L Oryh Brx My little experiment
novel - Contemporary Romance

L Oryh Brx My little experiment

Shianne De Kock

Completed · 21.2K Views

What is L Oryh Brx My little experiment

L Oryh Brx My little experiment is a popular web novel written by the author Shianne De Kock, covering Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 21.2K readers with an average rating of 4.9/5 and 47 reviews. The novel is completed and can be read all 21 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Jane Randall already lost everyone she loved. On the verge of death, her life was spared by a mysterious young man. Nothing seemed to make sense to her. Only her best friend Rocksyn could peek over the wall she built. Sebastian shows up and knows more about her than any person should. Slowly he breaks down her wall and teaches her about trust, love and more about herself. Taine Mecer decides to enter her life and claims her with just a kiss. One makes her feel safe and happy while the other sets her on fire with just a touch. How can she choose between two people whom she is falling for at the same time? Confusing information surfaces about Sebastian that has him on the run. His true self needs to be revealed... but will it draw her more towards him or push her away?

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Okay my turn to review. I loved the cover, the synopsis was great and even the writing quality is awesome. The novel checks all the boxes[img=recommend][img=exp] Now Jane is an extremely interesting character. She seems to allow Sebastian into her life (I still don't like him) because he becomes the family she lost. He will always he around and no matter what will always be on her side. He has a funny was of showing it, but the twist at the end explains it all! [img=coins][img=fp] Rocksyn started off as my favorite character. She was fun and wasn't afraid to just be herself. Then we met Taine. Boy oh boy. Taine Mecer is quite the cocky and sweet mixture. Taine and Jane deserve to be together but frikken Sebastian had to to ruin that. * frustrated noises * I heard book 2 is on wattpad😁 if you don't upload it here I'll be forced to join another story platform... it's so worth it.[img=update] To the viewers: This is the book to read if you just want to kill some time, escape the reality of life or just if you want to get started on your reading journey. It touches on all aspects we face on a daily basis and is easy to read. I laughed quite a few times and it made me feel good. HIGHLY recommend giving this novel a shot! [img=recommend]


The synopsis is really interesting ,and if you continue to read the chapters you'll surely be hooked .Totally recommended ,you will definitely not waste your time on reading this novel .Great Job, Author-nim .


The synopsis was way too interesting, loved the way the author is engagingly explaining her characters very well, keep it up! waiting for more work from you!


Reveal spoiler


This book is great. This book is one of the most interesting books have read. I recommend this book. Keep it up author, well done 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪


Wow, the synopsis Really increased my interest in this book. I love the way the author describes and give us an insight of each character. This book is definitely worth it🙌🏽🙌🏽🖤


the story is a must-read, it takes you into a different world filled with much uniqueness. it's rare to find a none cliche book, highly recommend it guys! hardly any spelling or grammatical errors and the world background is amazing update stability is good and can't say much about the story development since it just began. other than that a well-deserving 5starr, keep it up, author!💋❤❤


A very intriguing synopsis! love that and Jane Randall’s character seems interesting and relatable. Sebastian seems super mysterious excited to see how he is further involved in the storh. You have great potenTial for writing . keep it up and good luck author 💜😌


the fact that you hooked me just by the Synopsis 😮😮 5*s i read the first five chapters and I'm already enjoying it, you're an amazing author! keep it up☺💕


.................................................................. Really amazing............ The story is good and the world development is also good... Nice one... Kudos to the author!


The main character of the story is very relatable, and the story itself makes you want to find out more. Very nice language and very good story development. worth reading


I didn't really understand the title ,but the synopsis pulled me into the book. The author has done a wonderful job with this book. The confusion between Sebastian and Trainee is really thrilling. Keep up the good work author


The storyline is amazing interesting and uniquei have read only a few chapters and have fallen in love with this book. I'm Soo adding it to my library.


Synopsis was too interesting I like the cover so much a long with your description box an interesting story full of actions well done author 💓🤞


I have given 5 stars because this story deserves each of them. A highly emotional turmoil made the starting interesting. I love how the female lead is simple with normal eyes and face. The new stalker who seems to know everything is quite mysterious too. So highly recommended!!


The one thing I like about the Romance genre is spicy- true romance, drama, showing emotions, pain, anger, etc., and cliffhangers which I have seen in this story. The writing style is well written and the choice of words is remarkable. Jane is my favorite character in the story. Sebastian, I truly hate him but I liked his caring nature towards Jane. Taine OMG! about him I can't explain. I'm speechless. Just a simple compliment for Taine- Adonis Greek god! I'm totally in love with Taine and Jane's scenes in the story. But Sebastian always comes in between them like a third-wheel. Author, if you're writing the sequel to this book. Please publish in Webnovel. HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR READING. Keep up the good work, Author!


It is an amazing book.....synopsis is really captivating and intriguing...portraying of the story and characters are applaudable....Sebastian is my favourite and he is defienetly a ideal boyfriend......everything so perfect and interesting 💜👍


synopsis is so catchy that it makes you want to read it immediately. I don't know why but I couldn't stop myself from opening the chapters and as I read it.....it's painful. past is always painful I guess. Goodluck to the writer with her book. 😄😄😄


The synopsis was way too interesting and I had to give this novel a try, and as I read the first chapter I am so very hooked to this book, and I doubt that any person reading the synopsis would not proceed to reading the whole book, it's so intriguing! I am definitely gonna recommend this book to all my Romance lovers friends! Great work author! Keep it up!👍🏻☺️


The story got me hooked, leaving my curiosity to bug me! It really leaves the readers questions to ask. Definitely a recommendable story. The author did a good job! Keep it up, kudos!


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