Lady Boss and the Intern Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Lady Boss and the Intern


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As an elite, Grace Anderson was taught from a young age to always follow rules. Even though she was the first child of the Anderson's, her younger brother had been declared as the heir to their parent's company from the day he was born. It wasn't until her 20th birthday that she openly declared she was going to fight for the position of CEO, causing chaos in the family. But things weren't sailing as easy as she had thought. Sacrifices had to be made to get to that position. And one of them was probably marrying one of the interns in the company who had something she desperately needed in order to prove herself. ******** "Deal. As soon as I am made CEO, I'll pay you 10 times higher." She said, extending a hand to him. His face lit up as he shook her hand, "We would see about that." She tried to withdraw her hand but he held unto it tightly. "Shouldn't we... seal this with a kiss?" He asked causing her brows to shoot up. "Don't even think about it!" She snapped at him, returning to her cold and bossy self. "But... I am already thinking about it, ma'am." He said and pulled her towards him. Maybe a lot of things were not going according to plan...