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I woke up late this morning, but I had to get ready to meet up with the girls. I told them to meet me at the diner down the street. I get out of bed and hop in the shower, then I start to get dressed. I put on a tan sweater and some jeans. I run to the bathroom, brush my teeth, put on my boots and grab my purse. I put my hair in a bun and leave. I arrive at the cafe and the girls are already there. Obviously there is Kristy. Kristy has shoulder length, curly, brown hair. Her skin tone is a mix of brown and white, and has freckles all on her face and arms. Her eyes are a beautiful brown, usually with a tear coming out. She wore round glasses and a blue shirt and jeans. Then there was Truth. Her skin tone was a little bit lighter than Kristy's and her eyes were a dark brown. She had long natural red hair that she always wore in a messy bun. She wore a green shirt and always had a white scarf.. Next to her was Diana. She was the darkest out of all of us and her eyes were a dark green. Her hair was also the shortest out of all of us and was a deep red. Diana was covered in piercings and tattoos. She wore a brown sweater and tights. Across from her was Amanda. Amanda had very fair skin and her cheeks are always so red. She had heterochromia eyes, one a light green and one an indigo color. She was always chewing some type of gum. Her hair was naturally blonde and straight. She always wore it out with a bow in it and she was wearing a pink dress. Lastly, there was Iris. Iris's skin tone was a mix of Mexican and Latin. Her eyes were green-brown. Her hair was jet black and shoulder length. She wore anything black matched with a face mask and a choker.

"Hey! Over here!" Kristy yelled. I walked over to the girls and sat down. Amanda said happily, "I already ordered our food. It would be here right now if they weren't taking so long!" I asked the girls if they could each tell me their side of the story and what happened to them. "I'll go first." Diana said. "Us girls have been friends since diapers. Obviously, I am the most mature of us all." Amanda rolled her eyes and let out a sigh. Diana continued on, "But, we started to drift apart when we all go to college. Clearly we all dropped out now, there are two others that were in our friend group that are still in college. About a month ago, Kristy's father broke into my house when my parents left and all I can remember is seeing his face and then just darkness. While we were there he would bring us food 3 times a day, but the food was disgusting. We were banned from leaving, or even taking showers. The only times we were allowed to is when he used us." Diana started to cry. "Now I don't cry at all, so don't think i'm a big baby." "The real baby is Truth." Diana whispered, turning to look at Truth with her eyes full with tears. I could tell that all of the girls were clearly hurt by the situation. They were young, of course they would be traumatized. Kristy said, "I-I need to say something." I asked what was wrong and she said, "I don't think i'm gonna be okay by myself." "You can stay with me if you want, everyone can." Truth said. I agreed. Kristy smiled and said, "Well, I guess we should all go home and we can meet there later. Like around 6:00, I-i'll cook." We all agreed and went home. Well I guess we would all be in the same house for a while. I didn't really know how long so I packed clothes for about a week and relaxed for a bit.

I decided to go to target before I went to Truth's house. I bought face masks, nail polish and some snacks. I paid for the items and went to Truth's house. Yes, it was a lot to carry.

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