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Happily ever after seems to be the end of every love story. But what happens when it changes to HAPPILY NEVER AFTER? Maya Norman quits her first job after heart broken by Kelly,her cheating ex girlfriend. She goes to work at a bar as a bartender where she finds love with Carrie Richard. Carrie and Maya first meet in Mrs Rein's ice cream shop where Carrie works part time. Their second encounter was at the bar which happens to belong to Carrie's father. Initially, Carrie shows interest towards Crysta but winds up breaking her heart and turning to Maya who was also in love with her. Maya is stuck in a dilemma; Will she betray her best friend and follow the one person she thinks is the love of her life? OR Will she stay loyal to her best friend since childhood and pass on the love she feels towards Carrie? I guess you'll never know until you read my book huh?! Join Carrie,Maya,Crysta and I in this remarkable adventure to find out how it ends!!


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