your finally awake, took you long enough!"

The bluish orb "Huh, where am I?"

God Malickii "well I brought you here!"

The bluish orb "Why? Who are you? Why Can't I see you!!"

God Malickii "Well that's simple, for my entertainment. Second; a creator of sorts. you're floating around inside one of my creations now. You could call me God or a God. Third; well you can't see me, because I didn't create you a body."

The bluish orb "huh…" (I feel like I'm missing something here, I don't even know who I am or how I got here)

God Malickii "Of course your missing something, well there is a reason for that anyways, we made a great deal you and I!

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The bluish orb "Ehhh, so you can hear what I'm thinking in my head!

God Malickii "Well yeah, it's quite easy."

The bluish orb "(Did he just make fun of me!!) So, what deal?"

God Malickii" Well you died, in a train wreck, very gruesome. Let's just say they had to scrape you off the walls and floor, so they had something to bury.

The bluish orb "whaaatttt! Why can't I remember?"

God Malickii" Hahahaha, this is fun. You don't remember because you traded your Memories, don't worry not all of them, just the good stuff. Your family, friends, loved ones. I left a lot, so you should be grateful! I could have taken more, but the other ones weren't very interesting."

The bluish orb "Traded for what!!"

God Malickii" Well power of course, that's a stupid question"

The bluish orb" ...

God Malickii" It's about time we got this show on the road.

The bluish orb "Wait!! Please…"

God Malickii "huh what, aren't you being rude. the deal is done, and we've already concluded our fair trade, what more is there to say."

The bluish orb "But I'm lost, I don't understand what's going on!"

God Malickii "Okay just because you made me laugh, I'll give you some insight. (Would have been more fun to see him blunder his way through this!)

You died, the reason you're not freaking out more is because of our little deal. I grabbed your soul before it passed over to the afterlife, Kind of on a whim. I thought it would be fun, plus it's a pretty good deal on your part. Well before you sold off your memories, you were kind of a geek. Right before your train crashed "head on collision" by the way, with another train, Very messy indeed. You were playing a mobile fantasy game, right before you died, you had some pretty intense feelings towards what you would call fantasy. So right there and then I made my decision, you could say you're blessed. "Hahaha" Well some would call it a curse to, but anyway that's for you to decide. I've created a lot of worlds and dimensions, too many to actual keep track of, So I'm going to give you one to take over.

The bluish orb "Huh give me one, one what

God Malickii "A Dimension, stupid"

The bluish orb "whaaatttt!! Really!! Really!!"

God Malickii "Oh so you thought it would be fun! The place I'm about to hand off to you has quite a few races plus some sub races, don't worry it's up to you to figure it all out. This is where it's going to get interesting. First, I'm going to give you power. Let just say if I gave it to you all in one go you would explode and that's no fun. So, here's what I'm going to do for you. I'm going to place you back in time near the creation of the world." Don't worry you're only going to be sleeping for 1,000,000 years or so, just need to let that power juice seep into your soul, over time and all. Don't want you to randomly explode and ruin my fun.

The bluish orb "Wait what am I supposed to do!!"

God Malickii "I've already worked out the races and created the land masses. I've gone ahead and toss in some of the races in the pot before the others, need to give them some time to build up and reproduce. ("hehehe") Dragons and all the elf races first, second, I did the dwarf race and dragon-kin. Third, I placed the humans and demi-humans. Last must be the demon race, If I release those little bastards too soon, they will destroy everything. It took quite a while for the races to even remotely resemble medieval times. Don't get me wrong the first wave got that squared away within the first few thousand years. So, I spaced each out by 3000 years or so.

The bluish orb "Wait, I thought you were going to give me information related to myself"

God Malickii "Hahahaha, I've covered the basics, the rest you traded for power, o speaking of which, that power is…

The bluish orb "O man this is too much, I have huge gaps in my memoires I have next to no comprehension on these types of things. I can remember all the manga and light novels I've read, all the video games, I use to played up till now, all of my hobbies and my most of my work skills but I can't remember if I had family or friends, A wife or kids, co-workers or relatives, or even pets. I really traded all those memories for what?

God Malickii "Hey stupid are you listening to me, I'm telling you what you traded your past memories for."

The bluish orb "Yess…. Sorry, this is a lot to take in"

God Malickii "Well you should have thought of that before you traded so many of your memories. "Hahahaha" mana level -amount godly, skills– ability to absorb knowledge from a devote follower, able to share knowledge with followers, Ability to divinely bless one race or individuals. Mastery over life and death and mana. -Life expectancy 999,999,999, Not depending on conditions! (You're stuck with it even if you want to die.) Finally, you're limited in the number of offspring you can conceive with any of the races, to a total of six. (If that's really your thing) "ha-ha" You can still create them with mana instead.

Alright I think I've spared enough time on this, get out there and start entertaining us! O don't worry, I have the recorder on Its not like I'm going to be watching you the whole time, I like to fast forward through the boring stuff.

In a brilliant flash, the bluish orb is shot through time and space towards the world of Laksil.

The bluish orb "whaaatttt!!!! I don't even know my name!!!…

God Malickii "Hahahaha, Make one up stupid!!"


Race info and races expected in the book.

Elves– Mid to High level mana, low to mid chance of mage, normally live in dense forests. Life expectancy 200-10,000 depending on conditions.

High elves– Mid to High level mana, low to mid chance of mage, normally live on plains and in cities. Life expectancy 200-10,000 depending on conditions.

Dark elves– Mid to High level mana, low to mid chance of mage, live underground or in extremely dense forest. Life expectancy 200-10,000 depending on conditions.

Dwarfs– Mid to High level mana, but low chance of mage, live near the surface, but build most of their cities underground. Life expectancy 200-2,000 depending on conditions.

Humans – Normal human's very low to low mana, normally live in villages or cities. Life expectancy 50-70 years, depending on conditions.

High humans– Off shoot of humans, bred with other mid-high-level mana blood lines, this is to create a better chance of birthing mages. Mage blood lines over many years of training will stop aging. – Life expectancy 200-800 years, depending on conditions.

Demi-humans -Beast people, naturally born with low to mid-level mana, low % have high levels of mana – Life expectancy. Low level mana 70-150 years, Mid-level mana 200-400. High level mana 200-800 years, depending on conditions.

Dragons– high level mana, extremely potent race, but normally live isolated and far from other races, except for Dragon-kin. Life expectancy 200-10,000 depending on conditions.

Dragon-kin– humanoid Dragon kin, mid to high level mana- Life expectancy 200-800 years, depending on conditions. One of the only races the dragons trust whole heatedly.

Demon race – demon race is a cobbled together group of races, Containing Orcs, Goblins, Trolls,

Demonic fiends, undead and Ogre's. Only Demonic fiends have mid-high-level mana the rest have low-mid levels of mana. Life expectancy varies. Orcs, goblins, trolls, ogres – 50-100 years. Undead – until they are destroyed or rot into dust. Demonic fiends (live until their bodies are destroyed, destroying a fiend's body banishes it to the ether, never to return.)

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