Kratos swiftly killed the old man as well as the woman. He was in desperate need of money at this moment. He was literally penniless and clothless. Then this woman comes. She was flaunting her wealth in front of Kratos. He had already noticed that she was seeing him with lust. He could have made her, his sugar mommy and could have travelled with her to the town. But this plan had several complications.

First one was his power. Kratos power was too abnormal for this world. He doesn't have any dantian. He doesn't use any Qi but uses mana in his attacks. And second of all his power was too strong. It wouldn't go unnoticed by the world. Therefore before he could become more powerful he decided that he will stay low key, until he knows the difference between the strong powerhouses and him. And going as the porter with a woman like him could get him on someone's target list.

Killing the woman was sort of reckless move, but he didn't think about it too much. He wanted to destroy the evidence of the murder. But destroying the body of a cultivator was hard. He literally didn't have anyway from which he could destroy the body. So he decided to leave the body there.

With a snap, he broke the neck of the woman. He took all the valuables he could find on her body. She had a ring and a circular jade pendant on her body. The ring was of silver colour and had a girly vibe to it. The old man didn't have anything on him. But luckily the old man pants were of the size of Kratos. Kratos took the pants. Later he threw the body of the woman and the old man deeper into the forest and ran away from there.

Kratos now had that old man pants. But he decided that he would get rid of those pants as soon as he reaches the town to avoid any type of suspicion in the future.

Kratos sat down under a tree and appraised both the items he had gotten from the woman.

[Name-Storage ring

The description- This ring belongs to Han Yun of the Divine Enlightenment Sect. It was forged within the sect and it is given to the elders of the sect. It is the lowest rank artefact.]

[Name-The Jade Key

Description-The pendant belongs to the guardian of the Azure Dragon Sect. It is an heirloom that is transferred from one heir to another heir in the sect. It opens the secret formation within the sect.]

Well, storage item was useless to Kratos because he had infinite storage of the system. But the Azure Dragon Sect's pendant was an interesting item. According to the appraisal the pendant belonged to Azure Dragon Sect but it was in the hands to the elder of Devine Enlightenment sect. Does she steal it from someone? He didn't think about it too much and threw the pendant in the storage.

"Hey, the system can, how can I take out the items from this storage ring?"

[Host can transfer all the contents of the ring by using 1 K.P]

"Ok transfer the contents."

[Are you sure]



Kratos then tossed away the ring. Due to the appearance of the ring, it could be used to connect him to the murder. Therefore he tossed away the ring. In the ring, there wasn't much. It had money. Kratos could see that it had a large amount of Gold in it. And a few trunks of clothes. Kratos finally had money. So without wasting any time he rushed towards the town.


The Gegen Town is a flourishing town located just outside of the Don Feng country. It was a vast forest. This town was famous between the sects of the area and beast hunters. The sects would usually host their respective core disciple examination in this forest. Whereas hunters would earn money from the parts of various beasts as well as with plants found in the forest.

This time of the year was famous because various sects would come to the Gegen town with their elites to compete with each other. This competition also plays a role of the Core disciple examination of the sect.

Around evening Kratos finally reached the Gegen town. Gegen town is referred to as a town but is in fact a big city. The city/town was surrounded by a majestic 50 feet wall. Guards could be seen patrolling on the walls keeping an eye for any beast that may come out of the forest. When Kratos came out of the forest and wanted to enter the town he was stopped by the guards.

As this town is also the border of the country guards had to be beware of the people that enter from the forest. Only the Divine Enlightenment Sect elders and students could go unhindered from the check post as their Sect is located in the Forest.

Guards asked him some question like what was his name? and where was he coming from? Kratos replied to all of the questions and saying that he was a warrior from another country and was travelling.

Guards were suspicious of him but didn't do anything thing to him. The great forest is considered a dangerous place and only cultivator which are exceptionally powerful could out of the forest without a scratch. And Kratos came out of the forest unharmed. One of the guards reported this to their guard captain. When guard captain came to see the man, he frowned because he cannot see that man's cultivation. It means he stronger than him.

Guard captain just signalled that they should let him go away. He didn't want to lose his life over because he pestered a hidden expert because of suspicion. But he silently send the city lord information regarding this man.

When Kratos started wandering in the town, he saw a variety of shops and people. But soon he noticed one thing. The God during his transmigration had made a blunder. He made easy for him to communicate with people of this world…..

But he didn't give him the ability to read and write the Chinese….


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2 hours later

A lady could be seen sitting in lotus pose and meditating. She was an exceptionally beautiful woman. She had long black hair and a curvaceous body. She had a perfectly circular and perky breast looking out of her silky pink robe. Suddenly there is knock on the door of her room.

'Knock Knock'

"Come on in." An old woman enters and bowed down to the lady.

"Madam, the master had requested you visit the restaurant."

"Why is that Grandma Bai?"

"He needs you to find out more about an hidden expert that had entered the city lately."

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