5 Blades Out

The things that happened in the school were no worse than what happened outside. The choices made by an immature mind would make even the strongest heart tremble.

But that did not mean that their hands were not stained with evil.

Takashi Komuro and the other two people had successfully reached the rooftop. Kurumi was still sitting on the other side of the highest rooftop. They had not noticed that sound attracted hordes of zombies yet, so the three decided to move towards Kurumi.

Hisashi Igou dealt with the zombies in front of Rei Miyamoto. The two of them supported each other and walked forwards. Takashi Komuro looked at the school and discovered the teeming horde of monsters. He roared crazily and followed the two people in front of him.

"Ah, are you here to skip class too?"

The three of them looked at the owner of the bewitching voice. Takashi Komuro felt like he had seen a scene he would never forget.

Her legs were crossed like a queen as she sat on the high platform, legs hanging off the wall. The black stockings on her legs inspired a primitive impulse in those who saw it.

Two ponytails, one long and one short, hung over a towering chest. One of her small hands was pressed against the table, and the other covered her small mouth as if she was surprised by their arrival. However, there was a hint of a smile in her wine-red eye.

It was intoxicating, like high-class red wine.

"Hmph!" Among the three, Rei Miyamoto was the first to wake up. "Senior, don't you know what's happened? I thought a good student like you wouldn't skip class. How come you were free enough to come to the rooftop?"

Kurumi jumped down, holding a knife in one hand and covering her skirt with the other. The three of them were completely focused on the skirt that fluttered in the wind. They didn't notice the stainless steel sword. Unfortunately, they didn't see what they wanted. They didn't see the mystery inside at all.

"I just accidentally fell asleep on the rooftop. I saw everything that happened in the school."

Kurumi walked over to Rei Miyamoto with a smile.

Since they came closer, Gong Ben and Rei could smell a faint fragrance from Kurumi, and their faces turned red. "Then... then why are you..."

"Aren't you nervous at all?" "What's the use of that? Can you become one of them without being bitten?" Kurumi added.

The two of them followed Kurumi's gaze and looked at Hisashi Igou. They finally noticed an unnatural flush on his face, and he suddenly spat out black blood!

"Puff - cough - cough - cough -"

"Igou? Igou, what's wrong with you? Don't scare me. I'll help you to sit, rest for a while."

"Can you block the entrance first? That thing is about to come up." Kurumi kindly reminded. Only then did Takashi Komuro recover. He hurriedly used the old tables and chairs to block the stairs.

At this point, Rei Miyamoto had already reached Hisashi Igou and slowly sat him down against a wall. She seemed to be at a loss. He had only just been bitten. How could it become like this? If he spat out this much blood, he had to go to the hospital.

"Oh, right." Kurumi seemed to have thought of something. "According to my observations, those who were bitten were either eaten, or they become one of them soon."

Kurumi bent down, and her beautiful face suddenly appeared in front of Hisashi Igou. "Those things bit you, right?"

"Ah! He'll never become one of those monsters!" Rei Miyamoto pushed Kurumi away, a little crazy.

"Rei... Don't be like this. Senior Sister is right. Cough cough, I can't protect you anymore. Takashi! I'll leave Rei to you in the future. You won't disappoint me, right?"

Takashi Komuro looked at the pale-faced Hisashi Igou and nodded firmly.

Hisashi Igou forced out a smile. "I hope you can... cough cough, kill me while I'm still a human. I want to preserve my dignity as a human. Please!"

Takashi Komuro was silent. Just as he was about to step forward, he was stopped by Rei, who shouted, "He will never become that kind of monster. He is special! This is a disease, right?

"Can it be cured?" His tough tone instantly weakened, and he asked Takashi Komuro as if he had grasped the last life-saving straw.

"Rei!" Takashi Komuro grabbed Rei Miyamoto's shoulder with one hand and shook it hard. "Don't deceive yourself. We must at least give the remaining dignity!"

