L Oryh Brx My little experiment Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

L Oryh Brx My little experiment

Shianne De Kock

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Jane Randall already lost everyone she loved. On the verge of death, her life was spared by a mysterious young man. Nothing seemed to make sense to her. Only her best friend Rocksyn could peek over the wall she built. Sebastian shows up and knows more about her than any person should. Slowly he breaks down her wall and teaches her about trust, love and more about herself. Taine Mecer decides to enter her life and claims her with just a kiss. One makes her feel safe and happy while the other sets her on fire with just a touch. How can she choose between two people whom she is falling for at the same time? Confusing information surfaces about Sebastian that has him on the run. His true self needs to be revealed... but will it draw her more towards him or push her away?