1 1. Knowledge is Power.

"Did you ever think you would be reincarnated Mr. Grim." A voice asked.

I looked around the area feeling like I've been here before or done something like this.

"Dude I barely think as it is. So mind explaining?" I ask the voice floating in the white space.

"Reincarnation, you lived a long and happy life and died at 29. Brain aneurism." the voice says.

"Eh, I honestly didnt expect to even make it past 18 truthfully. I never planned for that shit, how i made it to almost 30 is a fucking miracle in itself." I say with a shrug.

"Well then since you are an author you know what's going to happen now right?" The voice says.

"3 wishes and a bigger dick right?" I ask hopefully.

"Exactly 3 wishes and a bigger..wait a minute!"

"You already confirmed it no take backsies." I shout with a grin.

"Whatever, you get three wishes, you will keep your memories, you will also get to pick the world, there are also a couple little bonuses. One of which is allowing you to travel the multiverse so think wisely." The voice says.

"Ah wishes make everything so boring if you pick the right things. What's the limit if I wish for people's knowledge, you know I could wish for some god tier system so be reasonable." I request.

"I shall allow you to wish for the knowledge of 5 people no more." The voice says.

A large grin splits my face.

"I want the knowledge of Kisuke Urahara from Bleach, The soul reaper geniues, Yao Lao from Battle through the Heavens, The Tier 9 alchemist, Nie Li from tales of demons and God's, at the end of his second reincarnation, Orochimaru from Naruto, The Snake Sannin obsessed with body modification and immortality. and Tony Stark from marvel, the weapons and technical genius at the end of end game. With the ability to use the knowledge effectively and I dont want to forget it." I request.

Ooof what a fucking lineup.


My mind is absolutely flooded with information, which sticks in my brain like glue.

What a fucking rush!

"For my second wish, more knowledge, Appachai Hopacahi from histories strongest disciple Kenichi, The Muay Thai Death God, Bruce Wayne from DC, Batman one of the greatest detective minds, Hepheastus from Danmachi, The goddess of Smithing, Unohana Retsu from bleach, The First Kenpachi and Captain of the medical Corps, and Tang San from Doulou Dalu. The hidden weapons expert." I say calmly.

"Granted." More knowledge smashes into my mind and sticks like glue.

"For my third wish, let's go with more knowledge shall we? Wouldn't want to make it too easy. I want the knowledge of Merlin from Fate, The greatest magus of all time, Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter, The headmaster of Hogwarte school of witchcraft and wizardry, Might Guy from Naruto, The strongest taijutsu user of all time! Li Qiye from emperors domination, The master cultivator, Ajuka Beelzebub from Highschool DxD, the creator of the evil pieces. Same rules as the first wish." I list off.

"Granted! Now as for the bonuses I spoke of, nobody could read or alter your mind, nobody can take over your body, you will be given identification for each world you go to, your body will be able to use all energies, you will also be given a new identity for any world you enter. Please select the world you wish to start in." The voice says.

"Disney's Aladdin as Aladdin once he enters the cave of wonders. However let me keep my original looks, sandy blonde hair, stormy blue eyes, you know how I look." I say calmly.

The world shifts around me and I find myself standing in a large cave filled with torch light and the sparkles of treasure lining the walls. On my shoulder I can see a little monkey looking around greedily.

Quick as a flash I snatch up the little creature and grab its neck. *Crack!*

The dead body of Abu the monkey falls to the ground. "Well now that that calamity is out of the way." I wipe my hands on my not so fashionable purple vest.

I had the memories of several cultivators in my mind so killing a monkey doesnt really bother me at all.

I make my way through the cave of wonders. Mountains of gold, jewels, and treasures are piled high and even I'm tempted by the treasures, I've never seen so much gold in my life.

However the cave of wonders is a testing ground. The test is, you can't touch anything except the magical lamp at the end of the cave.

I casually walk through the path ahead of me, hands firmly in my pockets and just look around in admiration. I have no desire to steal anything from here because it already belongs to me.

Passing through a few large rooms I finally see a golden lamp sitting on a pedestal. I walk forward and pluck it off the stand. Then I use my hand to rub the side of the lamp.

A blue cloud of smoke bursts out of the lamp as a large genie appears.

He cracks his neck and stretches! "Ten thousand year will give you such a crick in the neck!" he says rolling his head.

"I'd imagine so." I eye the lamp curiously. "Anyway you are the genie who offers wishes correct? I know the rules as well. No bringing someone back to life, no wishing for more wishes, no wishing for others to die, and no wishing for someone to love me correct?"

I cut him off as he holds up a finger.

"Well yeah, but you dont have to spoil my fun explaining the rules you know." He says with a pout.

"Its fine, for my first wish, I want to own the entire cave of wonders and everything inside of it. Please make it soul bound ownership, give the cave a cute little sand kitten form that acts like a spatial device too." I request specifically. You must be very very specific with orders to a genie.

"Done!" The genie snaps his fingers and a golden scarab appears before gliding into my chest, I can feel a connection with the entire cave on a spiritual level.

I can even see outside of the cave, there is a man dressed in rags looking anxiously at the cave.

"Kill him." I order the cave.

A massive sand paw rises up before slamming down on the horrified Jafar, turning him into a meat paste.

"Now that the unwanted guest is out of the way, let's continue shall we?" I smile at the genie. "For my second wish, I want the cave of wonders to be able to act like a spatial ring but also be able to remotely store items that the sand touches, like herbs or plants or ponds. Make it so it has stasis so nothing rots or is damaged inside either."

"Done!" The genies snaps his fingers and I feel a change in the cave of wonders.

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