6 Puppet

After a conversation between the two, Rei Miyamoto chose to treat Takashi Komuro as her new boyfriend. Takashi Komuro was very happy that his childhood sweetheart finally returned to his embrace.

He was really happy! He would definitely be happy for three days and three nights if it were any other time. But what about now? Not to mention other places, at the very least their home city had completely collapsed!

"At least... I have to escape from the school and find a safe place!" Takashi Komuro hugged Rei Miyamoto. His expression was particularly firm. Now that Rei regarded him as her boyfriend, the responsibility on his shoulders became a little heavier…

Kurumi felt very bored. She had seen many similar scenarios. The protagonist always relied on the care of the world consciousness to go everywhere to find his sister and save the world. But what was worth being happy about was that she could also join in. She was very interested in the scenarios brought by the danger they would experience!

"Hey, are we ready to go downstairs? If you carry us down, it won't make our situation better."

"Huh?" Only then did Takashi Komuro and Kurumi realize that there was another person next to them. Looking at Kurumi's playful eyes, Rei Miyamoto pushed Takashi away shyly. Takashi Komuro scratched his head. "Sorry, sorry, we wasted some time. Senior Sister Tokisaki, we are ready to escape from the campus at any time."

Kurumi smiled. Then, ignoring the stunned Takashi Komuro, she walked to the wall where the high-pressure water gun was installed. She pulled it off and threw it to him. "Then I'll leave it to you."

Only then did Takashi Komuro realize that he was going to use this thing to deal with the zombies. He immediately held the hose and faced the corridor while Kurumi turned the water valve.

"Sizzle- bang - bang - bang --"

The huge pressure brought by the high-pressure water gun instantly broke through the tables and chairs at the entrance of the stairs. Even zombies were sent flying and smashed onto the rooftop not far away. The cold water splattered on the ground, and the smell of blood faded.

Takashi Komuro roared with excitement. He immediately threw away the high-pressure water gun, picked up the baseball bat, and was about to go forward to kill the hateful zombies that blocked his way to escape, but Kurumi did not want him to grab these "treasures" that could increase her attributes.

It was also the easiest time for her to kill these zombies. She urgently needed attribute points to increase her strength, especially since the sword was a little too heavy for her.

"Shua - poof!" The dead body's head was instantly cut in half and fell straight to the ground.

The stainless steel sword's sharpness allowed Kurumi to easily deal with the zombies ordinary people had turned into. "Junior brother, you should go and protect your girlfriend. These ones... let me deal with them!"

Takashi Komuro was in a daze as he looked at the high-spirited Kurumi in front of him. Then, her voice flooded into his ears.

"Don't, don't look down on me. I am the head of the spearman society in this school!" Rei Miyamoto retorted, brandishing a homemade wooden spear behind her. She was about to go forward to help Kurumi, but Kurumi had already started to become fanatical and ignored her.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh -" The heads of zombies constantly flew into the air. Fortunately, the stainless steel sword exchanged for the Master God Shop had insurance. Wasn't there a saying in the Reincarnation World? "The products of the Master God must be of the highest quality!"

Although the Master God would trick you and lead you to your death on a mission from time to time, he would never do anything to his weapons. He would provide anything from a river-shaking missile to an anti-black hole destruction cannon to an embroidery needle. It would be excellent as long as it was exchanged for the Master God Shopping Mall.

And this time, the sword did not fail to live up to Kurumi's expectations. It should be known that the human skull was publicly recognized as the hardest part of the human body but, even without a technique, it continuously shatter these relatively hard bones. The requirements for the knife were also abnormally high. Otherwise, it was possible that it would not be able to be pulled out!

But there was no other way. If you attacked the other parts of a zombie, it might restrict its ability to move, but it definitely would not die! At that point, it would be just as dangerous if it pounced on you and bit you.

Takashi Komuro and the other only saw the sword flash before their eyes.

