With a dizzy head, Kratos woke up in the forest. He was at his campsite. Kratos was happy that he finally leveled up. He stood up. The first thing that he noticed that his height had increased. And not a few inches. It had increased phenomenally. Kratos height 3 days ago was around 4 feet. But now it had increased from 4 feet to 6 feet and 3 inches.

The changes that occurred in Kratos was too mind-blowing. It was like he had aged from a child to a man in one day. He had outgrown the clothes. But the strange part was that his sandals still fitted him perfectly. Then he realized something. In the God of War series, Kratos may the one of the strongest characters but he had surprisingly very small feet.

Then Kratos noticed that they are around him has withered away. Seeing this he decided that he needs to change the base of his operations. Kratos first walked up to the river and decided to have a bath. After cleaning himself up he stretched his body and then decided to open his system



Name-Kratos<Rahul Nagar>

Title-<Spartan Soldier>




Kill Point-67


Skills- <God of War>, <Rage Of Sparta>, <King Engine>, <Tattoos of Deimos>, <Pure Godly body>, <God of War eyes>, <Appraisal>, <Independent Space>, <Map>, <Blood Lust>


Weapons<equipped>- <Spear and Shield>


Kratos noticed that hid M.P and H.P had increased. It is twice from before. The status window also had a new option called 'popularity'..... And looks liked that he got a new skill, <Blood Lust>. Kratos then used appraisal on it to know what does this skill does?


<Blood Lust>- A Spartan is nourished and matured for war from his childhood. Spartan soldiers are killing machines and since old times everyone was afraid of there prowess. As a Spartan Soldier yourself you should also be feared by them all. This skill lets you emit a strong killing intent which can make your enemies fear you. Enemies who are not that strong are either too soft hearted can directly faint when they come under your skill.


After reading the appraisal of the skill Kratos figured out that this skill would be powerful when fighting with a mob of people. The new option of 'Popularity' was also a matter of concern in his eyes. As the name suggests that it was related to his popularity. But does the perks of being popular have?

Kratos was thinking this then he remembered that before fainting he received a gift from the system. He wanted to know how could he access it?

"How the Fuck am I suppose to access "the gift" he mumbled to himself. After mumbling a robotic voice answered it concern...

"Does the Host want to access the Gift?"

"Who are you? Are the system?"

"Yes, this the System."

"How are you able to speak all of sudden?"

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"When host left for the transmigration, My creator pitied you gave an update to me. That is why I am able to speak now.'

"Ok… Now System access the gift"


After that, a blinding light condensed itself in front of Kratos. When the light faded away a box appeared in front of him. It was a normal brown box. Kratos grabbed the box and opened it. When he opened it the box was empty.

Kratos was confused about what happened and was going to ask the system about it but then he looked up. In front of him, a was spear and shield. They were floating in the air. The spear was 6 feet long. Red cloth with patterns on it was hanging with a spear. The shield was of Golden color but upside down V was written on it. He recognized the weapon immediately. It was the weapon 'Arms of Sparta'. In the game, it was the personal weapon of Kratos when he was a Spartan general.

(A.N- Those who confused that how the spear look can google arms of Sparta)

[Congratulation to the host for acquiring the Arms of Sparta]

Kratos walked up to the Spear and Sheild and wielded it. The spear seemed felt very light in the hands of Kratos. Kratos took a stance using the shield and the spear and then the spear and the shield started glowing in red clour.

Kratos aimed the spear at the rock about hundred meters from and threw the spear at the rock. Like a laser beam, the spear flew at a phenomenal speed towards the rock and pierced it. A giant hole appeared in between the rock. Then wanted Kratos wanted to spear back, the spear manifested itself in hands of Kratos like it never left.

Having the Arms of Sparta in his hands the confidence of Kratos rosed. He could now easily kill the Gray lion he saw. Things are going to get interesting for Kratos now…..


Azure Dragon Sect

As one of the strongest sect in the area, Azure Dragon Sect had his own charm. In the lavish living area of the inner disciple of the sect, a girl with red hair can be seen pacing from here to there in her courtyard. This girl is the princess of the Dong Feng country.

Her mother had ordered her to retrieve a certain item from the sect. This item is found in the core region of the sect. If the princess wants she could easily become a core disciple and get into in core area. But the problem was that countless charms and the array surrounds the item. If she approached the item it could blow her identity.

She doesn't know what to do. The deadline for her mother was coming close. The clock was ticking and she didn't know what to do in the situation. Her only option was to find someone strong who can become a core disciple and retrieve the item she wanted. She could only wait for the core disciple exam in 6 months and pray that she will get a pawn till then. Or god knows what would her mother and Brothers do to her.....

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