8 Training With Kakashi

In this way, Uchiha Tunan and Hiruzen Sarutobi spent the entire afternoon discussing the will of fire in the teacher's office.

Most of the time, Uchiha Tunan was the one talking, and Hiruzen Sarutobi was listening.

In fact, Hiruzen Sarutobi did not quite understand Uchiha Tunan's opinion.

However, he could hear two words from his words - loyalty.

There were still about ten minutes before school ended, and YHiruzen Sarutobi took the initiative to end the conversation.

Uchiha Tunan left the classroom office with a reluctant expression.

When he got home, Uchiha Tunan opened the envelope and looked at the money inside.

It was more than the money his parents left him when they left.

This simply allowed Uchiha Tunan to directly advance from poverty to minor health.

This was the benefit of standing on the side.

Uchiha Tunan casually swept the money in the envelope. His eyes did not show any signs of greed, and he placed the envelope into the drawer.

Then, he went to the table, opened his diary, and began writing:

"Today, I was very happy. Hokage-sama personally met me in the teacher's office."

"He did not put on any airs, giving me the feeling of a real grandfather."

"That kind of meticulous care, just like his broad palm, made me feel warm."

"I have never known what the meaning of people living in this world is before."

"But today I understand, the meaning of my existence in the future is to follow the footsteps of Sandaime Hokage-sama."

"I have read a sentence from a ninja book."

"Ninjas are a tool without feelings."

"I am a living person, and I can't be without feelings."

"However, if there is a need, I am willing to become a tool in the hands of Sandaime Hokage."

"Today, Sandaime Hokage gave me a lot of money, and I haven't had money to buy meat for a long time."

"But I was a little reluctant to spend this money. After all, this money was the salary of the Sandaime Hokage, and it was his hard-earned money."

"I was going to save this money and wait until next February 8th, his birthday, to buy him a gift."

"Oh right, today I fought with Kakashi, he is really too strong."

"I awakened the Sharingan, but I am still not his opponent. I hope the distance between us is not too far."

After writing the diary, Uchiha Tunan closed the diary.

He picked a few vegetables from the fridge and cooked them in a pot.

That was all for dinner tonight.

The next day, Uchiha Tunan did not go straight home after school. Instead, he caught up with Kakashi, who was alone.


Kakashi lazily turned around and looked at Uchiha Tunan, "What's the matter?"

"Can I train with you? I want to become stronger and become a ninja quickly. Please." Uchiha Tunan put his hands on his knees and bowed deeply.

Kakashi hesitated for a moment, perhaps because he felt that Uchiha Tunan's strength was enough to do his own training. He nodded lightly and said, "Sure, where are we going to train?"

Uchiha Tunan said with a happy face, "Let's go to your house. After all, you are training with me. I don't want you to be too far away from home for me."

Kakashi nodded and continued to walk home slowly.

Uchiha Tunan followed him silently.

Soon, the two arrived at Kakashi's house.

The wooden family was small, but the yard was big.

The residential area inside was not big. After all, there were only Kakashi and Shiroi Kiba in the house.

The large open space could be used for training.

The two came to the open space and stood face to face, forming a seal together.

The next moment, the training began.

The sound of a collision of pain rang out in the open space.

To the two of them, the three body techniques were already practiced to the point of perfection.

They were already proficient to the point of perfection.

Gradually, the two of them no longer just fought with each other, and began to use their respective ninjutsu.

As expected of a genius, Kakashi had already mastered several kinds of ninjutsu.

In comparison, the ninjutsu that Uchiha Tunan knew was just a big fireball.

Uchiha Tunan found a suitable opportunity, and used the reason of exhaustion of chakra to surrender.

"As expected of Kakashi. The gap between us seems to have increased again." Uchiha Tunan looked like he was out of energy, his hands on the ground as he panted heavily.

Kakashi was also panting heavily, but he clearly still had some strength left.

"You are much stronger than them."

Uchiha Tunan staggered to his feet and bowed to Kakashi.

"Thank you for being willing to train with me. I wonder if I can come back again in the future."

"Up to you." Kakashi held his head with both hands and resumed his lazy appearance.

Uchiha Tunan smiled and packed up his things. He waved at Kakashi and said,

"Then that's it for today. Goodbye, Kakashi."

After saying that, he left the clan under Kakashi's gaze.

Unfortunately, Sakumo was not at home today.

However, Uchiha Tunan was not in a hurry. A qualified hunter needed enough patience.

When Uchiha Tunan returned home, he found that the fridge was already filled with meat and milk.

Feeling touched, Uchiha Tunan hurriedly opened the diary and wrote in the diary:

"There is a lot of meat and milk in the fridge."

"Needless to say, I know that Sandaime Hokage-sama must have asked someone to put it in."

"In this world, only him would be so good to me."

"Oh right, today at school, I heard from Hyugathat there was an emergency at the front line. It seems that several supply lines of the battlefield were cut off by the enemy."

"At this moment, Sandaime Hokage must be very anxious and I wanted to grow up quickly to help him."

"I remember that my father and mother are in one of the battlefields. I hope they can get through this."

Time passed day by day.

Perhaps because the war had reached its climax, Sakumo had not returned home.

This was normal. After all, Sakumo was so strong that he must have many tasks to carry out at this time.

What Uchiha Tunan needed to do was to go to the wooden house every day.

Some things, as long as they were done every day, would become very normal in the eyes of others.

However, Uchiha Tunan discovered one thing.

That was, Kakashi's strength was getting stronger day by day.

Now, even if Uchiha Tunan did not hold back, he might not be able to defeat Kakashi.

In other words, Kakashi's strength was about to surpass the dead Uchiha Amao.

One must know that Uchiha Amao was originally ranked sixth among the graduates.

If one didn't look at the theoretical results, then it was estimated that his ranking would be higher.

Especially at that time, Uchiha Amao had not awakened his Sharingan.

After awakening, it was estimated that he was equal to Uchiha Tetsuo.

Overall, Kakashi's current strength was one of the best in the graduation class.

What a terrifying genius.

Uchiha Tunan let out a long sigh and took out a book from the cabinet called "A must-have disguise technique for a spy".

Taking advantage of the fact that he was in the stage of growth, he could learn as much knowledge as he could.

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