The next morning when the sun was high in the sky Kratos woke up. He had a great night yesterday. He was able to lose his virginity yesterday. It was his dream that he wanted to create a harem for him. He thought that it would be impossible for him to do so but now he thinks that in the future there might be a chance that this dream may come true.

Yesterday was not only about his virginity. He was also able to learn about the prestige points. It turns out that the prestige option is not only for the show. According to the system, he had to collect the prestige points and when some amount of prestige points would be collected, a gift would be given to him for the prestige points.

He had asked the system 'what gifts? Could you be more specific.'. After that system didn't reply to him. But he kept nagging about it then finally the system gave him a hint...

[After a certain amount of prestige points are collected the host would be given a restoring talisman.]

'What the fuck is that?�� this was the question that Kratos asked. But after that, he didn't get any reply from the system. He tried searching for this restoring talisman but it was not on the Tailsman Shop menu.

Kratos was at loss. What the fuck he was supposed to do? Should he be low key like he planned or should he do the opposite of that.

Kratos was lying on the bed thinking about all of this stuff when he felt some movement just beside him. He looked and saw that the woman from last night. She was lying naked just beside him. Her head and lying on the chest of Kratos and she was cuddling towards him.

Kratos thought that he scored the jackpot last night. When this woman approached the reception table and talked to the receptionist about the room, he felt surprised. Kratos may not know that cultivation of the world or may not know the different levels of cultivation realm. But he could tell that the person or animal in front of him is strong or not. He could fell that woman was strong.

She may be not stronger than him, but he could tell that she was strong. And from the novels that he had read he knows one thing that the strong cultivators are not that polite when asking for a room from the receptionist. And they are definitely not polite when asking for a room from a person who does not have cultivation. In this case, it was him.

Thinking about it Krtaos used appraisal on her…

[Name-Kang Yan

Cultivation-Spirit King, Level-6

Cultivation Technique- Vixen arts

Description- Inner circle elder of the dual cultivation sect, Heavenly Paradise Sect.]

This was the information that appeared in front of him. A dual cultivator. This was the cultivation road that Kratos always dreamed of. He then simply threw a bait. He asked her for drinks and then she simply agreed. He then came to realize that she was eyeing for his body. He was afraid that she practices vixen arts and she may be able to harm him.

But after the system consoled him that this type of thing would not be able to harm him, he happily asked her to the honeymoon suite. And the rest is history…..

But then Kratos got up from the bed but now he realized that he faced another problem. In the spur of the movement last night, he may have gotten a little overboard. The lady had ripped off his clothes. He had bought only one pair of clothes yesterday. And now the question was, what was he suppose to do about this situation??


In the cave deep within the jungle, a green-clothed man was sitting. He was wearing the same green robes worn by Divine Enlightenment Sect inner circle elders. He was a middle-aged man with a robust body. He had a big scar between his eyes on his nose. He looked like a veteran soldier. It looked like that he was waiting for someone Then suddenly a woman appeared in front of him from thin air. That woman was Fairy Chu. Then in a cold tone, she asked..

"Is it done?". She asked the middle-age man.


"Any complication?"


"Good. Proceed with the plan."

"Yes. But I have a question. What about that bald expert? He is an unknown variable in this plan of yours. He may try to intervene.."

"Yes. That is a fact. But we can't do anything about him."

"Is he that strong?"

"I don't know. He is at the level of that bitch queen."

"Then maybe he would be able to help us. Right?"

"I think so. But do not get your hopes up. Powerful people like him will even move a finger without getting something in return."

"Well, at least we could try. You know we got to have a backup plan if our original plan fails. Why not make him our backup plan?"

"It would be impossible to get him to agree to it."

"What about if we offer that to him?"


"You know that weapon, that queen needs so desperately that she had let out her little demons for."

"It could be done, but we know nothing about him. We don't know if making him our back up plan would backfire and bite us in the ass. First, we had to know if he is trustable."

"How will you find that out."

"Well, let's just say that I have increased the intensity of tomorrow's plan. If he acts the way that I predicted then he would be useful for us in the future."

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"Do you not fear him? If he found out about it he would definitely kill you with the rest of Cang Family."

"I know. But it is a gamble that I had to play, for the sake of my revenge."

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