In the quiet night, when the moon was at its peak, a weird thing was happening in the forest. A person could be seen going towards a certain clearing in the forest. Not only the person was incredibly fast, but that person's skin tone was also greyish white. He was running towards a certain clearing which could be said was the home Grey Lions.

A few distance away from the person in a certain clearing a Grey lion was sitting. He was sleeping on a stone in the middle of the clearing. Its pride was sleeping just below the rock. Suddenly the lion woke up by a certain sound. He growls slowly and the rest of his pride also wakes up. They all get up in a battle-ready formation. At the center was their group leader and the rest of his pride around the rock.

They waited for a few minutes but nothing happened. They looked all confused why did our leader wake us up. But in the mind of the leader, something else was going on.

In the jungle, there is only one rule. 'Strong survives whereas weak is devoured'. The leader of the lion pride was strong. In the vicinity of their encampment, there was no one that could either scare let alone devour him. But now his instinct was saying something else. They were screaming at him that a predator is coming for his head. And then he hears…. Not only him but all the lions hear a ceratin sound….

Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble

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It sounded like someone was beating a set of drums. And they saw a white shadow coming from the forest towards. It was the shadow of a man. In this moonlight, he looked like a ghost. And the noise was coming from him.

Kratos just arrived at the clearing and could see that all the lions were up and ready. Before leveling up Kratos thought that he would kill them off one by one when they were alone. But now that instinct vanished. It was like that tactic that he thought was made cowards and not for a warrior like him. He then got a notification.

[Host had recognized the lion's pride as a worthy opponent]

[King's engine is starting]

[Host had achieved explosive strength due to skill King's engine]

Hearing his heart beating so loudly Kratos smirked a little and summoned his spear. First he had to defeat all the small fries lion and he would go to their leader. As they had the advantage over the number, Kratos only summoned his spear and not his shield because it will just slow him down

Kratos then slowly starts walking towards the lions. Then one of the lions broke their formation and suddenly started running towards Kratos. It was obvious that he was a small fry of the group and was sent to test the strength of their opponent. That lion kept running but Kratos neither slowed his pace nor speed up. Like he was walking in a park he just didn't even flinch.

When that lion was about to finally approached him, the nerves in the Kratos' right arm became bulged. With all his strength he threw his spear towards the approaching lion. That spear pierced the skull of the lion and it stayed there. Then the spear magically returned in the hand of the Kratos. Seeing this the leader of the made his assessment. He is dangerous.

The leader of the group growl a little an all the lions in the group attacked simultaneously. Back when Kratos hadn't leveled up he counted that the total numbers of the lions were seven. But he counted wrong. Maybe at that time most of them were not present, because he could see that there are 17 lions here excluding the leader.

Seeing that all of them were towards him all at once he just smiled and speeded up his pace and started running towards them. Without him knowing his mana started seeping in his spear. The spear started glowing red. Ths speed of the Kratos increased and he pounced at the lions like a hungry predator.

The tip of the spear which was growing red started piercing through the lion's body like they were of butter. He was swinging his spear from left to right. And whenever any lion would come too close to him he would just be kicked by Kratos like he was a wild dog.

It was an intense battle. When the battle ended Kratos' body had many claw marks. Blood was coming from it. All of the pride of dead excluding the leader and two other lions who had not left their place from the beginning. Then all the wounds of Kratos started healing at a visible speed. and before they knew it all the wounds had healed, from the kills he did. His health was raised to max once again. Now that the small fries were dead it was time for the main event.

The leader let out a little growl and his two guards pounced towards the Kratos. Kratos summoned his shield for dealing with them. One of the lions pounced towards him but Kratos avoided him by stepping sideways. But seeing this, the second lept towards him just the moment Kratos lept sideways.

Seeing that a lion pounced over him, he blocked it with his shield. The lion that was over Kratos started biting Kratos' shield and also started clawing the shield with his claws. The lion had some experience with some hunters. Normally their shield would get broken easily if he or his leader uses their claw on it. But this shield was budging an inch from his claws. Then he feels a pain in his stomach. He then looks down and could see that the spear of Kratos had already pierced him. Like this, his life faded away.

Similarly, the second lion was also defeated by Kratos and the time finally came to fight the boss. During the fight with those two lion, Kratos did not sustain any injury. And now it was time for the main event. The leader also stood up on the rock. His size was double from the biggest lion of the group. he had many scars on his body. It showed that he had gone through many battles.

The final showdown was about to start when Kratos hears a message tone….


[Due to regular use to spear skill spearman-ship is created]

[Due to the skill God of War Spearmanship is mastered to extreme]

[Congratulation to host for acquiring 'Spear Intent']

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