Kyoshi Spirits Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Kyoshi Spirits


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  • 55 Chs

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Once every thousand years, the twelve Kyoshi Spirits emerge from the otherworld and possess twelve individuals, granting them their respective spirit’s powers and capabilities. They duke it out amongst one another in hopes of winning and taking the crown of the Spirit World as its ruler. While walking home from school, Akina Sumeragi is randomly chosen by one of the twelve Kyoshi Spirits – the fifth spirit of hunting, Hakki. But something goes terribly wrong, Akina fights off the possession and retains control of her body, but she still gets Hakki’s spirit powers in return. Read along as Akina Sumeragi and Hakki battle through the sudden shift in their lives as one foot is at the otherworld while the other tries to maintain a normal social life while battling the other Kyoshi Spirits to ultimately become the Spirit Queen.