Knight in Another World (Complete)
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Knight in Another World (Complete)


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What is Knight in Another World (Complete)

Knight in Another World (Complete) is a popular web novel written by the author ImmortalRegis, covering REINCARNATION, ROMANCE, SLICE OF LIFE, SLOW-ROMANCE, MODERN, NOHAREM, MAGIC-SWORD, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 1.1M readers with an average rating of 4.6/5 and 16 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 115 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Upon his betrayal and death, talented, handsome and righteous knight, Dylan von Kaiser is transported to another world. From fantasy to Earth, the silly knight is baffled by every strange thing Earth has to offer. Lucky for him, our knight has his very own knight! His beloved Sherry guides him through the world as they push and pull, feelings for once another deepening with each new day. A sweet love story with a sprinkle of magic and stupidity here and there. --Author-- This is my first novel. Please leave reviews and comments. Credits to silentscarlettt for the amazing cover. Thank you so much!


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I really don’t like giving bad scores but I think the writer is doing a good job but simply should rewrite everything based on its base idea. Thus rethinking where this story is supposed to be going, what kind of story it is supposed to be e.g. . The main problem, I see is that besides having a unique and eye catching backstory ...all the rest of the story is more or less some sort of slice of life that flows somewhat aimlessly. There is nothing like a red thread to me or an arch that spans from the beginning to the end of the story. For example this dude is madly in love with a girl ...and then tam tam tam finds her basically on the first day. That’s an opportunity missed. It could have been an arch in itself ...telling how to survive in a foreign environment while having spotted the girl on the beginning but then loose her due to the inability to cope with the modern world ..maybe even being chased for displaying magic, search for her,and in the end find her. Also a question is what results bringing magic to our world could result in e.g. of someone evils with magic power migrates ...and there you’ve just got another arch.


A lot of imagery is used here and is very well put together. The first 2 chapters are very interesting and I'm looking forward to reading more.


I can only read 27 chapter of the novel, it's hardly enough for me to able to write a decent review but for now... 10/10. I enjoy reading. Would recommend.


Been reading this since el beginning. It's very nice.... you should read it... I enjoy it... but Regis-San about to catch these hands if Dylan doesnt get out the friendzone soon. But truthfully this us s very good novel with a soft and slow romance and I think it is pretty good.


An awesome fantasy Love story. Must read novel it is.... It's jus toooo good to skip reading...!!!! I really enjoyed a lot reading this one...!!!


Good story!! I love the characters 😍😍 ............................................................................................................................


It’s definitely worth it to read.... i love the characters but little bit annoyed by Janice... It’s hard to faced the bullying! Thanks Author for the story... i wondering why people don’t know it.


It’s a slice of life about a couple eventually getting together. Overall, it’s a good read. Best of all its complete. Give it a try~.




I love this story and everything, characters are good, develop is nice, many smiles joys and laughs, maybe some sorrows. Sadly though, the ending isn't very satisfying for me. Would've loved for the story to continue, but I shall respect the authors choice to stop writing it.


Interesting any intruding story, however it should be about this life not life after. The characters are funning. Too much magic less love. Weneed more of love and romance.


Its just an amazing novel . Both romance fictin and imagination is there in this novel. Fall in love with it. Sherry and Dylan I will miss u both. Thanks u writer.




I love so so so much this novel , I won’t forget it, it’s the kind of history you fall in love the characters !!! You won’t regret reading this


Its a good novel i recommend this for all of you that searching for good stuff to spend time I love the mc and the story Note for writer WHY SO LITTLE CHAPTER???!!


I wish there were objective and goals.Also it needs to be poor to rich for the mc. And i hope the story gets to the main story line but its okay to rewind to the past. Its also okay for mc to fo school and learn new stuff like tech music and more


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