Línghún Dàlù

(Soul Continent)
(Grandmaster of Soul spirits)
novel - Fantasy

Línghún Dàlù (Soul Continent) (Grandmaster of Soul spirits)



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What is Línghún Dàlù (Soul Continent) (Grandmaster of Soul spirits)

Read Línghún Dàlù (Soul Continent) (Grandmaster of Soul spirits) novel written by the author Gattina_rad on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, cultivation. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A young man from a noble family on it's decline by same name inherits the 'Soul Emperor's will' as well as his heavenly book the legendary 'Divine soul' thus beginning this the beginging of his treacherous, mutinuos, punic yet exhilarating odessey revolution to make a new name for himself. "Useless trash magicless brat soul less bastard" Why don't you just die? and stop soiling our Mo family name. don't even think about inheriting your father you trash" Mo Fang "For years I've endured the treachery, humiliations,teasing, beatings, stigmatizing, schemes, the lack of respect, the, hate no love.Okay okay no problem, for 10 years I've been training day and night to no avail. A soul-less bastard indeed, 10 years, 10 years i was a soul-less person, can a soul-less person exist? can a person live without a soul? I lived worst than the trash in the Mo family for years, even the trash in our manor trash has someone to care for it but I? what do I have? you dare to call me trash are you over estimating me or looking down on me? *hurtful laugh* you right I was soul, from this day forward all the stigma, humiliations, beating all that I've endured I'll repay it 100 times. In a world where magic and soul is everything I had nothing, but did the world pity me? *hurtful laugh* the world threw me ice now all I'll skate. My soul in hand we shall defeat all foes, with my soul in hand we march towards our goal, with my soul in hand my revolution unfolds, with my soul in hands we conquest those who oppose. Death I can I accept it, to die I refuse. with my soul in hand I shall become the strongest, live the longest, survival of the fittest I shall go down in history in pure gold. With my soul in hand we walk though fire, become what the world desire, the rise of my empire this world shall behold. I shall break remake, whatever it takes I'll stake. To walk through ice then defrost in the world again I'll never be at loss. with my soul in hand we shall, go thorough hell, destiny ha, we repell , history will tell with my soul in hand I shall become immortal. with my soul in hand we shall make it to the end of my revolution, death I await it, death I anticipated it, death I'll dominate it , death with my soul in hand we recreate it. To welcome death but never die, with my soul in hand I will become immortal, The world threw me ice I'll remain cold to be the greatest to achieve ones goal on must be ruthless, selfish, soul less that is know but to endure hardship, loss, to be crossed but remain fair to be pure open-minded to theworld on a whole that is soul. With my soul in hand I shall become a imortal and a immortal never dies, death on that fated day I'll embrace it but to die, I'll remain immortal I'll replace it. To love or to hate in this world it's no debate as of today it's either side by me or die by me with my soul in hand I shall, bleed, sweat, never will I cry for I am a man, I shall not lose, I'll never rest, nor regress onwards I go from on now I have a soul, with my soul in hand I shall complete my journey, I shall break, remake this world 'Línghún dàlù' My death will allow me the destiny I created, my soul in hand our death grant thee to never die from ROCKS TO ROYALTY 'A legend', THE GRANT MASTER OF SOUL SPIRITS'


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