Taking Advantage

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Today, a marriage notice went viral on the internet and attracted the attention of everyone. It was because the three people seeking marriage were the daughters of wealthy families with a net worth of hundreds of billions.

The first was Song Xuelan, the daughter of a wealthy family who was said to be the most difficult to pursue. She graduated from a top medical school and was the eldest daughter of the Song Group. As the saying went, the more outstanding a person was, the more common it was for them to remain single. Song Xuelan was getting increasingly old but didn't even have a boyfriend by her side, so the family was very anxious about her marital status. They emphasized in the marriage notice that they had no demands on their future son-in-law! Family background wasn't important!

It was rare for a wealthy family to not care about background or social status. The netizens recommended themselves. "I can do it!"

Candidate number two was Cang Mei, a top-notch beauty that made countless men's legs go weak. Her older brother, Cang Xu, was the richest man in the world and obsessively doted on his sister. He thought that all the men in the world were not worthy of his sister and he could be said to be a huge obstacle in Cang Mei's love life. In order to show their sincerity in the marriage, the Cang family emphasized that Cang Xu had already been placed under house arrest by them. They hoped everyone could take the opportunity to woo Cang Mei and sleep with her directly to seal the deal!

The entire internet went into a furor! That was Cang Mei! If not for Cang Xu and his sister complex, holding her back, the people chasing her would have long queued up to Milan!

The third candidate was Long Qin, a girl who had just returned to Earth. It was said that her mother was imprisoned on the penal planet for murder. She was already pregnant when she was exiled, so Long Qin grew up on the penal planet and was brought back to Earth not long ago. The marriage notice emphasized that there was no need for any betrothal gifts to marry Long Qin and Long Qin still had a billion dollars in dowry!

The netizens remarked one after another. They were not people who were greedy for money! Moreover, the daughter of a murderer grew up on the penal planet! Only the biggest criminals had to go to the penal planet! They would not want a woman born in such an environment even if she offered herself to them!


At the same time, Long Qin, who had been criticized and despised by the entire internet, was leaning comfortably on a bench in the hospital, staring fixedly at a little boy.

The little boy was fair and beautiful. Of course, what attracted Long Qin's attention was not only his face but also the two small dragon horns on his head. They were like two small corals, bright and cute. Unfortunately, Long Qin had not seen enough before the little boy pulled up his hat and covered his head. The cute dragon horns disappeared instantly.

Long Qin licked her lips. Well done, she had only been back on Earth for three days and she had already met her own kind.

The little boy was probably injured. His face was pale from the pain and he was trembling. However, he gritted his teeth without saying anything and was very stubborn. The person holding him might be his grandmother or something. She was on the phone and crying miserably and pitifully. "It's serious. How is it not serious? It's a fracture. The doctor said that the fracture is very bad and it needs to be amputated. Boohoo…"

The little boy was very obedient. He stretched out his little hand and wiped his great-grandmother's tears while comforting her. "Great-Grandmother, don't cry. It doesn't hurt. It doesn't matter if it's an amputation. I can still get a wife with an amputation…"

"You're just lying to me. How can it not hurt…" The old lady could not stop her tears. "Also, why are you only thinking about getting a wife…"

The little boy's forehead was covered in sweat from the pain, but he did not forget to put on a firm expression. "Aunt said that only a man who has a wife is a real man! My father can't do it. He has never had a wife. I can't be like him!"

Long Qin had just taken a sip of water and spat it all out. Was this child trying to make her laugh to death? If his father didn't have a wife, where did he come from? However… She glanced at the little boy's swollen leg. The fracture was indeed very serious. If he wasn't treated in time, his life might be in danger. However, it shouldn't be to the point of amputation, right? Was the old lady deliberately scaring people, or were the medical standards on Earth that poor?

On the other end, the old lady was still on the phone. "Old man, Old Master Song said that he's the only one on Earth who can treat our child's leg. But Old Master Song also said that unless our grandson, Cang Xu, marries his granddaughter, Song Xuelan, he won't help. What should we do…"

Long Qin exclaimed inwardly. Wasn't this a blatantly forced marriage?

She touched her chin. What should she do? She despised forcing people to do things.

The more the old lady spoke, the angrier she became. What she said next was not suitable for children to listen to. She placed the little boy on the chair and pressed down on her aching chest as she went inside the conference room to continue with the call.

As soon as the old lady left, Long Qin walked toward the little boy.