1 I found Love

So my name is William and I live in New Jersey and today is my first day at New Jersey High and it was that day I found the person I wanted to be with my entire life but I want quite sure...because first I had to kiss her..

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The next morning I was going to get her to notice me and finally go out with her and try to kiss her....

The next day I saw her in school and at first I wanted to go for it but then I realized she wouldn't love me that fast so I just wanted her to notice me as a rebel so I tried to change up a bit and be cooler. Then we were in class and I started staring at her and she stared at me and we were just like that the whole time until the class ended...! Then I told her "you look so pretty" and she said " ..." she said nothing!! And that scared the sh*t out of me and decided to ask her a question " what is your name?" And she said "St-Stacy" and noticed she was shy so I told her " it was nice to meet you Stacy" and left...

That same day after school I saw her walking to her home and tried to catch up to her and try to see if she would talk to me " Hey!"

Stacy- "OMG!!"

"OH ! Sorry if I scared you I just saw you walking by yourself and thought I wanted to talk to about the thing you know about-"

Stacy- "oh-oh yea sorry I just think that since it was my first day-i mean it is yours to...sorry I'm just kind of shy"

William- " oh yea it's ok.. by the way I just wanted to tell you that I like you since this morning that I saw you in the hallway.."

Stacy- "I..."

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