"Puff - puff -"

The two of them looked at Hisashi Igou. He spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground, motionless. "Igou!" Rei quickly turned around and ran towards Hisashi Igou. He knelt to the side and crawled on his body to cry.

"He is already dead." On the side, Kurumi said lightly. Rei Miyamoto stood up in a trance. There was no light in his eyes. He looked at Kurumi like a puppet.

Takashi Komuro wanted to go forward and comfort his childhood sweetheart. Although his love rival was dead, he was not happy at all. On the contrary, his heart was heavy. After all, he was also his friend.

Before he took two steps, he stopped abruptly and looked in front of him with some disbelief. Rei Miyamoto looked at Takashi Komuro and found that Hisashi Igou stood up trembling!

The tall figure shrouded the kneeling Rei under the afterglow of the sun. She was a little surprised and a little scared.

"Ah ---" Unfortunately, was responded to her was a big mouth full of saliva, biting fiercely towards her!

Rei's mind was blank. She looked at the "Hisashi Igou" who was rushing towards her in disbelief. Takashi Komuro reacted and was about to use the stick to help Gong Ben Rei, but someone was faster than him.

"Shua - plop -"

A white light flashed, and "Hisashi Igou"'s head was separated from his neck. He stiffly fell to the ground, and blood sprayed out. A few drops of blood splashed onto Rei's face, who was still in a daze.

The two of them looked at Kurumi. She held her sword in her right hand. The tip of the sword was slanted downwards. The blood on the sword was dripping down, leaving no trace on it. When the light shone on it, it shimmered quietly.

Kurumi did not have the time to pay attention to the two of them now. The only reason she helped Rei was because of the mission. After all, it was written that the protagonist was "a group of people". What if one of them did not complete the mission? She knew that the master god was an expert at playing word games.

However, just as she killed the zombie "Hisashi Igou", the mission's interface popped up, which caused the scene that the two of them saw.

Mission 1: Complete

Mission 2: Follow the main character and his party as they flee the school.


Side Mission 1: Kill 10 zombies (+1 attribute point) 1/10

Side Mission 2: Kill 100 zombies (+5 attribute points) 1/100

Side Mission 3: Kill 1000 zombies (+10 attribute points) 1/1000

Side Mission 4: Kill 10,000 zombies (gain the title "Beginner Hunter", +10 to all attributes)

Kurumi knew that it was a free reward the moment she saw the mission. She glanced at the stainless steel sword in her hand. The master god's missions were rarely so simple. It was probably because she could not use hot weapons. It seemed like she had to learn from Busujima.

"Um, Senior Sister Tokisaki, what should we do next?" Takashi Komuro, who was comforting Miyamoto, looked at Kurumi, who was still in a daze and could not help but ask.

"Huh? Junior, how did you know my name?"

Looking at the enchanting red eyes that looked at him, Takashi Komuro scratched the back of his head and was a little embarrassed. "Well, there has to be a post in the school forum about a beautiful girl like Tokisaki. Almost everyone in the school knows about you."

"Is that so? Well, of course, we have to escape. Do you want to sleep with them here?" Kurumi asked with a smile in her eyes.

Looking at the dead body that Kurumi pointed at, Takashi Komuro hurriedly shook his head. "No, no, no. We will listen to Senior Sister."

"Takashi, lend me your phone. I want to call Dad." Rei Miyamoto tugged Takashi Komuro's clothes.


The result was obvious. It was identical to the original work. Her father told her that he wanted Takashi Komuro to protect her. They were in big trouble. If they could contact each other in the future, they must not go home! Go to the other side of the river.

After hanging up the phone, Gong Ben and Rei entered a solemn silence. They sat to the side with their heads drooping. No one knew what they were thinking about. Takashi Komuro felt that the atmosphere was a little awkward. He asked Kurumi, "Senior Sister Tokisaki, do you want to call your family?"

"Ah? No need, please coax your girlfriend first. We will be going downstairs soon."

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