1 ||Hi!! This is my first time writing something like this, so hope you enjoy!!||

You had just moved out of your house. You were going to collage. You brought your friend with you,you call her Li-chan but her real name is Lissy.

You had just arrived at Yale and you were so nervous, and the couple of days have been stressful for you.

You opened the trunk and li-chan said "this is gonna be hard to carry...there are probably gonna be so much stairs!"

You agreed with her "yes...I bet..!"

"Hey? Do you want some help with that?" A tall black haired hot collage student pointed at the boxes in the trunk,talking to you

You replied with "oh- umm....sure!!" You said nervously,blushing

"Heh,alright shortie~" he picked up some boxes

You got mad and replied with "h-hmph!"

He smirked and said "awww cute~"

Li-chan replied with "hey!! Back off!! We don't even know you!! So just stop!!"

He frowned and said "aww~ cya shortie~" he set the boxes down "well...then I'll get going..bye shortie~" he smirked

"H-hmph!" You mumbled

You picked up some boxes from your trunk,still blushing from the tall black haired collage student

Li-chan picked up some boxes as well and then said "who was that guy...? Who dose he think he is?! Just flirting with you like that...that's just weird. I don't have a good feeling about him..." she said it in a tone that sounded like she was worried about your safety

You replied with "well...you don't need to be worried about me! I can protect myself!! Don't worry!!" You smile softly

Li-chan was still worried about you and she didn't reply

The both of you walked up the stairs and dropped off the boxes in your dorm

You sit on the bed and yawn

Your friend,li-chan said "hey chibi,when are you getting groceries?"

You replied with "h-hmph! I told you to stop calling me that...and I am planning on getting them tomorrow."

Li-chan replies with "alright! Be safe! And stay away from that tall jerk!!"

You looked into her eyes and told her "w-well...I kinda...well...l-like him..." you blushed slightly

Li-chan was confused and didn't really understand your feelings,since he had teased you so much,but she replied with "hmm...alright."

You drove back home and went to sleep. The next day you got up and drove to the grocery store

You went inside and you saw the tall black haired guy from yesterday,You blushed slightly

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He walked up to you and leaned down into your ear and whispered "hey~ shortie~" he smirked

Your face turned more red and you replied with "hmph!"

He paid for his groceries and yours. You wondered why,but didn't ask

You drove to Yale and brought your groceries to your dorm

You unpacked them and put them in your fridge

He walked in and saw you he blushed a little but he tried to hide it "oh hey again,cutie~"

Your face turned red and and you replied with "hmph! I-I'm not cute!"

He smirked and asked "need any help~?"

You were still blushing and replied with "yes...if you would..."

He smiled and said "alright~"

You handed him 5 bags of groceries and he organized them in your fridge

You took the others and put them in your fridge