3 Exchange

[Quest 1: Completed]

[Quest 2: Follow the main character and escape from the school. Success: 20 Reincarnation Points. Failure: Expulsion]

[After completing the mission, the follow-up missions will be unlocked.]

[Comprehensive Evaluation: Weak]

Seeing the comment, Kurumi's head was covered in black lines. It was too much of a blow. At the very least, she was much stronger than ordinary people. Just as Kurumi began to think of a way to sneak into the main character's team, the bell rang.

Immediately, many girls surrounded Kurumi and asked her questions like a flock of little sparrows.

"Tokisaki, what skincare products are you using? Why is your skin so good?"

"Student Tokisaki, are you a big miss? Your elegance is amazing."

"Do you want me to show you around the campus? Let's have lunch together, okay?"


When the male students in the periphery saw Kurumi being surrounded by girls, they were too embarrassed to join in. They could only sit in their seats and watch the beautiful girl transfer students.

Kurumi didn't know how to respond, but she still answered them one by one based on the instincts in her body, allowing her to have a very pleasant chat with the girls.

After the break ended, the students in the class ran to their other classmates to show off. The moment school ended, students from other classes swarmed outside the window to catch a glimpse of the so-called "beautiful girl transfer student".

This kind of attention made Kurumi feel a little weak. Seem like being too charming was not a good thing. At the very least, Mo Xiao's soul in Kurumi's body was not used to being looked at like this.

Fortunately, it was already afternoon when Kurumi came to school. She had not joined any societies and successfully became a member of the "go home" society. She smiled and nodded to everyone who greeted her with a "See you tomorrow." When she reached the school gate, her head had almost become numb from nodding.

This scene happened to be seen by the Komuro's trio, who had no club activities today. Hisashi Igou elbowed Takashi Komuro lightly and looked at him with a grin, "Hyo, are you tempted? A super beautiful girl who transferred into Class 3-A from another school. Her background is pretty amazing too!"

Before Takashi Komuro could react, Miyamoto Li, who was beside him, became a little dissatisfied. "What? Isn't she just beautiful? Where are you looking?" After that, she grabbed Hisashi Igou's ear and pulled him forward.

"Ouch, ouch, please spare my life. Rei, please be gentle. I won't look at her anymore." Hisashi Igou half-jokingly begged for mercy from Miyamoto.

The sound of two people flirting flew into his ears. Takashi Komuro lowered his hand and clenched it tightly, his fingers turning white. Looking at the two people in front of him, he felt his heart hurt.

Although the new senior sister was indeed much more beautiful than Rei, he still liked Rei. "Didn't we agree that we would always be together when we were young? Why are you together with Hisashi Igou now?"

Takashi Komuro lowered his head gloomily and thought back to the past. Looking at the two people who did not notice him, Takashi felt ever more gloomy.

"How is Hisashi Igou is better than me?" Takashi Komuro thought as he said goodbye to the two of them. When he returned to his home, he did not say a word and locked himself inside his room.

Takashi Komuro lifted the quilt over his head. His eyes were red as he gnashed his teeth. "It's their fault. Why did they betray me? Was our promise that worthless?"

After saying this, he closed his eyes in pain. A tear streaked across his face and dripped onto the bedsheet. He had never searched himself for a reason, nor had he thought that it was because of him. He had always felt that he had not changed. It had only been Miyamoto.

"She is vain. She joined Hisashi Igou, who is more popular. She has abandoned herself. What should I do? I want to take her back!"

But there was nothing he could do.

The ambition he had just established disappeared immediately.

"Sigh ---Let's talk about it tomorrow." Sighing, Takashi Komuro got up and closed the curtains. He heard his mother shouting for him to eat.


Back to Kurumi, the "big miss" in this school had gone to the supermarket to buy a lunch box and then went home. Currently, she was not the powerful as Mo Xiao was in the Main God Space, nor was she as strong as Kurumi Tokisaki in Date A Live. Therefore, she could still feel hungry. She needed at least three meals a day.

When she returned home, she heated the food. She still couldn't get used to the so-called "cold food" in Japan. She hurriedly finished the food and began to look for items she could exchange for in the mini version of the Main God Shopping Mall.

According to Kurumi, the mission of joining the main character's team should be very easy. Even if she got 20 Reincarnation Points for free, it would only be a total of 30 Reincarnation Points. It should still be able to exchange for something useful, right?

Otherwise, what would she use to fight the zombies? Proficient in fighting techniques? She did not want to make intimate contact with the zombies. Rejected! Firearms proficiency? How would she explain where she got firearms from? That she was actually a special agent? Rejected!

Was she really going to have to learn from the main character and smash them with a baseball bat? It was not easy, and blood would splash all over her body. Rejected!

"Wouldn't the most cost-effective method be to use cold weapons like Busujima?" Kurumi looked at the exchange list silently. She sighed again and could not help but hold her forehead.

"Why didn't I become a cold weapon master in the Main God Space?" Not to mention all those cold weapons, just getting the sword proficiency skill would cost 50 - Reincarnation Points! Heavens, why didn't I think it was expensive before? This is clearly robbery. A complaint had to be made. A complaint absolutely had to be made!

Unfortunately, there wasn't a review system... She quickly searched through the available blades in the shopping mall.

[Wood Blade: 1 point]

[Abandoned Iron Sword: 2 points]

[Rusty Sabre: 3 points]


[Stainless Steel Sword: 7 points]

[Magic Engraved Sword (Wind Splitting Technique): Exchange conditions unsatisfied]

Kurumi had taken a fancy to the Stainless Steel Sword. However, she did not know how many zombies she could kill with her physical strength. After all, the cost of increasing one attribute point was 50 points!

If she could not use it, she could just give the sword to Busujima. Wasn't she good at swordsmanship? As long as she followed her, there should be no problem. When the time came, she would be happy to take the sword.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that the plan was feasible. She immediately exchanged the Stainless Steel Sword and felt its full of weight in her hands! It was hard to hold aloft, let alone slash with it! This was the effect of her 0.8 Strength attribute!

She helplessly put the Stainless Steel Sword into inventory. Of the thirty slots she had, five were already filled. She suddenly felt a sense of deja vu as she noticed its similarity to a certain online game. However, it was good that it was practical. Who cared about the copyright issue?

Then, Kurumi would have to face the most important task of today, and that was... taking a bath!

Becoming a girl meant that she had a slight obsession with cleanliness. Wasn't it necessary to take a bath every day?

She swallowed her saliva and picked up the clothes she wanted to change into. It was as if she was going to die on the battlefield. She slowly walked to the bathroom and filled it with hot water.

The clothes on her body were removed, one by one. Kurumi looked at her face in the mirror. It became red as her snow-white body became completely free of restraints. She quickly turned around and covered her nose. She felt like she would have a nosebleed if she continued to look. Wouldn't that be extremely embarrassing?

Her arm could feel the warmth and smoothness as she used her hand to fan her face and quickly ran into the bath to sit down.

Her exposed face was like a red apple. Anyone who saw it would want to go up and take a bite. Her black hair flowed like a waterfall into the water, like top-quality silk.

She washed her body in a somewhat reserved manner. The constant flood of information to her brain showed exactly how sensitive her body was. Several times, it almost made Kurumi moan.

She quickly washed herself and put on her pajamas. Her face was still red. Before her hair completely dried, she ran into the bed and hid in the quilt, like a shy little rabbit.

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