19 CHAPTER-19 [R-18]

The temperature of the honeymoon suite of the Magnificent Star inn was rising up. Kratos was ravaging the mouth of the lady in front of him with his tongue. He was sucking her mouth as well as playing a one on one fight with the women tongue at the same time. His hands were massaging the butt cheeks of the woman slowly but passionately. Kratos fell in the love with her bubble shaped soft butt cheeks.

Slowly one the hands of the Kratos came up to the head of the woman. That hand gently gave the support to the head of the lady, so that Kratos can intensify the sucking match of their mouth. The other hand of the Kratos also moved up to the perfectly round mounds of the lady. He gently started caressing them. Feeling the strong hands of Kratos on her mounds, the lady nipples started getting hard.

Slowly the lady also started joining the fun. One of her slowly slipped to the bottom of Kratos to awaken the dragon that lived between the thighs of Kratos. Her skillful hands started stroking the dragon from outside Kratos' pants. The other hand of the lady made its way to the Kratos back, then they started feeling the muscular back of the Kratos.

Both man and the woman wanted to win the battle of tounges, they tried hard to subdue the other one's tongue. But it ended being a tie. After 15 minutes of intense smooching, they finally separated.

"You are a feisty one, aren't you?" Kratos said with a smirk.

"So are you…." The woman said while licking her lips….

"Well, I like to subdue women like you…"

"Well, I have met no one that was able to subdue me in my life. I don't see why would you be any different."

"We will see about that. But first I want to ask you a question."


"Is that robes expensive?"


Without any delay, Kratos, with one of his hand ripped off the robes of the lady. Then they resumed the smooching. Kratos's hand played with her breast after removing the bra of the woman. The sight of those magnificent mounds in the display was phenomenal. Then the lady also ripped the pants off the Kratos.

The woman was caressing the 10 inches penis of Kratos while on the hands of the Kratos was caressing her mounds while another one, like a snake, slowly slipped towards the lady pants. Feeling the secret garden of a woman for the first time made Kratos dragon more erect and hard. Finally, Kratos couldn't take it. While smooching, without parting their lips, Kratos lifted the woman. The woman wrapped her legs around the waist of Kratos. Then Kratos made his way towards the bedroom.

Kratos put down the woman in the bed. Then both of their respective hands started undressing their respective clothes that were left.

On the bed, Kratos pulled the woman closer to him. They were smooching nonstop. One of the hands of the woman was feeling the dragon of the Kratos while the other on was on his back, pulling him closer to her. One of the hands of Kratos was dominantly squeezing the mounds of the woman like a stress ball while another one was about to go and explore the hidden garden.

The other hand of Kratos could feel that the hidden garden was getting wet by the minute. So without further delay, the middle finger of the hand entered the uncharted territory. Felling the finger entering her unchartered territory the woman let out a moan of pleasure.


Then after some time, one of the other fingers entered the territory. Feeling the fingers touching the hidden walls of the secret garden was giving intense pleasure to the woman. Till then the mouth of Kratos was departed towards the mountainous regions of the woman's body. He slowly started sucking the mountainous regions. His tongue played with the mountainous region they were ice cream. Taking the full pleasure of sucking the breast, he also ordered one more finger to enter the uncharted territory.

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Then slowly after a few minutes, the hands retreated the uncharted garden. Showing the hands that were in the uncharted garden Kratos said to the woman…

"Here it is. The Virgin Mary Juice."

"heh heh heh..." the woman giggled

Then he adjusted his dragon at the entrance of the cave. And then without even a warning, he pushed it in. The woman screamed with pleasure


Kratos felt some liquid that flowed from the garden. He was sure that the woman just came. Then with a sly smirk, he said….

"Already? The show was not even started yet."


Kratos fucked the woman for 4 hours straight. The amount of stamina he had was simply too large for that woman to handle. She came multiple times whereas Kratos came just 2 times. Kratos fucked her in different sex poses that he use to see in adult movies.

The room that Kratos was using was the Honeymoon Suite of the inn. That is why it was soundproof. But it didn't mean that it was vibration proof. In the room which was sharing the bedroom wall of the honeymoon suite, layed a lady in the bed. She was unable to sleep. Why? Because the people in the next room were constantly vibrating the wall. Because of which the paintings on the wall of her room fells from twice.

And the vibration was also making the wardrobe attached to the wall constantly vibrate from which a creaking sound was coming. She couldn't sleep at the night. The creaking was also not letting her cultivate. She was really angry at the people that had rented next door.

She had sworn that she would punish them for this impudence the next morning.

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