7 Road Trip

(POV has switched back to the narrator)

We made our way back to the house when I noticed a car that wasn't there when I came. It was pretty late and there were no houses really close to the residence so it wasn't the neighbor's car. "Guys who's car is that?" I said.

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Truth looked over and said, "I never seen that car before."

"It wasn't here when I got here."

We walked over to the car and tried to look inside but the windows were tinted. I pulled the car door handle and surprisingly the door opened.. I got in the car and looked around assuming that this was the car that Kristy's father got here in. In the back seat there was dead bodies and guns. No wonder it smelled so horrible in here. Under the car seat there was a piece of paper. I picked it up and started to read it out loud,

"Hello again girls,

I see you found my new car. I'm on my way to pay a visit to your good old friends in college. I wonder how they've been. I guess it's a race to see who can get there quicker. If I win, I kill them off. If you win they survive. So I suggest you hurry up.

-Love anonymous"

"We have to go now! We need to get there before him!" Kristy says.

She has a good point her father could be there right now. I said, "Do you know how to get there, I could drive."

"Yes, but it's a 4 hour drive. If we leave now we can make it before the sun rises."

Amanda turns and says excitedly, "ROAD TRIP!!!!! I'll pack some snacks and blankets an-"

Diana yells, "Oh my goodness, stop talking and just go! We don't have time!"

"Wait, what if he is still here and he wants us to go. The car is still here so how did he leave." Iris says.

Kristy says, "This is the way he got here but I have never seen this car before. He could just be using this as a decoy. He is probably on his way to their college right now."

Iris speaks again, "You have a good point Kristy, but he could still be here. I'm gonna put a tracker on the car."

"Where did you get that!?"

"It was in the 'escape room'. I connected it to my phone so if he is still here and he gets in this car I will know. Just for safety."

Iris took the tracker out her pocket and put it in the car under the back seat. "Ew, what the hell is this!?"

"Dead bodies, now let's go!" I said.

Then we all ran to my car and got inside. I start up the car while Amanda and Iris go inside to grab some stuff. After about 5 minutes they come outside with 2 bags full of snacks and blankets. When they get in, we start to drive.