Kratos screamed while looking upwards. He was pissed at the so-called God. He gave him a glitchy system. He killed10 rabbits with no eXp and K.P. Then what is the point of having a system if killing doesn't give Kratos anything? He was so pissed at the God that he wanted to scream more. Then he heard..


Whatever it was some distance away from Kratos. But that roar was enough to remind Kratos that he was in a territory where he could not scream anywhere he wants. Fearing that whatever it was will track him and devour him, he shut his mouth and concentrated on cooking the rabbit.

On the sizzling fire, the rabbit was cooking just fine, but the mind was Kratos was in chaos. He had to formulate a strategy if he wants to survive in the world. Killing animals was not giving him any eXp nor K.P. Maybe this was not a permanent glitch. Maybe it was. Whether or not it is permanent, Kratos needed a full proof strategy to survive.

(A.N- Just a reminder that the K.P means killing points which is the currency of the system)

Kratos quietly ate his rabbit, thinking about what to do. After eating he put out the fire and got into the cave. He covered the entrance of the cave with bushes and lay in the darkness of the cave. In the darkness of the cave, he thought that what he should do next. And then it hit him…

"Fuck. I am an idiot. How could I forget that I am in a cultivation world right now. I will just have to find a cultivation manual. And then BAAM. I will become an OP cultivator with a harem….."

Thinking about his Harem Kratos slept like a baby. But he forgot a simple detail…. Where would he find a cultivation manual???

(A.N.- 'Sleeping like a baby', is a metaphor which means that the person in question slept with a worry of the world.)

"FUUUUCKKKKK!!!!!" Kratos screamed once again in the morning. After sleeping like a baby, Kratos was in good mood. He ate the rabbit that was leftover from the last night. He stretched his body a little bit because today was the day he would finally start cultivating. But then he remembered that he didn't have any cultivation manual.

"Well… What happened if I don't have any manual. I will just buy it from the shop" Kratos mumbled. He then summoned his status menu and then clicked on the shop.



Food and Drinks-





Skill and Martial Arts-



Everything that Kratos would need to get strong in the future was present in the shop. But there was 1 thing that was not present. Cultivation manual.

Seeing this Kratos screamed 'fuck'. His whole life was destroyed. It was like that he had excess to all the beautiful ladies of the world, but because of his crippled dick, he could not do anything thing to them. It was his worst nightmare…

Kratos was dealing with anger, sadness, and depression at the same time. Nothing could be done at this moment….

With sadness, Kratos once more looked at the shop interface. With lifeless eyes, he clicked at the Skills and Martial Art option. Then an interface opened before him..


1>Cultivation Method>>>FREE

2>Autokinesis>>>4000 K.P

3>Chrono kinesis>>>9000 K.P

4>Electro kinesis>.>1500 K.P

5>Katana Mastery>>>500 K.P







Seeing that there was a cultivation manual in the shop blew Kratos mind. Tears started coming from the eyes of Kratos. He got down on his knees and prayed to God. Not like the Gods that abandoned Kratos in the game, the real world's God didn't abandon him.

"Oooh God. I am sorry. I am truly sorry for the behavior that I showed before. You are an omnipotent being, the greatest. This lowly one thank you for this gift. You gave this lowly one a gift. And that is free. Thanks a lot my dear God"

Slight tears could be seen coming from the eyes Kratos. He quickly bought the cultivation manual. Then a bright beam came before Kratos and condensed in the form of a golden book. It was not a medium-size book with very few pages in it. But it was enclosed in the golden case which gives it a majestic look.

Kratos quickly used appraisal on it. Then a window condensed itself before Kratos…

[Name- Cultivation manual

Specialty- Made for Indian Transmigrator

Detail- Inside of the book contain cultivation practice for the Indian Transmigrator. It will help the user to become a real spartan just like Kratos was in the game. The host just had to really stick to the manual to gain strength like Kratos and become the God of War of the Cultivation World.]

"Finally my time has come. Beware world the God of War is coming. Haha," Kratos burst into tears. Just a minute ago his life was ruined forever but now….

He can't wait to start cultivating. Kratos quickly took out a rabbit from the storage and started cooking it. He then started formulating a plan. With the cultivation manual in his hand, the future will get a little bit easier. Bit the problem id K.P. without K.P he will not be able to utilize the facilities of the system. 'What should be done now??'

The Kratos thought 'Fuck it'. He was thinking and worrying about the distant future. Till then he will just have to work hard…

Thinking this Kratos opened the Golden book. On the first page, a few lines were written...

"A Spartan is the strongest in the world.

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They are breed to kill,

They will never stop before reaching their goal"

Reading this Kratos thought "Well, what the fuck? This is just lazy writing. Those lines don't even rhyme". Kratos then turned the page. On the page, few things were written.


This cultivation manual is divided in 9 stages.


· 100 Push-Ups.

· 100 Sit-Ups.

· 100 Squats.

· 10KM Running (that's 6.2 miles)


Seeing this Kratos screamed once Again….

"You Mother fucking God.....SSTOP SCREWING WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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