Watching Kurumi, who had killed a bloody path, Takashi could not help but swallow his saliva. "Has Senior Sister Tokisaki has learned sword arts? Otherwise, why is she so powerful."

"But why haven't I seen her during the National Competition? She is just as strong as the third-year senior who won the competition, right?"

Kurumi did not realize that the two people behind her had been shocked by her. Kurumi was a little intoxicated at this time. She had not encountered a head-on confrontation like this in a long time. The feeling of the blade against the flesh was like the kiss of the god of death. The blood that bloomed was like poppy, leaving her addicted.

These zombies were not as weak as they were in the original work. Their speed and strength were not bad at all!

[Ding --- Side Mission 1 has been completed. The reward has been issued. Please check and collect it.]

The sudden voice in her mind made Kurumi stop, almost allowing the zombie in front of her to grab her. Then, her coordination stat 1.5 exploded out. The blade quickly rose and successfully cut the eleventh zombie in half.

"Plop ---"

The body fell to the ground. It was dead. Black and red blood flowed all over the ground, dyeing the black soles of Kurumi's feet red.

She gasped slightly. The strength attribute of this body was far too low. If not for her coordination stat of 1.5, she might have been scratched by the zombie just now. The smell of death made her calm down quickly. Her beautiful eyebrows wrinkled unnaturally.

What happened to me just now? How did I go berserk? Is this an issue with my body? Impossible. The goddess in the original work was never like this. Could it be...

Kurumi's heart sank. She knew that the Lord God had tricked her. It seemed like Lord God still wanted their Reincarnators, including her, completely under their control! She was afraid that when she was completely lost in the killing, she would completely become a puppet.

Although she was thinking about things in her heart, the movements of Kurumi's hands did not slow. The saber kept flashing, and the heads of zombies continued to roll away. She added one attribute point to her strength and instantly felt the sword in her hand become much lighter, even a little too light!

Her 1.8 Strength attribute allowed Kurumi to feel her stamina slowly recovering since it did not take much effort. After killing the last zombie at the stairway, she looked at the panel.

Side Mission 2: (in progress) 21/100

From the rooftop to here, she had killed 21 zombies in that short journey. The stainless steel sword's bright and clear body had bloodstains on it. There was no blood on her clothes, but the blood on the soles of her shoes left a series of small footprints on the rooftop.

Behind them, Takashi Komuro and Rei Miyamoto did not know what to say. The appearance of Tokisaki, who had killed the zombies without any hesitation, was deeply engraved in their hearts.

Looking back towards the rooftop, they realized that there were one or two bodies lying on the ground with their heads separated from their bodies every few steps. The shock they received in this half a minute was still too great. Although Takashi Komuro thought that he could do it with a baseball bat, it would definitely not be as smooth and beautiful as Kurumi did.

He glanced at the two people behind him and said, "Let's go. Let's continue down. We might meet other people who are still alive."

"Senior Tokisaki, are you joking? How can there be other survivors in this situation?" Takashi Komuro, who had witnessed how his good friend Hisashi Igou became a zombie, obviously did not believe that there would be people who had not been bitten in a school with so many people.

"Do you want the classmates who have been together for more than a year to become like that?" Kurumi asked.

"Of course not. I naturally hope that they can survive, but in this situation..."

Before Takashi Komuro could finish speaking, he saw the sword in Kurumi's hand fly past his ear with a strong wind.

"Ah!" Takashi Komuro, still in a daze, was scared back by Rei Miyamoto's scream. He quickly looked back and found that Kurumi's sword was stuck in the head of a zombie that was a meter behind Rei Miyamoto.

"I said, can't you be a little more vigilant? If you are bitten, you can't blame me." Walking to the side of the corpse, she pulled out the stainless steel sword that was still stuck in the head. Looking at the unknown gray paste on it, Kurumi shook the blade in disgust.

Hearing Kurumi's words, the two of them immediately imagined what would have happened if a zombie had bitten them and then looked at the gray brain matter on the ground. Their bodies could not help but feel a chill.

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