He stood me up! Can you imagine that!"Crysta whined. "Allen's really got some nerve texting me!"

"Cool down Crysta,"I said with a chuckle. "You should try talking to him to find out why he couldn't come. Besides,you guys are not officially dating so I don't see why you should get all worked up."

"You're right,"Crysta said as she paced around the room distressed. "You know what,I'm not even going to ask why he didn't show up for our movie night. I'll just carry on as if nothing happened. In fact,I'll get someone who's hotter than him to make him jealous. Then he'll come running after me."

I laughed and said,"Well,good luck doing that. I don't see it working though. He's not the jealous type."

"Pessimist,"I heard Crysta mummur.

"Yeah yeah call me what you want but that remains to be the naked truth,"I replied with a chuckle.

"Shut up!"Crysta barked.

"Shall we now go for ice cream?" I asked after a brief period of silence. "It's fifteen minutes to seven and that's when they close."

"Good idea. You can get the car started as I pick my purse,"I said, standing and heading for the make up table where I had placed my purse.

"Where should I tell your mom we're going to?"Crysta asked before leaving the room.

"The ice cream shop,where else?"I said with a shrug.

Crysta left me in the room alone.

I stood in front of my mirror,took deep breathes and followed her behind.



"I was beginning to think that my two favourite customers weren't going to pay me a visit today,"said Mrs Reins,the ice-cream shop owner,said as she gave us each a hug.

"We can never do that,Mrs Reins,"Crysta said with a fake bright smile plastered on her face.

"I surely hope so,"said Mrs Reins as she turned her gave towards me. "What is going on with this little angel today? Somebody break your heart,darling?"

"I'm absolutely okay,"I answer with a forced laugh.

"That's also what I used to say when I was your age and had my heart got broken with a number of guys,"she whispered to me in my ear. "But luckily,there was ice-cream and I would eat away the stress. Have a seat. Ice-cream today is on me."

"Woah,thank you so much Mrs Reins!"Crysta exclaimed.

"Don't mention it,"said Mrs Reins. "So,the usual?

"Yep. Chocolate for me and..."

"...vanilla for me,"I finished.

"I will be back with your orders in five minutes,"said Mrs Reins as she left.

She came back after five minutes with two bowls of ice-cream and set them on the table before us. We thanked her for her generosity and she left to serve the other customers.

"Hey,"said Crysta,waving her hands on my face. "Why do you look as if it's you who's having guy problems? You look like someone just dumped you over text. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine Crysta,relax,"I said with a smile. "You're the one i should be asking if you're okay after the whole Allen situation."

"Maya,don't even remind me about him. I am so done with that jerk!"she said.

"You're funny,you know,"I said with a laugh.

"Oh shut up,"Crysta said,scrunching her face at me.

I turned my head and looked out the window.

My mind couldn't help but think about how long it had been since I had had someone in my life.

Maybe I'm cursed,maybe I'm not loveable,I thought.

Or maybe not. Maybe it wasn't time for me to get myself into commitments that will end up damaging me like the previous one did. Maybe my heart needed a break after the whole cheating saga with my ex.


"Can we go now? It's almost eight o'clock and I'm sure my brother is wondering why I haven't gone home yet,"Crysta said,picking up her phone from the table and getting up.

I too got up and followed her lead out the ice-cream shop,each of usbidding Mrs Reins goodbye.

"Oh my God!"I said before we got into the car,"I think I just left my purse in there. Lemme go back and get it. I'll be right back."

I ran back into the ice-cream shop all the way to where we had sat. I looked around but there was nothing.

I looked around the shop for Mrs Reins so I could ask her if she'd seen it and probably thought of keeping it safe for me but she too was nowhere.

There was someone at the counter though. A tall brunette babe in a white apron and black hat that had her thick ponytail hanging from behind.

I walked over to her and said,"Umm,excuse me but I left my purse over there where my friend and I had sat and coming back for it I couldn't find it. Might you have come across it?"

She smirked,placed her hands on the counter and supported her head then said,"Can you repeat all that you just said. But this time,begin with greeting me. Try being courteous. It doesn't hurt. Now,from the top."

I looked at her,confused. Wondering what type of mind games she was trying to play with me. I was so close to getting pissed but I decided to do as she had requested to get it over and done with.

I cleared my throat,sucked in a deep breath,and repeated all that I had said,begining with greeting her.

"That wasn't so hard now,was it?"she said.

"No,"I answered. "Now can you help me trace my purse?"

"Be careful with your stuff,"she said,fishing out my purse from below,somewhere I couldn't see because of the tall opaque counter.

"Thank you so much...Carrie"I said,reading her name from the tag that was on her apron.

"Can I get your name?"she asked,holding out her hand,which by the way had a sexy sleeve tattoo, for a handshake.

I smiled and went for the handshake then said,"I'm Maya."

"Well,nice to meet you,Maya. I hope to see you soon. Maybe next time you will be careful enough not to lose your purse?"

"Yeah,"I said with a smile,breaking from the handshake,"maybe."

With that,I left the shop and headed straight for the car.

"What took you so long?"Crysta asked.

"Oh nothing. Just drive,"I said as I buckled my seatbelt.

"How come you're back smiling?"Crysta asked with a questioning look on her face.

"Can't a girl be happy?"I replied with a shrug then turned to look out the window.

"This is not normal. You are so telling me all about it,"Crysta said as she turned on the engine and drove off.

She dropped me off at my place then left for hers.

I walked into our house and without talking to anyone,went straight to my room. I threw myself on the bed,closed my eyes and with that,passed out without even having dinner.


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