When Kratos clicked on the Shop option on the status interface then another interface opened in front of him.



Food and Drinks-



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Skill and Martial Arts-



Right now Kratos desperately needed a new set of clothes and some weapon to defend himself from the wilderness. There was no particular option for clothes in the Shop menu. Therefore he clicked on the theMiscelleneaus option. Then a list of options appeared in front of him.


1>Spartan training Armour==> 20 K.P

2>Camera==> 5 K.P

3>Battle Armour of Ares==> 2000 K.P

4>War armour of Hades==> 9000 K.P

5>General Kratos (Costume)==> 5000 K.P







110>God of War Armour==> 1,000,000 K.P


The list contained various items like Armours, dresses, magical items used in any of the God of War games, and some modern-day stuff like camera, painting equipment, etc. Without thinking further Kratos bought the Spartan training armor. It consisted of leather armor, leather pants, and leather sandals.

Sandals were the customary footwear worn in ancient Greece. Kratos felt weird wearing those types of sandals for the first time but eventually got used to it. As for the weapons when he clicked on the weapons option various weapons came in front of him. There was a long list of weapons present in the weapons option. Kratos felt excited about buying his first weapon. But a problem soon arrived. The main God of War weapons were way too pricy.

Weapons like the Blades of Chaos, Levithian Axe, Barbarian Hammer, etc were all present in the list. But their prices started at 5000 K.P. Seeing this Kratos knew that the dream of using a God of War weapons, is too far in the future. Therefore he didn't fixate on that. The cheapest weapon that he could find was the combo a circular shield and a spear which cost him 30 K.P. Without thinking he quickly bought it.

Having a shield and a spear gave him assurance of safety. Kratos was still by the side of the waterfall. In his previous life, Kratos had done some military training. And the first lesson they gave you in the training is that when you find yourself in the jungle, then the first task that one had to perform was to find the source of water. A person can live without food for about a week but without water, it will be hard to survive even for 2 days.

Well, the first task was complete, which is to find the water source. Then came the next task, finding a shelter. The shelter should be around the river but not by the river. Many beast and animals must know about this spot and they will come here drink water and for them, Kratos would be like a tasty snack.

Kratos starts moving towards the east. When he starts moving but made sure that he was not far from the river. Just about 500 m from the river he found a cave. It was not a big cave but was livable. Kratos collected few branches and bushes to cover the entrance of the cave.

Now shelter and water are taken care of now it was time for the hunt. Kratos has to make sure that before sunsets he has to find food. On earth, most of the animals leave their respected abodes to either hunt or drink water at night. In other words, animals are more active at night.

Kratos started venturing around the cave to look for clues of any animals. He didn't found any paw prints but found a hole in the ground. Maybe it was a home of an animal of the rodent family. He scouted the area around the hole and found 4 more holes like it. And according to his calculation, these holes are connected to each other. If his calculations were correct then it made hunting easy.

Kratos brought a few big stones from the river and blocked three of the entrances with them. He made sure that the rocks were heavy enough that no one would be able to lift it. While lifting the rocks Kratos was amazed by his strength. Because no 10 year old would be able to lift that heavy rocks.

After blocking the three entrances, on the forth entrance he brought few dry branches and set fire to them, and tossed the burning branches in the hole. Setting fire to the branches was not an easy task. Kratos had to used the most primitive way of starting the fire, which is rubbing two dry sticks to create fire. The smoke produced by the branches starting entering the hole. The smoke caused the animal to suffocate. Due to suffocation, they started heading towards the exit. Three exits were blocked by something so the animal couldn't go that way. Forth entrance was blocked by the fire. Then the animal rushed towards the fifth entrance. There a bald 10-year-old boy was waiting for him with a spear in his hands.

In the end it turned out that, the hole belonged to rabbits. Kratos killed 10 of them. All rabbits were of brown color. But one of them was different from all the other rabbits. He had a horn on its head. It was not bighorn. It could have inflicted some damage if Kratos led his guard down.

When the rabbit with the horn leaped towards Kratos, his instincts took over him. He quickly turns sideways to avoid the attack of the horned rabbit. When Kratos avoided the rabbit he quickly slammed the circular shield on the rabbit. The shield made the rabbit a little bit dizzy which gave enough time for Kratos to stab him with the spear and kill it. Kratos quickly stored all the rabbits in his storage and made his way towards his cave.

When Kratos arrived at the cave he started the fire in same primitive way. Kratos cut opened the rabbit with the spear. He dissected it and started cooking it.

While cooking rabbit Kratos wonder off to the future when he would be enough powerful to create fire with snap of his fingers. But then it hit him. He just killed 10 rabbit. He didn't get any eXp nor any K.P for it. Why is that?

Is it possible that this so called 'SYSTEM' is glichy??

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