1 Rebirth as Kurumi Tokisaki

Mo Xiao waited for everything to disappear. Despite waiting for a while, he realized his thoughts still continued.

Could it be that he could continue to think without even having a soul? He only felt a wave of dizziness and nothing else.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes... It was an unfamiliar ceiling

"What, what is going on? Did I cross over? Or was everything from before a dream?"

"Master God? Master God?"

There was no response. Instead, a virtual interface popped up in front of her.

At this moment, Mo Xiao discovered the long black hair sweeping past her ears that reached her chest. Some short and some long

When she lowered her head, she could see that beautiful curve. Mo Xiao stretched out her trembling hands and pressed them against the two lumps. The feeling was extremely good, and a burst of elasticity spread through her hands. However, that trembling sensation also reached her brain. She put down her arms in a panic.

She removed the virtual panel in front of her and got off the bed in her pajamas. She put on her pink bunny slippers with her suet jade-like delicate feet. When she looked carefully, she saw her pearl-like cute toes.

She felt her heart beat faster, and the temperature on her face rose. She was a little embarrassed. "I... I have become a girl?"

She walked to the mirror in the bedroom in a panic and looked up.

Her long black hair was tied into two braids and fell on her shoulders. Her limbs were slender, and they looked like they could be broken with just a little force. The waterfall-like bangs covered the left half of her beautiful face. On the other side, a dark right eye shone brightly above a pair of delicate cherry blossom-like lips. Her beauty could capture a man with just a look. His skin was as white and smooth as a pearl.

"This I became Kurumi Tokisaki!"

As if to confirm it, he used his fingers to peel off the bangs that blocked the left side of his face, revealing an eye with a golden clock imprinted on it.

The two different colors looked a little strange, but it gave the beauty in the mirror a different kind of charm.

The second hand of the clock in her left eye was still moving. Mo Xiao was at a loss. What was going on? Wasn't I killed? How did I transmigrate into Kurumi Tokisaki's body? This was the Date A Live world?

"Master God, Master God!"

There was still no response, but a light blue virtual panel appeared in front of her.

Name: Kurumi Tokisaki (Mo Xiao)

[Strength: 0.8] [Speed: 1.0] [Endurance: 0.8]

[Coordination: 1.5] [Intelligence: 1.3] (an average person has 1.0 all stats)

[Ability: Firearm Master, Combat Master, Language Master]

[Engraving Emperor: (unavailable) ]

Backpack: Silk underwear, school uniform, wallet, ID card, transfer certificate...

The interface was exactly the same as the Master God's Space, but the attributes and characters had changed. Currently, she only had the appearance of Kurumi Tokisaki. Without her abilities, she was at a loss. She didn't know what to do. Would she just live in this world like this?

Ding --- A mission has been delivered. Please check it.

"Master God? Master God, did you turn me into this? Am I not dead? Am I the only reincarnation left?"

"Master God? Master God, say something." There was no response. Mo Xiao felt a little helpless. She would look through the so-called mission panel first.

World: High School of the Dead

Task: 1. Transfer to Fujimi Academy

[Success: 10 Reincarnation Points. Failure: Exile]

[After completing this mission, other missions will be unlocked. ]

"Sigh, it seems that I still haven't escaped the control of the Master God. I have been deprived of many of my abilities for some unknown reason, and now I have become Kurumi Tokisaki! Although I like Kurumi, I really don't want to become her! "

What else can I do? Let's do the mission first.

Since she had Kurumi Tokisaki's name and appearance, she could not fail! This was his faith!

"It seems like Master God is also seriously injured. It might not be impossible for me to escape in the future. Oh, right, check the information first."

She activated his minimap and searched the map. The information it revealed was perfectly mirrored what he knew about the High School of the Dead.

It was an anime that he had watched a few years ago in the Master God's Space, so he could not remember it clearly. He could only remember a rough outline of the plot. Regardless, this wasn't the time for this. He had to complete the first task first.

Mo Xiao took off her pajamas, revealing her curvaceous body. Mo Xiao could not help but swallow her saliva. She tried her best to hypnotize herself as she continued to resist the temptation. By the time she changed into the school uniform, her face had turned red. She was obviously not used to it.

"Should I put on the stockings?" Glancing at the school uniform, it immediately became obvious that it did not match the black stockings. Mo Xiao gave up the idea. She was not a pervert. She just wanted to fully display the charm of being Kurumi Tokisaki!

From the identity certificate given by God, she was called "Kurumi Tokisaki". Her parents had recently died, and she transferred to the school from her hometown. Today was the day she would register.

She took out the transfer certificate and wallet from the bag and stuffed them into her small bag. She looked at the map and walked out the door. Mo Xiao suddenly remembered something. She didn't know when the zombie apocalypse started! The original work only gave a vague timeframe. If he suddenly transformed into a zombie, wouldn't it be... too exciting?!

She stopped, turned around, and walked to the kitchen, quickly searching through her memories. After looking for a time, she found a relatively long watermelon knife. There was nothing else she could use. She stuffed the watermelon knife into her space backpack and went out to the supermarket.

What was the most important thing for surviving during the end of the world? Wasn't it supplies? Although there was no material crisis during the original work, it was, after all, an anime. She had entered a real world, so no one knew what would happen. It was better to be fully prepared.

The most important thing was that she didn't know how long she would stay here! Although the zombies in the original work were very weak if the plot collapsed, wouldn't she die? If the original's abilities were still here, or if she had the power of the Mad Three, why would she be afraid of these overactive dead bodies!

But she was very weak right now. She had nothing left besides firearms proficiency, combat proficiency, and language proficiency. The aftermath of that battle had probably destroyed the precious double guns she had exchanged for.

It would be better if she obtained the firearms later on, but her Fighting proficiency... She did not want to have intimate contact with a dead body while in Kurumi's body.

Following the map, Mo Xiao successfully arrived at the supermarket closest to her. She bought a large pile of food before she stopped. The money in her wallet was almost all spent. It did not matter. Money was useless in the Highschool of the Dead. It wasn't even suitable for wiping one's butt. What did she need it for?

She found an empty alley and stored the food in her spatial backpack, then she hailed a taxi and headed to the school.

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