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What is Kissed By The Lost Rose

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" Their cruelty and greed caused my mother's death... A false accusation of medical malpractice ruined my father's career and was sentenced to life imprisonment. They kidnapped my elder sister when she was returning from her school.... I haven't seen her since then..... " 14 years later..... "Mother, Father, Sister... I have finally made my dream come true.... Today I have returned with power and status... And now.... It's time they pay for their crimes.... It's time to prove your innocence.... It's time I return what we owe them with interest.... I vow to you I will uncover their masks and show their true faces to the world .... " " Don't worry grandma, don't worry grandpa.. I'll keep my mommy safe " At the tender age of ten Debolina Roy( i.e. Li Meilin) lost both her parents and her elder sister as they fell prey of a medical conspiracy and the black market. Forced to leave her country with her father's best friend in order to barely stay alive little Debolina vowed to bring justice for her parents. 14 years later.... Reborn from the ashes , she rose as a medical prodigy. Debolina returned with power , status and the title 'The Goddess Of Surgery '. Armed with the support from the 'World Health Organization ' , 'International Medical Council ' and the Interpol Debolina set out on her mission. But she also unexpectedly made an ally. And met some old friends... Tagging along with her was a cute, smart and witty five year old little sugar ball Soha... An unexpected surgery of a seven year old autistic boy changed the course of all her plans.. .... ............... " I'm afraid that you need to go back to the drawing board.... You can never outsmart them by dirtying your own hands .... You'll only repeat history and meet the same fate as your parents.... Join me and we can avenge together... You have the knowledge and I have the resources..... The choice is yours... My offer will always open for you.... Let me know if you change your mind.... " Zhuang Gohan was world's number one CEO ,who is internationally well renowned and feared. An aloof, distant and cold , yet wealthy and powerful business genius... He was an indifferent single father towards his one and only biological son. But never in his wildest dream did he realised that his indifference towards his son would on one hand, lead him to an unknown past and a world of dirty secrets , making him a criminal in his own eyes. On the other hand, give him a complete family. But what's a vengeance without some drama??? What's a past without some secrets??? What's a romance with out some trials??? Collided by a fateful meeting , Debolina and Zhuang Gohan stand face-to-face. But is just a fateful meeting enough for Debolina to join forces with Zhuang Gohan where every other person is a back stabber ??? Or is enough to start a love story that one day the whole world will envy?? Hmph.... Gold must endure through fire to prove it's purity. Likewise, they to must overcome trials to prove they are worthy of each other's trust.

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Story is awesome.. Characters are proteyed differently.. Plot are different..story line is going good .. Pls update new chapters.. Waiting for next update..


I like the writing style and how the author portrays the emotions. Loved the work. It's too early to review. I hope you post more chapters. Give this a try. this novel is clearly different.


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