1 I wish... 1.1

It hurts...

Everything hurts so much...

It seemed that no matter how I tried the only reward I would get was sadness. Even knowing that this is reality didn't help.

I was sitting in class currently. Listening to the old teacher's lesson with a half an ear. No matter how well I did my parents would not care. I was like air to them. Just like to the rest of my classmates too.

I dared to not sigh knowing it would only bring trouble to myself. Just like everything else I did. A trouble, annoyance, eyesore, weirdo... the list was endless.


I want to be happy... such a simple, yet hard wish to fulfill.


"It seems our time is over. Remember to do the pages forty five to forty seven questions for tomorrow." The bald old teacher spoke slowly before starting to work behind his own table at the front of class.

I hurriedly brought my text book and pencil case to inside of my backpack. A second less spent in this accursed place would bring me salvation...

Alas... I was not fast enough.

"Hey troll why in such a hurry." A boy little taller than myself with sharp black eyes and black short hair kicked at the backpack on the ground I didn't get to pick up yet.

I watched with sadness the content spread to floor.


"I'm in hurry because I want to go home." I calmly said to the boy looking at me with disgust.

"Tch... Go home he says. Hahaha..." I closed my eyes for a moment hearing others snickering to his remark... how pointless.

I went to my knees to pick up all the books and notes scattered feeling glad the boy had lost interest, hearing his steps going away...

Just another day...


I was soon outside the school walking through the familiar streets towards my home... There was no joy inside there to be found either.

As I opened the door to home a yell could be heard coming from inside.

"Do you know why everything is shit! Because you are full of shit!" A voice of man yelling from the back of the house.

"Aaaaaaaaa! Shut up! Shut the f*ck up! You piece of shit!" A hysterical voice of woman followed by something crashing to floor.

...welcome home. I closed the door gently fearing they would hear me.

After inside I slowly sneaked my way to upper floor into a messy small room with clothes all around the floor. I looked at the mirror seeing a boy with an ugly face. In bad shape, messy brown hair... dark circles under green eyes... I should probably sleep? Yes... and read some webnovels...

That sounds wonderful...




"Urgh!" I woke up with burning pain in my chest.

"Hahaha you piece of shit..." A voice of woman... mother? The brown haired woman was crying while stabbing something towards me.

It was suddenly so cold... and wet.

I felt myself crying, not even trying to fight back... just silently looking at the mad woman laughing and crying at the same time.

Again and again something new entered my stomach my eyes had already turned blind while I felt myself moving...

Really... how pointless...





I woke up with a jolt.

Was it a dream? I looked down seeing I was still on my black boxers and white shirt.

My eyes opened wide seeing the chessboard floor with white mist slowly drifting around and blue cubes floating and drifting randomly in air.

This can't be real?

In front of me a single white chair and small cabinet stood in place. I lifted my legs little seeing I was on a wooden chair myself.

While looking around perplexed a sound of steps woke me up making me turn.

"Satou Kazuma-san." a soothing voice of a woman.

My eyes saw a beautiful girl walking towards me.

"Welcome to the afterlife." The girl passed the chair I was sitting, allowing me to look as the girl with unnatural blue hair walked towards the white chair. Was I waiting for her...

"Unfortunately, you passed away moments ago." The girl sat down while looking at me deeply. "Your life was a short one, but you are, in fact, dead." The girl smiled after saying her piece...

I looked at my hands, both trembling... I had a flash back of them being full of blood.

I feel... sick.

After breathing deeply for a moment I looked up from my hands to the girl in front of me.

She had an thigh high blue boots, blue skirt with green ribbon over her bosom. She also had unnatural pale blue hair and dark blue eyes... the weirdest thing about her however was the pink Haori floating around her... something immortals would have in cultivation stories or mythology.

She was also really beautiful... not that it would matter to someone like me. I had learned long ago that it would hurt less if you excepted nothing.

I silently looked at the girl waiting for her to talk more.

The girl blinked before speaking again. "My name is Aqua." Like water? How original...

