Hearing this the lady got confused...

"Huh? Why would you do that for me.?"

"As I said, I cannot see a beautiful lady like you in distress.."

"Alright, I agree. there is a bar just behind this corridor. Follow me"

With a smiling face. Kratos followed her to the bar. The bar was bustling with noises. Some were drinking while some were discussing something with serious expressions. Kratos and the lady came and sat on the furthest table in the bar. They sat opposite to each other. And then the lady asked...

"What would you drink?"

"Anything is fine with me."

"So you don't have a preference in drinks?"

"I have one favorite drink, but it would be not available here…"

"You are underestimating this restaurant. They have all the drinks that could be found in the Dong Feng country."

"Nah… I don't think that it would be available here."

"What is the name of the drink?"

"It is called Virgin Mary juice."

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"Veeerr.. meeery What? What a bizarre name. What is this drink?"

(A.N- Here Virgin Mary juice was spoken in the English language. That is why lady got confused hearing the bizarre word)

"Ooh. Well, it has a bizarre name as it a word spoken in another language called English. It is a very tasty drink. It is preferred by most men in the world."

"Really? I didn't even know the name of this drink until now..…"

"Well, that is why I said that it would not be available here in this place. You know what let tell you the story about how that drink originated..."


While Kratos was telling the story about a drink to an unknown lady, the city lord mansion was in panicked mode.

In a study room, a middle-aged man with average built was sitting on a sofa. On the sofa just beside him, Fairy Chu was sitting. Opposite to them, three old men were standing. Then the middle age spoke

"Fairy Chu I would like you to tell the elders about that bald expert."

"Well… He is a MONSTER. As simple as that. I couldn't see through his cultivation. He was able to sense the elites of the Cang family from inside the special room of the 6th floor. And the most terrifying thing was that noise…..". While remembering the King's engine noise, a chill sent down her spine.

When the three elders heard it they were baffled. Fairy Chu was on the same level as the city lord. If her assessment suggested that the bald guy was a Monster then it would mean that he should be a terrifying expert. But the question was…

What would they be able to do about him, if he plans to attack? They were reassured by Fairy Chu that he would not attack the Cang nor her as a deal was made between him and her. Fairy Chu didn't tell anyone about the specifics of the deal. She also gave them the good news that the demonic curse was dispelled and her original power had returned.

They were happy about it because the clouds of war were roaming around the whole Dong Feng Country. And in the upcoming war will affect all the great sects as well as the royal family very severely. And to survive this ordeal they would need the strength of Fairy Chu.


On the other hand, Kratos was making up an intense story about a young man who was in love with a girl named Mary. All the village was against there relationship. He told the lady about there hardships. And then the young man finally developed the Virgin Mary juice in the memory of his dead lover. The story was bull shit but the way that Kratos told the story was so intense that the lady actually believed that the story was real.

"If you want I have some of that juice. I could lend you some to drink."

"I would love that."

"Okay, but I have one condition."

"What would that be?"

"The smell of the juice is so intoxicating that when its bottle would be opened, the any person that would smell it they will be entranced by it. So, if you want it, we have to go somewhere private."

"Sure let's go into your room."


Kratos then followed the lady to the top floor of the inn and entered the honeymoon suite. The suite contained 3 rooms, which was a drawing-room, bedroom, and a bathroom. It was a very lavish room with top quality things…..

The lady walked into the room and sat down on the sofa and said asked to take out the juice. Kratos just smiled and told her to stand up. She was confused but she stood up….

"Okay before I let you have the taste of it let me tell you something about its production process….

First, you want a lady to produce that juice… Production is a simple process if a lady is present…

The first step, you approach a beautiful lady and pull her in your embrace…"

While saying this he pulled the lady in his embrace. He squeezed her so tightly in his embrace that no space was left between him and her. Her bosom touched the rock hard chest of Kratos. The lady was shocked about what happened but she didn't say anything just looked in Kratos' eyes.

For the second step, Kratos told her that the man needs to grind the asss of the woman tightly with both hands, and then he had to pierce the mouth of the woman with the man's tongue.

The woman did not even resist his approach as the tongue of Kratos roamed around her mouth battling with her own tongue. But they both knew one thing.

This night is going to be epic.

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