The alpha king Micah, the one who ruled the realm of lycans and supernatural creatures, the one who wouldn't bow his head to anyone and the one who would never show his feelings, dropped to his knees in front of his dead woman.

Blood soaked his coat and his eyes were bloody red when he had to hold the woman that he would give up his life for without a second thought. But now, she is dead.

She was no longer able to hear what he had said, how he pleaded for her to open her eyes. There was no comfort for the alpha king right now, no one could offer that to him. She was the one and would always be.

Micah put his arms around her and pulled her closer to his chest. He hoped he could feel her beating heart, yet that was just wishful thinking on his part.

He sat like that until the sun went down and dark night drew near. And when his people came to him to light up the room, Micah was yet to move an inch.

The great urge to cry for the woman, who had known nothing but kindness, had passed and now the king of lycans just wanted to stay like that, holding her close to his heart.

"Alpha, you need to let her go…" Jaxon, the royal beta, approached his Alpha. He knelt down beside him, while the rest of their warriors were on guard outside of this room.

This manor had been surrounded and any sign of those blood suckers would lead them to their own demise. There was no way Micah would let them live. Not in this human realm or in his realm. He would hunt them down for what they had done to his mate, no one would be spared. Mercy was not even a word for the alpha king right now.

"Have you found Iris?" Micah's voice didn't even sound like himself when he finally talked. It was so heavy with pain and anger.

"Yes, we found her. Iris is with Xavier near the Oriole city and now Xavier is under the protection of Jason, his brother," Jaxon informed him and hoped this was enough to appease his anger, to know that his daughter had been found.

At the very least, it would give him a reason to fight, the beta knew better that nothing in this world would be able to replace the pain when the mate bond was snapped and you lost your other half.

"Burn the city down." The order was very simple, but the consequences of it were dire.

The only reason why no supernatural creature had ever killed people and tended to hide themselves by blending in with them. After all, there was a great consequence for every drop of human's blood that they spilled.

And now, just because Micah wanted all of those vampires that lived among the people to die, he decided to risk everything. He wanted to wipe out their kind from this realm.

They killed his mate and kidnapped his daughter, and Micah wouldn't even hesitate to freeze the hell to make them pay for it.

Livid was not even enough to describe the alpha king's state now.

"Micah," Jaxon called his name without addressing him as the alpha, since he knew the order came from a place of pain. It was clear Micah was not in the right mind if he gave that kind of order. "That place is full of humans."

"That city is the city of vampires."

"There are a lot of humans as well among them." Jaxon couldn't back down in this argumentation. It would only cause so much more pain and set back the entire lycanthropes. "If Hazel is here, she would never agree to your decision."

That was when Micah snapped at him. "She is dead and no one will hold me back."

Micah didn't raise his voice at all, but it was filled with so much anger and dominance, as he used his alpha's voice to emphasize the order, leaving no room for discussion. It also forced Jaxon to bow his head and caused so much pain for the warriors around this manor, who were standing on guard. All of them could feel a strong wave of anger from their alpha through the mind- link.


"Yes, Alpha." Jaxon gritted his teeth. In the past, it would always be Hazel, who would talk sense into him, whenever his anger took control and he became irrational.

But now, she was no longer here and despite what had happened, the beta could feel his own pain upon losing such a beautiful soul.

Micah looked at his mate one more time. She looked very beautiful even when death took her breath and separated them. "I love you, my love. I will let them pay for what they have done to you."

He would snap at anyone who hurt her and even killed them on the spot at times, regardless if they were human or not. Hazel was the only one who could stop him, or appease him. His mate knew how nasty his temper could be.

He took care of her, as she was his precious one. The only thing in his life that mattered, besides their daughter. But now, the vampires had conspired against him and it cost him her life. This was something that those blood suckers knew better, that messing with him would only result in a disastrous outcome.

Yet, they asked for it…


Women were crying, men were shouting to gather their families while children were looking for their parents in the sea of movement.

It was a complete chaos in Oriole city. All of a sudden, the city was engulfed in flames and no one knew the cause behind it.

The crowds were coalescing into one mob and then separating into groups in flickering moments of confusion.

However, not far from them, there was this huge manor that was untouched by fire, because the real nightmare was heading in that direction and it was in the form of a white wolf.

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