While dealing with Cang Yue, Kratos had two options in front of him. First was to make her his slave and make her his toy. But the problem was that he was aware of the fact that she was going to die in 2 weeks. And to spend the precious commodity of K.P in a deal like this was waste. The second option in front of him was to heal her with curse dispelling talisman.

Many would think that the using curse dispelling talisman was a wastage of K.P. But from Kratos' point of view, it was an investment. Kratos knew nothing about the outside world nor about her. If she belonged to a powerful background then she could be of use in the future. If not her body would be sufficient for him.

He thought that it would be better to make her an ally first. Seeing that she was so eager to have revenge on some concubine that she was ready to sell her body in an instant. That made Kratos realized something. Doing her a favor might be beneficial for him in the future. The reverse was also possible that she would just die while taking revenge. But he was ready to gamble as his stakes could be earned back after a few days of killing of some 6-5 white triangle beast.


After making his way out of the Dragon Scale restaurant. Kratos could see that it was nearly night time. Sun was about to set. So he thought that now he had money why won't he just stay at an inn. But he couldn't read any signs on the road. Kratos then saw that a bunch of city guards was patrolling the street. He decided that he could just ask them about a good inn.

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The guards were startled to see Kratos at first but then they gave him the directions to the most famous inn in the city. Kratos then made his way towards the inn. Little did the Kratos knew that everyone in the city till now had heard about the bald albino warrior who blew up the tablet of Dragon Scale restaurant. The patrolling guards were startled because they had heard from their friends that the bald warrior came from the forest bare-chested and completely unharmed.

While Kratos was walking towards the inn he received a new type of message that startled Kratos.

[Due to various stories regarding the Host that are circulating within the town, the host had earned 10 prestige points.]

That was a new notification that Kratos received. He then remembered that when he leveled up in the past, the system gave him a new option in the STATUS menu called Prestige. He still didn't know the functions of the prestige points, as he forgot to ask the system about it. Kratos decided that he would check his status once he was in the room of the inn.

Kratos made his way to a very large 5 storied building. It was the famous inn, Magnificient Star. When any rich guy or any famous cultivator that would come to visit Gegen Town they would stay in this inn. It was a luxurious inn which had top quality food just below the Dragon Scale restaurant.

Kratos when entered then he could see that there were many people present there. Many of them were roaming in the hallway of the reception in groups. And all groups had their own individual dress codes. They seemed that they were disciples or members of some sort of different factions. Some of them noticed Kratos and started assessing him from down to bottom trying to assess his cultivation stage.

They all have heard about a bald expert who had appeared in the town. While some of them were trying to assess the power of Kratos, a woman with at the corner of the hall noticed him and licked her lips.

Ignoring the gazes around him Kratos made his way towards the reception. At the reception, a sweet girl around 18 years was present to greet the customers. Kratos then approached the reception desk.

"Excuse me miss I want a room in your establishment."

"I am sorry sir currently due to core disciples examinations of various sects, no room is available."

"But I am sure something would be available…" while smiling at the receptionist, he slowly passed 5 gold coins on the desk. The receptionist took the cue and pocketed the coins in her pocket.

"I am sorry sir, I just remembered that one room is available. But sir that room is the honeymoon suite of our inn. Is sir interested in that?"

"Of course. Prepare that room for me girl."

"Right away…"

While the receptionist was getting the key to the room a woman approached the receptionist table.

"Oye girl. I want a room."

"I am sorry mam, no room is available right now."

"What!!! How can that be… I came here after a long journey but now there is room left. If it is about the money, don't worry I have plenty. I just want a room here."

"I am sincerely sorry mam, no room is available. The last room that was available was just booked by the gentle sir here."

While this conversation was happening, Kratos was looking at the woman beside him. She was wearing normal brown color robes. She had a bountiful breast that was ready to burst open at any time from her robes. She had a white soft skin. She had an extremely sexy figure.

When the receptionist told the lady that there wasn't any room available, the lady turned towards Kratos. She wanted to say something but she stopped midway as …..

"Seeing a beautiful lady like you in distress pains my heart. I tell you what. You buy me a drink and the key to the room is yours… What do you say?"

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