3 The Unexpected Letter

When I finally made it to the address Truth sent me I was amazed. The house was white with white brick on some parts. Her house was on a hill and the greenery around the house was beautiful, especially the big tree in the front. House, no, it's more like a mansion. The lawn was well lit and it looked like there was a maze down the hill. I walked up to the grand white windowed doors and knocked. After a couple of seconds, Truth comes to door and yells, "Girls, She's here!!!!" The rest of the girls run over to the doors. They were all wearing matching pajamas, with hearts on them. Amanda smiled and said happily, "We have matching pajamas. And there are some for you too. Come on." She grabs my arm and the rest of the girls get the bags. We all run up to Truth's room and sit down. The room was like the size of my apartment. It was pink and white everywhere. The bed was huge and at the end of it there was a white couch.. Amanda grabs the pajamas and throws them on my lap. "Go get dressed." She says. I stand up and walk to the bathroom. I'm not even gonna start on how big the bathroom was. I got changed into pajamas and they felt silky. I leave the bathroom and see all the girls smiling. "What?" I said. Diana smiles and says, "You bought face masks!!!" I smile.

We all hang out for a while, talk, and do each other's nails. Until there was a loud bang downstairs. Everyone looked scared, even Iris and she was never scared. "We should see what that was." Truth whispered as she stood up. She walks over to the bedside table. She opens the drawer and pulls out a pistol. Everyone was shocked. "What? I gotta have protection." Truth says. She starts to walk out the bedroom and down the stairs and we all follow. We went to the kitchen first, nothing. Then to the living room, still nothing but a piece of paper. I pick up the paper and read it out loud.

"Dear My Beloved Children,

You can't escape me.

Even if I am gone, I still have people to come after you.

No matter what, I will track you down.

As you are wondering, How did this note get here?

Trust me, I have my ways. See you soon.



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"How did he know we were here? How did he send the letter if he is in jail?" Kristy says as she starts to tear up. Amanda comes up to Kristy and gives her a hug. Kristy looks at the note and says with fear in her eyes, "That's his handwriting. But how? How did he get it here? What if he is still here!" Truth comes up to Kristy and says, "He can't be here, he is in jail. Everything is going to be okay." Iris starts walking into the office where Kristy's dad used to work. "Uh... guys." Iris says. "Come over here." Kristy, Amanda and Truth sat on the couch. Me and Diana walk to the office and see a broken window. "There are footprints outside. They look fresh too." Iris says. "We should follow them." Iris goes to the kitchen and grabs a knife and says "Let's go." We walk outside and go around the house to the window and start to follow the footprints until we get to the maze. Diana says, "I guess it heads into the maze. I'll text the rest of the girls and tell them that we are going in." Diana pulls out her phone and texts the other girls as we follow the footprints. It starts to get darker so Iris opens her phone and puts on the flashlight. After a while we reach the end of the footprints. "There's nothing here!" Iris says looking around. We all started to look around to find anything, we didn't even know what we were looking for. "Wait. Guys Look!!"

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