"Well now. Let's go to the roulette" With the smiling face God said and then he snapped his fingers. Bot Rahul and God vanished from the room they were in and are transported in a room with a big spinning wheel in it. God stood beside the wheel and Rahul gets seated just in front of the wheel. Then the god opens his mouth and says

"First we have to decide where you would go?" Then God spins the wheel. The wheel contained whereas options like

1> DxD world

2> HunterxHunter

3> M.H.A

4> Kengan Asura

5> Harry potter

6> Against the God






Then the wheel starts spinning. Rahul wanted to go in the dxd world so he could make his own harem. It was the dream of every manga and anime fan to go in the dxd world and become a harem lord. Rahul crossed his fingers. He desperately wanted to go to that world. But lady luck was not with him that day. The wheel stopped. And the world that was chosen was…..

Cultivation World.

"Fuck." Rahul said in an angered voice

"Congratulation. You have been chosen for the Cultivation world."

"Alright. But which cultivation world?"

"What do you mean?"

"You said I have been chosen for the Cultivation world. But which one? Is it the one in against God?"

"No. Just the normal Cultivation world. In simple words the cultivation world that you know nothing about."

"Fuck. Can you spin it again."




"Pretty Please…"

"Decision has been made and cannot be changed no matter what"

"Ok. But at least give me some cheat"

"That I can do"

God snaps his finger once again and the roulette wheel changes to another one with different types powers written on it like

1>DxD system

2> Shinobi system

3> Divine lightning

4> Incubus system







Then God spins the wheel again. Rahul has some faith left. Maybe he would get a decent system or power. He would very much enjoy the power of the incubus system or any harem system for the matter. But when the roulette stopped he mind stopped working. The wheel stopped on the 'system'.

"Congratulations you acquired cheat system 'system'" god said

"What does that mean?"

"It means that you have a system whose name is 'system'"

"You got to be fucking with me. What powers does this system have?"

"You will find out when you either transmigrate or reincarnate."


Rahul wanted to scream at the god. He was feeling the rage. First, he died on the earth on very bad terms, and now this. He was feeling despair as nothing was going his way. He got a trashy system and a trashy world and now this. What more could go wrong now?..... So, he thought...

After some time, God again snapped his fingers and the wheel of the roulette changed once again. This time the wheel showed the names of the different characters. like

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4> Ichigo






Once again the wheel spun and it stopped at Kratos. When Rahul saw that he would be reincarnated as the Kratos, he flipped. Kratos was a badass character of his most favorite game called God of War. He had been following the series since he was a little child. But Kratos is not one of the characters who would be good for the future goals of the Rahul. Because he got a weird tattoo all over his body. He would easily become the odd one in the crowd. And he is not a kind of character who could get any girl he would want. He is not exactly handsome you know. Feeling this Rahul confronted the God about it..

"Congratulations, you will be going to another world in the form of Kratos," said God

"This is not fair. First, I was killed on earth on false pretenses. Now you are telling me that I have to go to the cultivation world with a trashy system looking like a weird man who had a red color tattoo on his whole body. I will not accept this. You are the god. Can you just cut me some slack? Please entertain a few of my wishes..."

With an angry expression, God exclaimed "Listen here, kid. Your whole reincarnation cycle is being altered is because of the fact that you stopped World War 3 from happening and because of the fact that you died on the false pretenses that you are a traitor of your country. This is the best deal that you are gonna get, under no circumstances I am going to change that. Therefore either take it or leave it."

Hearing that there is no way that the deal going to change depressed Rahul. Since childhood, he worked very hard for every little necessity. He thought that the reincarnation would be different. But from the circumstances, it looks like that his second life would be the same as his first life. But Rahul was not one of those rich brats who starts doing tantrum because some things didn't go there way. So, he apologized to the God for his behavior and took what he had.

Seeing his sorry face God just smiled and snapped his fingers and made some changes in the system without telling Rahul. And then with a ray of light, he sends away Rahul.

Before sending him away God asked him whether he wanted to reincarnation or transmigration. Rahul smiled and said "transmigration".

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