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The king's engine in Krtaos started flaring up. He was excited for the battle that would happen. The 6 cultivators and the woman in front of him will give him a good amount of eXp. And then it will come to a battle of safely leaving this city. Thinking about all of those things he was getting very excited…

Hearing the rumbling sound Fairy Chu became ascertained that man in front of him was a hidden expert. And probably with the mysterious backing of Xia Qingyue had requested this expert to kill her. Her time came. She will die here right now....

"So this is it.... Brother Kratos, I have a request."

"And what is that?"

"After killing me please don't kill all the members of Cang family.". Fairy Chu lost all the hope. If the expert in front of him was able to notice things like an array and Cang family members, then he would have noticed her disguise. Her fate has ended. But hearing this Kratos smiled and said ..

"Why should I do that?"

"Cang family is innocent. Please have mercy. I will come with you to capital myself. Please don't harm them.���

Hearing this the King's engine of Kratos died. 'What the fuck is this woman talking about.'

"Sister Yue, you tried to kill me first when I arrived in the country. I didn't even know the Cang family. Yet you tried to kill me with poison. And now you are saying that I should spare your family. Why should I do that?".

Hearing this Cang Yue got confused and asked.

"You don't know the Cang family? Are you not an assassin sent by Concubine Xia Qiingyue to kill me."


"Are you telling the truth?"

Hearing the probing of this so-called Cang Yue, raised the anger inside Kratos. Immediately he summoned his Arms of Sparta spear and swung the spear towards Fairy Chu neck. He stopped the approach of the spear just half an inch away from a neck. Then with an angered voice, he said

"Listen, Girl. I don't know you. I don't know anyone named Xia Qingyue. I am just a traveling spartan warrior. And the fact that you tried to kill me had already signed a death warrant to you and your Cang family. And the fact that you are still breathing is because I want you to witness the burial of the Cang family when I will slaughter them in front of you one by one."

Kratos came to the city and had decided that he would stay low. But when someone tried to kill him that changed everything. Kratos had made a decision when he transmigrated. That if someone tries to kill him he would just slaughter them with his or her whole ancestry.

Hearing this fairy Chu started kowtowing in front of Kratos.

"Senior please forgive this junior's mistakes. I was blind that I was not able to recognize Mount Tai in front of me. Please senior forgive me. I cannot die now, I have to take revenge on the concubine Xia Qingye first. If there is anything that I could do to make amends please tell me…"

She started pleading Kratos. Hearing this Kratos put his spear back in inventory.

"I will forgive you for now. In return, I want just a few promises. First, never try to have revenge upon me or your whole city will be destroyed with your Cang family. Secondly, you have to keep my power a secret from the outside world."

Kratos forgave her because he wanted to stay low for a while. If the act of forgiving this woman helps him attain his motive then so be it.

"Rest assured senior this junior understand."

"Sister Yue know this, I have not forgiven you out of mercy. I have forgiven you because I want to travel in peace."

"This junior understands."

"So now… Could you just remove that veil and mask of yours?". Hearing this fairy Chu complied without any hesitation. The woman behind the mask was a top beauty that Kratos had ever seen. She looked 18 years old but on the other hand, she had a mature woman aura around her.

"now I have seen your real face that I would take my leave. And junior be a good girl and convey my condition to the Cang family. And a piece of advice…. Cure your demonic curse within 2 weeks or you will die."

"Senior you know about my curse."

"Of course. I could tell it by looking at you. I recognized it from the instance when I stepped into the room."

"Senior I want to cure it but I am unable to do so... Does senior have a remedy for it?" Hearing this question, Kratos asked the system about it. The system replied that the Curse Dispelling Tailsman would do the job. And it could be found in the System shop.

"I have. But you cannot afford it."

"Senior if you can cure my curse I am willing to give you any price for it that is within my power. If you want I can even give my body as compensation."

Hearing this the inner pervert of Kratos got awakened. He quickly checked the price of the talisman. It had a cost of 650 K.P. It was a lot of K.P. But he calculated that losing his virginity was far more important than the task of collecting K.P.

"So it is decided that the price would be your virginity."

Hearing this Fairy Chu was shocked. She thought that if he spared the Cang family it meant that he was a soft-hearted person. She basically thought he would just cure her for some money or resources. But it seemed like he is a pervert like any other man out there. With a paining heart Fairy, Chu stood up and removed her robes

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When her robes fell down the beautiful sight of the big melon like breast with pink soft nipples came in front of Kratos.

"Please be gentle it is my first time…"

Kratos wanted to leap on her like a hungry lion and devour and ravage her whole. But he didn't do so. He purchased the talisman from the system. Fairy Chu closed her eyes. She always imagined that her first time would be with a man she liked but now that dream was crumbling down.

She then heard the door of the room opening. She opened her eyes. Kratos was standing there with a talisman in his hands. Then the talisman burst into light and then that light flew and got in Fairy Chu Body.

"Do not get confused. You still me your virginity. And I will take it when I found myself bored."

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