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Hello everyone! I'm the author! I just wanted to say that my native language is not English, so any mistake you see, let me know! I'll be updating as fast as my life let me write (probably 4 times per week). I'm pretty busy, but I'll continue until the end! :D


it seems pretty good actually. first i'm not a fan of novels with a female MC, but this one here, seems interesting. the grammar seemed good, and the first chapter gets you hooked pretty fast. so keep on the good work author.


I actually find this novel quite interesting. Good writing and i didn't notice any mistake in the grammer so 5 stars . Keep the good work


Susanei, I saw you on ig and I just read your new story. I am looking for more, keep going! btw, I like the name of the name character, Paula


I'm here because I saw you wrote a novel (came from Dazzled and insta) and you're doing pretty well! I wanna read thenext episode! Good job, author!


Not much to say about your book. It was an excellent beginning. I already dislike the stepmom. :) :)....................................................


Writing Style is unique a li'l hard to understand but acceptable, smooth sentences, too much commas(same like me:/), there are some wrongly used words but overall it's still acceptable. As for Stability Updates, since it's still only has 1 chapter, I can't really say but you should have at least updated by now. Story Development is..well I can't really say since there's only 1 chapter.. But the concept is good. Character Design is good too. World Background, well no complaints there.


The plot sounds unique and really interesting... The female was introduced in an intriguing way that makes me curious to learn more about her. There's only one episode to confirm if it's not that the usual story type but I really like the first chapter. It's another style of writing so I can learn from it.


Always love a story with female lead! Will be adding it to my library so that I can see Paula's destiny. Also, there's fantasy element to it? With only 1 Chapter, it was hard to review on but it looks like it has the potential. I can't tell the world background from Chapter 1 but I supposed it is in the Renaissance period? Why use - instead of open and close quotation marks? It is hard to see the conversation with "-". Yours, Luo Ye


Writing quality looks fine to me. I could say much to the stability as you just posted ur first chapter, similar case to story development. The character design seemed good while I'm not sure about the world background. For those I'm still not sure, I give u 4* first. Cheers :)


Writing quality: 4 stars. Writing quality is good. Really. It just that sometimes gets confusing due to the inappropriate punctuation marks. The dialogues should be inside quotes("") instead of dash(—). And sometimes you can just put period than comma. Stability update and story development: i cant say anything to this because it has only 1 chapter. Character Design: here, you did a good job👏🏻 tho you really didn't put every detail about the protagonist, readers can see what kind of person she is. World background: this Im not really sure myself. I re-read it but is the setting in the 1700's? Overall, it's an interesting story. Thats the truth. Adding it to my library since its intriguing and I like those kind of stories. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Im giving you 4 stars for now since it only had 1 chap.


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