Laia & The Transferee Book

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Laia & The Transferee


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Laia is a straight-A student. Her goal is to be the best among everyone else and would do everything to achieve that, just to graduate as class valedictorian. However, behind her helpful and kindhearted persona is a tired young girl who just wants to make her mother proud. Albeit some hindrances, her life's quite smooth sailing. No competitor for the top spot, and she's ready to be valedictorian. NOT. Everything changes when Samuel, a transferee, suddenly disrupts Laia's peaceful life, steals her top spot, and spites her to no end. How is that going to end well? ---- Please note that this is a slow-burn romance! If you're not into characters who would take LONG to actually kiss and get the whole romance getting it on, then maybe this novel isn't for you OR maybe it could be, depends on your taste but I do PROMISE to make it worthwhile if you decide to buckle up and stay for the romance you're looking forward to. Have a fun read, everyone! ---- WPC #225 Silver Prize Cover art is not mine! Credits to the rightful owner/artist!


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