[You have gain 1 eXp point]

Kratos received this message when he completed the whole set of exercises of stage-1. Seeing this he made an assumption that every time he completed a step of exercises then he would get 1 eXp point. This made him very miserable. It means that to raise his level not only he would have to do a set of exercises of Stage-1 a total of Hundred times.

Kratos wanted to get out of the forest area and explore the rest of the world as soon as possible. So he decided that he would do the stage-1 exercises 3 times a day to decrease the time taken to level up. But the difficult part was not that. It was the K.P.

Kratos desperately needed K.P. It was his lifeline in this world. He could look at the spear and tell that the spear was made of very common material. It was not that durable. And during his episode of rage, when he killed the rabbit. He also chipped the tip of the spear. He needed supplies. He was also in need of food. He easily found a rabbit hole on his first day in this world but that was a simple coincidence. And coincidences like this do not happen often.

He knew that his luck was not that good from which he would be able to find animals easily. But for now, he could just pray to God that the coming days would be peaceful and bountiful….


32 days later

In the middle of the forest, a 10 years old boy could be seen doing a set of push ups. It was evening time. It would be dark soon. The whole body of the boy was covered in sweat. Kratos did those exercises daily. It was a tough month for him. Few days he had to sleep without food in his stomach. But he persisted. For his survival, he persisted. He never backed down and now he was too close to back down.

Kratos did all the push-ups assigned to him. After doing push-ups, he summoned his status window….



Name-Kratos<Rahul Nagar>





Kill Point-67

Skills- <God of War>, <Rage Of Sparta>, <King Engine>, <Tattoos of Deimos>, <Pure Godly body>, <God of War eyes>, <Appraisal>, <Independent Space>, <Map>


Weapons<eqipped>- <Spear and Sheild>


Now only the sit-ups are left. Kratos quickly started doing his sit-ups. His body was at the limit. He needed to make his momentum constant because he knew that if he wavered or stopped at any time during his sits ups he would not be able to continue further and all the hard work would go to waste.

Kratos persisted and didn't stop at any point. During his last sit up he made his legs started shivering. His legs started making cracking noise but he didn't stop. When he completed the last sit up, his legs gave up and he fell on the ground. With a sweaty body, he looked towards the sky. He could see that the moon was rising. Then he heard a message tone.


[Congratulations to the host for leveling up.]

[Seeing the Host the persistence of the host is given a gift box]

[Host had crossed a major realm according to the realms of this world.]

[Host body will go into hibernation state to complete the leveling up process]

[Hibernation process will start in 3….2…1…..]

Ans then Kratos lost consciousness.

When the Kratos lost the conscious a weird phenomenon started to occur around him. All the plants near him drying up…. Suction was created and all the Qi around him started gathering in the body of Kratos. Then cracking sound started coming from his body.

Nobody knew what kind of phenomenon was happening in the jungle. The beasts of the jungle were too afraid to anywhere near the area where Kratos was lying. That was due to the fact, that area was emitting very powerful killing intent. Whether man or beast would be afraid to get near that area.


While this was happening in the jungle, around 11000 K.m south from there

Royal Palace of Dong Feng country

In the throne room of the royal palace, no one was present. The royal throne room was lit with spirit stones. At the end of the room, a majestic throne was present. It was the throne of the king. Suddenly the main door of the throne room slightly opened and the red hair girl walked in. She had heavy big boobs and scarlet eyes. She was around 18 years old. She had a fierce aura around her. With her revealing clothes, any man will be aroused by one look of her.

She slowly walked towards the throne and got down on her knees. There was no one on the throne yet she still bows down and kowtowed towards the throne. While keeping the head down she said "My Queen"

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Suddenly the air on the throne twisted and a woman appeared on the throne. She had black hair and black eyes. She was wearing a blue color veil on her face and white snow white color skin. Though her boobs were not as big \as the girl in front of her but she a charm of her own. Her aura was very gentle. But some higher-level experts could tell that the behind that gentle is very black and sinister aura….

"What's the news? Did you found it?" said the women on the throne

"Forgive me my queen but it would take more time to get any more information."

"What! You little slut. You cannot do even one thing properly? I had given you this task 2 years ago…. And after all this time you are saying that you need more time."

"But mother…. It is very hard to manipulate someone from the shadows to my bidding. If I was to go to that place myself I would have completed the task ages ago…"

"Shut up!!! You little bitch. DON'T EVER CALL ME MOTHER AGAIN. Little slut like you cannot be my child. You and I are not the same. You are just a lowly slave of mine. Beings like you didn't even deserve to be my slave… Lowly half-blood. Go! From the palace and return to your sect. And don't even think about coming back before you have the item that I need. Fuck off!!!" The so-called Queen said and then she disappears from the space on the throne.

The prideful demeanor of the red-haired girl was now gone. Tears came running from her eyes…. She only had one wish in her mind right now….

"Please someone kill the so-called mother of mine",,,,,,,,,,,

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