The tale of the weird balded man breaking the tablet was spread in the whole city. Naturally, the city guards who were following Kratos gave their report Guard captain who gave his report back to City lord. The city lord didn't pay any attention when he got the report of Kratos appearing from the forest unharmed. He didn't think that he would be this powerful. But now things changed.

As the city lord got to know that an expert of this caliber had appeared in the city, he felt something is wrong. The 4 great sects of the Dong Feng country were going to conduct their core disciple examination. And near that time an expert appeared in his city. He had many questions in his mind…

'Does the concubine Xia Qingyue knows about fairy Chu is hiding in the city?….'

Thinking about this all his body started sweating. If the concubine knew then the whole family of the city lord would be in danger. The city lord then contacted fairy Chu and send her to intercept this bald hidden expert.


Kratos was sitting at the restaurant, waiting for the order. The small room in which he was sitting was decorated like a typical Chinese room as they show in films. And above his table, a Chinese style dragon statue was hanging from the ceiling. The most amazing part was that dragon sculpting was very lifelike. And in the open mouth of the dragon, a light crystal was embedded. That was illuminating the room.

The dragon was of golden colour. It looked like it was made of gold. As Kratos was very poor in his previous life, he never visited this type of costly restaurant in his life. He was very excited as well as curious. Kratos didn't know the name of the restaurant because he couldn't read it. But from the looks of it, the restaurant must be the top restaurant in the city. But the thing he was curious about was that if that Dragon sculptor actually made of gold. Due to his curiosity, he used appraisal on it.

[Name- Dragon lamp

Description-This dragon lamp was made by the famous sculptor and array master Yun Che. The lamp serves the purpose of a lamp and as well as of a security camera.]

The description was very brief but it gave very vital information to Kratos...

When the food arrived Kratos chow down everything in the table with his bare hands. He tried using the chopsticks but wasn't able to do so. Then he made a decision that for the future he would find a blacksmith and will order him to make a couple of spoons and fork for him…..

While Kratos was eating the meat barehanded, he felt a tingling sensation on his back. It was like he could feel that something or someone was watching him…..

Kratos the asked the system that if dragon sculptor was working or not. To which system replied that it was working and transmitting the images of the room somewhere….

Seeing this Kratos wanted a way to disrupt the array. To this question, the system replied that the talisman in the system would help in doing so. Kratos without hesitation opened the shop and then the talisman interface













The shop contained the array interruption talisman, but it was of 440 K.P. Seeing this Kratos dropped the idea of disrupting the array as the cost of disrupting it was too costly. Kratos then thought to just fuck it and enjoy his meal.

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But one thing caught Kratos' eyes. The Slave Making Tailsman. Seeing this the inner pervert of the Kratos got awaken. He promised himself that in the future he would use this talisman to its fullest capacity...

After the meal was over, Kratos wiped his hands from a napkin and came out of the room. He found out that an old woman was waiting for him when he came out. Kratos asked how much he had to pay. But the old woman reply stunned Kratos…

"No need for that respected sir. It is your first visit to our restaurant. Therefore our mistress cleared your bill."

"Well…. Thanks for that." Kratos didn't expect a situation like this.

"Sir, my mistress would like you to join her for a cup of tea. If the esteemed sir has time would you be willing to?"

"Of course. I have to thanks your mistress for the free food" Then Kratos followed the old woman to the 6th floor.

In a private room of the 6th floor Fairy Chu was waiting in disguise to have a chat with this mysterious expert and to found out his true intention of visiting the Gegen city and possibly kill him with the help of poison and arrays in the room…..


30 min later,

On the 6th floor, in a private room.

Fairy Chu could be found facing Kratos, bare-chested. He supple breasts with pink nipples hanging in the air. With a red face, she says to Kratos

"Please be gentle it is my first time…."


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