"I'm a goddess who guides humans who die young to the afterlife." The girl Aqua explained while using her hands. I had the same habit too... not that there were many people I talked to.

"You have two choices." At the voice of the self proclaimed goddess I looked at her into eyes for the first time.

"You can go to heaven..." My brain zoned out for a second as the girl started badmouthing the heaven... just say I have one choice from the beginning then.

"...You don't want to go to a boring place like Heaven, do you?" The girl had at some point gotten really close to my face looking intently at me. I wanted to ask how many times she had used the same speech, but held myself back.

"I have a great offer for you... you like game's right?" At the girls question I nodded little... not like I had ever had the chance to really play them. The time I had played with... old classmate's house had been entertaining. So I think I liked them?

"That world, which has long enjoyed peace, is being threatened by the Devil King's army!" I lifted my hand as The girl started speaking dramatically towards the invincible audience, like performing a bad play by herself.

"Can we skip this?" At my blunt words the girl blinked her eyes before coughing and sitting down once again.

"So let me say it briefly. We decided to send people who died young to fight against the Demon King with their memories and bodies intact. Also, I'm granting you the right to bring any one thing of your choosing with you. It may be powerful weapon or great talent, the choice is yours." Aqua winked at me after saying her piece.

So... go to boring heaven or get isekaied with one cheat... That should be it.

Rather just going to Heaven seems good enough... I have no regrets after all.

As I lifted my eyes towards the blue haired girl I suddenly had a small desire...

For once in my life... I wanted to fall in love.

"Now choose! To go to boring Heaven or towards adventure. I'll grant you one power that is second to none!" The girl had jumped up and was dancing while throwing fliers all around...

She was really energetic. I kinda liked that.

I stayed silent for a moment feeling the small desire burning inside myself. "I will pick the adventure."

Aqua smiled while pointing at the fliers on the ground. "I know you would, here are some examples that the kind gods have collected for you. Look through them and tell me what you want." I nodded without looking at the fliers on the ground.

"I know already what I want." I said simply after a moment of silence between us.

"I want a girlfriend." I said this while pointing at the girl in front of me.

Aqua didn't react only blinking. "All right, stand there and don't leave the magic circle..."

A bright blue circle with numerous symbols appeared suddenly under me while Aqua slowly stood up and froze. "What did you just say?" The girl spoke quickly.

Another golden magic ball and circles flashed above us both and a angel descended while still floating. "We have heard your request. I shall take your job from here on out, Aqua-sama."

The angel spoke making Aqua say "eh." in cute voice.

"Satou Kazuma-san's wish complies with the regulations and has been accepted." Another blue magic circle appeared after the angel spoke in calm voice under Aqua.

"Umm something is strange... Wait! wait! wait! Taking a goddess with you is against the rules. Moreover how can a mortal date Goddess! I object! There must have been some kind of mistake!" The beautiful blue haired girl was currently hitting against an invincible wall with tears and snot falling from her face...

I'm sorry somehow... I gave a sorry look at the self proclaimed goddess wailing and trying to push through the barrier... really sorry somehow.

"Wait! Wait! Aaaa haaa aaaaaaa!" I looked away from the girl... wait. Did I just wish for her to become my girlfriend.

I must have looked really disgusted as the angel averted her eyes from me.

"Please have a safe trip, Aqua-sama. Should you defeat the Demon King, I will send someone to pick you up." The angel spoke to the wailing girl.

"Even though I have the ability to heal as an goddess, fighting the Demon King is impossible!" Aqua yelled trying to persuade the angel in vain.

Soon I started floating with Aqua. The magic circle brightened up clearly ready to transport us soon.

"...if you defeat the Demon King we gods will grant any additional wish you may have. Now go forth on your journey!" As the voice of the angel turned faint I felt myself dropping.

"Iiiyyyaaahhhhh...!" I ignored the voice of Aqua... I'm trying to enjoy the dimensional transport whateveritis magic here?




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