3 Window peeker

Stacy- "sorry William"

And that was the moment that I believed that I might become her boyfriend someday


But I was happy to make a first step to become her friend at least..

*that night*

The time I scared her and she left running I saw where her house was at and right now is when I'm deciding to sneak to her house and see stuff...

I got off my balcony and jumped off "oof...ok you can do this..just be careful" then I went running because I was scared

Then I saw her house and saw a light on from the second floor and decided to climb up....

Once I got up I saw that it was not her bedroom! It was her moms bedroom and she was changing and I just saw that!!

Ok but there were two lights on and decided to go to the other window and this time I just peeked to hopefully not be someone else changing and then it was her doing homework...

"hey" I whispered

And she got scared

"Uh who was that!!???"

"Oh sh*t sorry to scare you"

"AH William " what are you doing un my window?"

Her mom "Stacy why did you scream is everything ok?"

Stacy- " Uh.."

"Please don't tell her "

*she stares at me for 1 second*

Stacy-" Uh.."

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